Chapter 19

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A mournful cry came from somewhere, sometimes sour, sometimes sad, echoing in the darkroom. The sounds were very distinct.

This was not an illusion or a dream.

Yu Linglong slowly sat up, and Xuan Cao on the side was already terrified, so terrified that her teeth were chattering: “Miss… here, there’s only two of us!”

Yes, there only were two of them. Then, where was that mournful cry coming from?

In Yu LingLong ’s thought, there suddenly appeared a girl with a frightened expression that Li Fengnian’s family brought here yesterday.

How did she ignore this? And if Li Fengnian’s family poisoned her under deliberate intentions, how could she let that little girl know the truth?

If the little maid didn’t know the food was poisonous, why didn’t she dare to enter this room?

There was only one answer: the problem was this Pinlan garden.

What came to their ears was the faint crying floating in the room, but it was unclear as to where the voice was coming from.

As a girl from the modern age, Yu Linglong certainly did not believe that there were ghosts in this world. From ancient times to present, all ghost stories were just legends for her. If the plot of the ghost story really appeared in reality, then it was someone pretending to be a ghost!

It seemed like Mu​ Shi treated her well. Not only was she given poisonous food, but she was also arranged to live in this haunted house. Attacking her from two angles at the same time, she would not give up without killing her.

In this way, beating her during the​ daytime was​ so​ weak!

The crying voice of Xuan Cao rang beside her: “Miss, let’s leave this place first, I am afraid…”

Yu Linglong sneered: “Leave? Where do you want to go?”

Deep in the middle of the night, were they going to live in the grass outside?

Xuan Cao didn’t dare speak again and sobbed in a low voice.

Yu Linglong frowned slightly: “Why are you crying? Isn’t it messy enough?”

Xuan Cao bit her lips tightly and swallowed the cry.

The weeping outside still came in unwillingly, and it seemed that it would go straight into their ears, mixing with the wind that was getting louder and louder outside.

Yu Linglong lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Xuan Cao was surprised: “Miss, what are you going to do?”

Just listening to the crying scared people enough – what if they meet the​ real body of the ghost if they go out?

Yu Linglong walked out without fear, and while walking she quietly said: “I want to see who dares to come into my yard!”

“Miss!” Xuan Cao was so surprised that she forgot most of her fears, and quickly got up and followed Yu Linglong.

With a clatter, Yu Linglong had opened the door, and the cold wind outside suddenly fluttered into the room, blowing her moon-white inner garment.

Xuan Cao shivered and shivered, suddenly cold and frightened, and couldn’t help but shrug her shoulders.

As soon as the door opened, the bursts of weeping suddenly fell, but the night breeze got bigger and colder, and it made people chilly.

Under the dim moonlight, the courtyard looked dark with the tall trees, elegant bamboo forests, and delicate orchids in the daytime.

At the moment, it swayed greatly due to the wind and cast a strange shadow on the ground. As unpredictable as it may be, it looked so dreadful. In the quiet courtyard, it seemed even more sultry late at night.

Yu Linglong laughed coldly, was it really a ghost?

“Miss, miss, let’s go back,” Xuan Cao said terrified, cold and trembling.

The trembling was not over yet, and Yu Linglong had already crossed the threshold and walked directly to the courtyard of the black raven.

Xuan Cao had no choice but to follow her, and in the big yard, there were only two of them. She dared not leave Yu Linglong half a step.

Walking to the center of the yard, the ghostly crying began to grow louder again, sharply seeming to destroy people’s hearts and lungs, which made people neither bear nor dare to listen.

With a cold snort, Yu Linglong suddenly shouted aloud: “What a sneaky dog thing. What do you want to​ do by hiding in the dark? If you have the ability, you can come out and show me!”

Xuan Cao was so scared she almost fainted. Everyone was afraid of things like ghosts, and her miss even yelled at it!? Are you not afraid that the ghost might really come out?

It seemed to hear Yu Linglong’s scolding and the cry suddenly went up a tone higher. It was about to break out of the air!

But, in a flash, the sound faded away.

The night breeze gradually stopped, and the moon was already hanging in the hollow, projecting the bright moonlight into the courtyard. There no longer was any sound.

The curious and terrible crying was gone as if they had just had a nightmare.

 “This…” Xuan Cao was stunned.

After seeing the horrible Xuan Cao, a smile appeared on Yu Linglong’s face. Under the moonlight, her beautiful and flowery face glowed with a faint silver.

 “Don’t you know that ghosts are also afraid of evil people?”

It seemed that she said this ridiculously, and Yu Linglong walked towards the bedroom, leaving the Xuan Cao standing there, staring alone.

 “Why haven’t you come yet? Are you waiting for the ghost to catch you?”

After hearing Yu Linglong calling her, Xuan Cao recovered and ran behind Yu Linglong.

 “Miss, what happened there?” Looking at Yu Linglong re-entering the bed and covering the quilt over her, the terrified Xuan Cao had the courage to ask that question.

Unable to sleep anyway, Yu Linglong rarely spoke patiently with Xuan Cao: “Think about it, how could the old lady easily give us such a good yard? There must be something wrong here.”

Or she underestimated the enemy, thinking that she showed Mu Shi a little skill. Mu Shi dare not act rashly as she somehow escaped the poisoning section, but she had to live in the “haunted” courtyard.

This too was part of Yu Linglong’s courage. If it were the original Yu Linglong, would she die from​ being scared for a few days?

Xuan Cao suddenly realized, and then looked around subconsciously with a little timidity in her eyes: “So… is there really a ghost here?”

Yu Linglong stretched out her laziness comfortably: “Silly girl, how can there be ghosts in this world? It is all living people who frighten themselves with stories.”

 “Then how about the cry just now?” Xuan Cao asked, puzzled.

Yu Linglong was silent. If in modern times, she could imagine 10,000 possibilities such as someone placing a recorder in the dark, or watching a horror movie next door, but these were ancient times. How could there be those high-tech things?

“Perhaps it was the girl who had grievances, hiding in the courtyard and crying?” Yu Linglong casually offered a reason.

If I don’t appease this frightened little girl, I’m afraid she won’t sleep all night.

 “ ……Maybe.” Despite being very suspicious of this somewhat far-fetched explanation, Xuan Cao dared not to think about it anymore.

“Sleep.” Yu Linglong rolled over and ordered lightly.

Turning over, she already had an idea.

She will soon know who is making trouble.

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