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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 22

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

As Elder Mo said, the main assignment of the outer disciples is to cultivate the Qi refining.

But they rarely have the opportunity to go down the mountain to train, unless there is no hope of building a foundation, that way, they would go down the mountain right away without training.

Not only Yuqing sect experience such a situation, but the majority of the sects also experience the same situation, and no one feels that something’s wrong.

Those influential sects were fortunate, since the base of outer disciples is large enough, so the competition is quite intense because there are always talented people showing up on all sides.

As for the third-class sect such as Yuqing, they were aware just looking at the Jinguang and Wuzhu sect, in fact, everyone knows that those two sects were above in other sects. 

Even if they train down the mountain, could they fight with others every day? Setting aside being tired, they might die if they don’t guard against their opponent.

For example, when Qi Qijun went down the mountain to train, but someone found this chance to plot him.

Aside from this third-rate sect, many disciples from those influential sects died every year during their training.

For the influential sects, this is called great waves washing away the sand, and the talented person who died can’t be called a talent, so those who were left behind are the real talents.

But, Yuqing sect couldn’t stand such elimination, they don’t have many outstanding people, so if this keeps going, they would be left with nothing.

But Ye Zan doesn’t like it since he treats the Yuqing sect as his own territory, it’s only natural that he would find a way to enhance the strength of Yuqing sect as much as possible.

Although he couldn’t genetically debug these disciples, for the time being, their strength would really improve, even if he could just improve their fighting skills.

Let’s just say Ye Zan did genetically debug them in this state, all of them would be a peerless talent, which was a waste of energy.

But is there any solution?

In a blink of an eye, the competition has been more than a month already, and Ye Zan’s cultivation rose into the seventh rank of Qi refining too.

He has a very different skill, no wonder those sects schemes on Qi Qianjun. If it weren’t for what happened that year, Qi Qianjun might have surpassed Mo Rushi, and he would have immeasurable achievements.

However, Ye Zan was longer surprised to have such fast cultivation.

Since the stages of cultivation were hanging, he was cultivating Qi refining all the time.

Just like playing a game and leaving the phone running, wait until he mastered the Qi refining realm.

And for more than a month, what really made Ye Zan happy wasn’t how much his cultivation had improved, but where he was about to take Elder Mo.

“Old Mo, don’t always guard here, I will bring you to a nice place.”

When Ye Zan came to Elder Mo’s place, he was guarding outside Qi Qianjun’s closed room, he was reading a book while drinking tea.

After Qi Qianjun’s injury healed, he went into seclusion to attack Jindan.

This moment should more or less be the crucial moment. Elder Mo liked his eagerness, although he knew he could not help him, he couldn’t help to guard outside the room of his disciple.

Upon seeing Ye Zan coming, Elder Mo Mo put down the book he was reading, he got up and said, “Supreme Martial uncle, congratulations on the progress of your cultivation.”

In just a glance, Elder Mo could tell Ye Zan cultivation has reached the seventh rank of Qi refining.

He just saw such fast cultivation back then in his dear disciple, Qi Qianjun. Although he was curious about how that happened, yet he also knew what to ask and what’s not to, so he didn’t ask.

“It has nothing to do with my cultivation,” Ye Zan waved his hand, and then said, “Oh right, you don’t need to call me Supreme Martial uncle, since this name always changed. Don’t you feel dizzy hearing this? I feel annoyed.”

“It’s…  still a courtesy, so I can’t do that. I might forget about it if there are outsiders, but…” Elder Mo hesitated.

Ye Zan coldly said, “Courtesy could see in one’s thoughts, not in the way one speaks. Are you not afraid that someone might spy on you because of this?”

When Elder Mo heard this, he immediately changed the way he addressed Ye Zan, “So why do you come here, junior disciple?”

“You will know if you go with me.” Ye Zan walked out without waiting for Elder Mo’s answer.

Elder Mo shook his head helplessly, he glanced at the quiet room without movement and followed Ye Zan. Just like Ye Zan said, courtesy is in the thought of a person not on how one talks.

No matter how Elder Mo called Ye Zan, in his mind, he knows that he is a Supreme Martial uncle. So he can’t dare to disobey him. 

Ye Zan brought Elder Mo to a room, there are two different things placed on the table.

The first was a strange-looking helmet, and the second one was a set of strange-looking clothes.

Ye Zan pointed at the clothes on the table and said, “Old Mo, put on those clothes, remember, it was close-fitting.”

Elder Mo looked puzzled. So the reason why Ye Zan looked for him was to let him wear these clothes?

Yet, since the Supreme Martial Uncle told him to do it, Elder Mo did it, though he was hesitating. He took the clothes on the table and entered the room to change.

Elder Mo was a little surprised after he changed, he said to Ye Zan, “Su… junior disciple, this clothes was interesting. It was loose at first, but it fits perfectly on me after wearing it, what material was used in making this?”

“Don’t worry about its materials, just put this helmet on and lie down on the bed.” Ye Zan didn’t explain much, he won’t understand it either. Ye Zan didn’t need to explain once the facts were placed in front of him.

Elder Mo was covered with mist, but he still put on that strange helmet and lay down on the bed next to the table.

“And now, you will witness a wonderful moment!!” Ye Zan went over to the bed as well, he reached for the helmet and pressed a button.

Elder Mo immediately felt that everything went dark when Ye Zan pressed something on the helmet.

Fortunately, he believes that Ye Zan will not harm him, otherwise, the power of Yuanying Realm will explode and it would be difficult for Ye Zan’s minor Qi refining realm to withstand it.

Soon, light appeared in front of him, and Elder Mo “opened” his eyes.

He was shocked by the sight in front of him. He was sure he was lying on the bed a moment ago, but now he found himself in a strange place, with a blue sky above him and a wide grassland.

“What’s this place?” Elder Mo looked around and took two steps forward, then he bent down and picked some string of grass.

He could really feel the soft feeling of grass when he stepped on it, even the smell of soil from the string of grasses in his hands. Everything felt so real.

“How was it Old Mo? how do you feel about it?”

Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind.

Elder Mo turned and saw Ye Zan. But, to his surprise, he saw Ye Zan floating in the air. But he was aware that the cultivators in Qi Refining Realm do not have the ability to fly.

“Su … junior disciple, how come you are flying?” Elder Mo Da asked in surprise.

Ye Zan smiled and said, “This is my world, so everything is according to me. I can fly if I want to fly, I want nine suns in the sky, there would be nine suns.”

After saying that, he stretched his hand and pointed to the sky. It’s true, nine suns appeared in the sky.

“I want a river here!” Soon, a surging river appeared near on the left side of Elder Mo and Ye Zan.

“I want a mountain over there!”

Immediately, as soon as they saw the horizon in the distance, the ground began to bulge, quickly forming a mountain peak straight as high as the sky.

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