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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 16

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

The next day, I was continuing my work again as a teacher.

I basically act as a homeroom teacher in the morning and before going home, and also am responsible for the swordsmanship class.

Besides that, I am also handling matters for my class like helping my students with the questions they had.

But I left most of the work for the students…

“Ok, everyone. Did you get into your position? Then we’ll first try the simple strike.”

Right now is the swordsmanship class.

Since I need to see what are the level of the students, we began by just practicing the simple strike. 

It seems there are some who are rather good with blades, and those who are complete novices. I changed the practice according to the students who were and weren’t that good.

“Mr. Alta, I am really bad with the blade,” was something that multiple students had said.

“Could you swing the blade again?”


The female student swung the blade.

The sword technique that was taught at the academy was called “Ecsil”.

A technique which is loved by the kingdom’s knights as well, it was a watered-down version for the academy.

The female student was just slow with her swings.

She didn’t put power in places that needed the most. No, the blade didn’t even hit anything.

“Shall we change the size of the sword? To a lighter long sword.”

“Ah, no… I am also not that good at controlling my magic…”

For the sword technique class, we used magic by conjuring the “Illusion blades” (Formerly called Imitation blades).

And to use them, you obviously need magic.

But there is only a basic output for the blades. So even a big one has limited power.

“Try to think of the magic flowing through you like blood. Can you feel it?”

“No– not in the least.”

“Then close your eyes. You might lose concentration whilst being looked at. Now then, let it flow through you slower than before.”

“Let it flow slowly…”

“Now, imagine the blade is more slender and shorter than before. Just a little more. Yes, go on, you’re doing well. Don’t break your concentration now.”

Just as I instructed the female student to focus on conjuring up the Illusion sword, the thickness of the blade was unchanged, but the blade did get shorter.

“About a minute, huh? Ah! It’s becoming smaller!”

“Yes, quite good. You will get used to controlling your magic, so please remember what you just did. How does the blade feel?”

“It’s much easier to swing than the one I had before! Thank you, Mr. Alta!”

“Teach, teach me too, please.”

“Yea, I’m coming!”

I went about teaching them one by one on how to use the blade, but we never came down to any real practice.

Still, it was quite pleasant.

It wasn’t really hard to teach them things like this, and watching them grow gave me quite a nice feeling actually.

A little ahead Iris was swinging her sword.

With a short blade, it really seemed like that was her weapon of choice.

Though we were practicing simple swings, Iris’ movement seemed like the real deal.

She kicked the ground to create a distance, many of the students started admiring Iris.

“She really is cool, huh.”

“Yea, I don’t think we could do the same…”

Both the male and female students seemed to give her a lot of attention.

Most of the students would just call her Swordmaster Princess, for the fact that she is so concentrated when she swings her sword.


(But it seems she really has some refinement on her..)

Is what most students seem to think of her.

I don’t really look over at her, but I can feel her staring at me.

And with that, I kind of feeling stress when I was swinging my blade.

She looked calm and collected, but I knew- Iris was actually really fidgety about this situation.

That’s exactly why she was looking over at me.

I wasn’t going to teach her anything special during the class. But still, she was still very desperate to learn the blade technique from me.

“Yes, Iris is quite something, but right now you need to focus on your own blade. You can go ahead and ask me anything if you will…”


Iris’s movement became slightly wobbly.

Me doing nothing made her behave this way?

(.. I am going to teach you later on anyway. You’re already too far ahead on the class’ level anyway.)


“Ah, yes. What is it?”

A voice called out to me from behind my back.

It was a girl who’s slightly taller than me. It was Alia.

“Alia, what is it?”

“Yea, uh. Could you have a match against me?”

“Ah, yea- A match?”

“Yea, a match.”

Without thinking much about it, Alia answered me promptly. 

I didn’t really think that there would be another student that was willing to challenge me again at a time like this.

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