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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 18

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

I called for Yuki, and she immediately came over to my room. She brought Kuro and Shiro along with her as well.

“Do you need something, Rachel?”

“There’s something I want to talk about regarding your dimension. Could you please sit over there?”

I told Yuki while pointing at the sofa across the one I was sitting on. As soon as Yuki sat on the sofa, Kuro and Shiro also got on top and lied down while leaning against Yuki. Their tails were bouncing back and forth slowly. It seemed like they were in a good mood. 

“I would like to have a nice and long conversation with Yuki, so may I ask you all to leave the room?”

I instructed my guard and maid. If possible, I would rather no one will listen to what I am about to talk about with Yuki. After all, it’s going to be about Lord Edward. It would be great if it was something positive about him, but I’m sure it’s going to be something bad for anyone to hear. The guard and the maid assigned to me have been with me ever since I have moved to the royal palace, so I would rather not have them hear this conversation.

“Understood.” The maid said. She left some tea and sweets in front of us before leaving the room.

“Understood…” the guard said as well, although in a somewhat reluctant tone. He left the room along with the maid.

With this, Yuki and I were alone in the room. Well, the cats, Kuro and Shiro were there too.

“Please have some tea and sweets if you would like.”

As soon as I said that, Yuki quickly grabbed some sweets. It seems like Yuki really likes sweets.

“The flavors of the sweets in this world are so plain. I want to eat something like… A cake with a lot of fresh cream on top of it, or something like a crepe. Do you guys not have that?”

Yuki says as she eats the financier cake that was left in front of us.

I honestly think that this financier is pretty delicious.

Either way, fresh cream is something that’s a bit of a delicacy in this country, so it’s pretty rare for it to be served regularly. It’s only served when there’s some kind of important event going on.

Since it’s that kind of a precious commodity, I wonder what kind of country she lived in where she can just say that she wants a lot of it.

“In this country, fresh cream is kind of a rare commodity. Normally, it’s something that you rarely eat. Was your country abundant with cream?” 

“Yeah, we can eat it anytime you know. So it’s a delicacy here, huh? How come?”

It seems like in her country, fresh cream isn’t that much of a precious commodity.

“We can only get fresh cream from a magical beast called BuffBuff. It’s pretty tough since it’s a magical beast, so it’s not something we can easily get.”

“I see, I see. So there are magical beasts.”


It seemed like in her country, there aren’t any magical beasts. I wonder if it’s a peaceful country.”

“But you can get milk easily right?”

Milk? What does milk have to do with fresh cream?

In any case, if it’s milk, we can just take it from a domesticated animal called Baffa.

“Yeah. We can get milk from a domesticated animal called Buffa, so milk is pretty abundant.”

As I say that, Yuki lets out a large sigh.

“So, the problem with fresh cream is that you can only get it from a monster then?”

What does she mean by that? Fresh cream can only be acquired as a rare drop from defeating monsters called BuffBuff.

“Yeah, if we take down some BuffBuff they drop some fresh cream.”

As I say that, Yuki makes an interesting face, almost as if she accidentally chewed a bitter bug.

“What is this, a fusion of an otome game and RPG? What are you going to tell me next, that if you defeat a monster, they also drop money?”

“Oh my, you sure are a knowledgeable one. Why yes, they also drop money.”

Even though she didn’t know that fresh cream was a drop, for her to know that money would drop, Yuki sure knows a lot of things.

As I tell her that, Yuki had a strange expression on her face.

And then, she said something that would shake the foundations of this country.

“You know you can just make cream out of milk, right?”

“Oh my! That’s…!!”

To be able to make fresh cream out of milk… Is that even possible? If it’s possible, I could have fresh cream served every day! Clearly, I need to get that conversation about Lord Edward over with as soon as possible so we can get back to this topic about fresh cream.

“Yuki, could you tell me a bit more about Lord Edward? Is Lord Edward actually a pretty twisted person?”

“You sure can suddenly change the topic huh…”

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