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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 2

Yu Qing clan, once the ruler of the divine domain was now witnessing the shrinking of the glory that they had in the past. Since Yuan Ying the Creator had disappeared during the war of the Devil that happened ten thousand years ago, Yu Qing clan has completely lost their power.

The main peak of Yu Qing was sealed, and a mysterious mist has shrouded it. No one could get in for thousands of years, but there is the great power of the gods up there. Yu Qing folks had to rebuild the mountain gates at the back cliff of the mountain. They are looking forward to the day when the Yu Qing dynasty could regain its former glory.

Present day.

The sky is fully clouded. It is daytime but twilights are coming, and it is difficult to see an inch of the sky.

The immortal incarnation of Yu Qing dynasty, the great Wu the Immortal, is preaching now in the central temple. His Royal Highness was surrounded by seven or eight people. They are twenty to thirty-year-old disciples of his Royal Majesty. Each and every one of them is extremely excited but trying not to show it.

Then suddenly, an extremely loud explosion happened, everyone could hear it. 

Right after that, the ground started shaking as if it was an earthquake.

Wu the Immortal suddenly stood up, and a flash of light sparkled outside the hall. He was looking up to the sky. The dark clouds were twisting into a majestic whirlpool, and the center of the vortex was facing the main peak of Yu Qing. Suddenly, a halo appeared in the center of the vortex. But the light wasn’t coming from above. That light was illuminating from the inside of the clouds themselves. It was a pure and white glowing that instantly shoot into the array below it 

Could it be that the Great Seal has been broken?

Wu the Immortal is the master of all Yu Qing members. He has been in this position for a very long time, so surely, he knows something about the history of his clan. However, he was not happy about that blast in the sky. He was afraid.

The main peak of Yu Qing clan is the famous Ling Shan Mountain. It is the main mountain in Shen Hua realm. The most sacred place among all Ling Shan’s blessings.

(Jahve:- Reference to the Taos 72 holy lands on Earth)

When Yu Qing clan was the rightful ruler, people weren’t praising them, they were afraid, because the Mountain had been taken by their strong force, and no one dared to claim it back. 

However, in this present day, Yu Qing clan is shrinking and dying. A sealed Ling Shan Mountain is still untouched not because people can’t get in, but because no one wants to be the defiler, the person who DARE to do such a wicked action – unsealing the Holy Mountain. 

However, if the Great Seal is broken, the first Ling Shan’s Eden, based on the current strength of Yu Qing clan, will be destroyed and devastated by other clans. 

Wu the Immortal told his disciples to practice on their own, stepped on his magical sword and flew straight to the main peak.

In the large array of the great Mountain of Yu Qing clan, with the light, shining from the sky, a black steel behemoth appearing in the middle of Yu Qing Hall.

Without a doubt, it was Ye Zan’s Trident battleship.

Although it was damaged in battle, with all those blood and broken parts it looks epic and brutal in the eyes of Wu the Immortal.

“Kula!” he shouted, and the door of the battleship opened. Ye Zan was wearing an improved version of his personal battle suit. His whole body was wrapped in thick alloy armor, except for his face. He looks like a robot, slow and clumsy. When Ye Zan step on the ground, he felt an unstoppable force from Wu the Immortal’s hand. Even the power generator of the mech suit could not compete with that force. The jade card in Ye Zan’s hand flew out!

Then, like a shadow, a figure appeared in front of Ye Zan. That was the great warrior of Yu Qing clan, Wu the Immortal!

“You bloody bastard! Here is our Holy Land, what the hell do you think you are doing?!” When the man opened his mouth, Ye Zan suddenly lost all power and energy that he had before. 

The mech mask opened, and Ye Zan looked around.

He said: “Yo, old man, you don’t look very happy. 10,000 years have passed, and the seal has already been broken?”

He saw that there were few destroyed buildings around the main hall. It was like after a nuclear explosion.

“Now listen to me fool, as long as I am here, the Yu Qing clan will never be destroyed!” The Taoist said proudly.

“Oh, ha, ha,” Ye Zan smiled two times with no expression at all. He looked at his opponent up and down and said: “You are saying that and yet, you are an old man in a pretty bad condition.

The Taoist is not as old as he looked. If he was not too tired and wracked as he is now, without doubts he could tear the Heavens apart. In fact, if it was in the world of science and technology, Ye Zan could propose him a cloned body, or biomechanical body. However, Wu the Immortal is wise enough to not care about such things as a ‘body’.

What’s more important is that the world of science and technology has no spiritualized chi.

(Jahve:- aura, chakra, reiyatsu, ki, mana – as you wish =) )

If you can’t produce it with your body, it means that you will become a mortal!

“Well, little boy, brace yourself. Because I am going to show you the TRUE meaning of Immortality! After the Taoist finished speaking, he did some hand-seals and then…

Ye Zan was waiting impatiently. He yawned and said: “Old man, you can’t cast anything. Did you say something about the Bloody Rebirth? I am waiting for it. Show me!”

In the beginning, when Ye Zan proposed the cloned body to Wu the Immortal, he heard something about the bloody rebirth ritual.

It says that Wu the Immortal can put a drop of his sacred blood in some members of Yu Qing clan. The body with the holy blood of Wu the Immortal should return back to him after a while. Wu will take his blood, his living energy, and will continue to be immortal.

But, the body and soul with his blood should remain untouched. Otherwise, it will not work.

Ye Zan waited for a moment to witness the miracle, but after waiting for a long time, there was no change in the old Taoist.

“Impossible, why can’t I sense the blood?!

The blood was gone, and Wu the Immortal was very angry!

Although rejuvenation is still possible, it would be way more difficult to restore the level of power that he had in the past. For example, Ye Zan can create a clone for the old man, but the problem is that you would have to start your Lian Qi all over again, or else there would be a Qi matching problem. The clones can be modulated with any level of Qi, but humans can’t.

“Old man, Maybe, some of your disciples used your blood? I heard that your blood is so powerful mortals can use it to become Immortals themselves!”

Ye Zan is not laughing at the old man at all. In fact, he is willing to get the heck out of this world. He is still here mainly because he is curious, and because he has no place to go.  

This old Taoist is known as the immortal in this world. There are only a few that can be more powerful than him. But now, he is just a disappointed old man.

So, Wu the Immortal can’t find the drop of his sacred blood! What will he do?

A cruel look starts to show on the old man’s face. The hearts of those guilty disciples will be torn apart for sure. 

Ye Zan almost touched the old man’s shoulder, but he did not, he just sympathetically said: “Do not worry too much, old man. I will give you a clone. Who do you want to be, man or woman?

I can make you anything you want!

“Get out of the way, you bastard, I am the Master of Qi, I am the IMMORTAL, but I cannot sense the goddamn blood!”

The old man gnawed his teeth, then looked at the direction of the main temple and said: “My disciples are waiting for my final spell. Some of them have betrayed me for sure. I want to know who!  And how will they explain it to me!”

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