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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 36

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Iris and Alia began their battle with Adyl.

I myself faced the woman in front of me – Fiss.

“You’re ok with that?” – Fiss suddenly asked.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“There’s only one thing. That “Swordmaster Princess” girl is going to die, you know”

Really. I didn’t expect to hear that from Fiss over there.

Still, she is a Swordgang member. She is nothing short of an enemy.

– Fiss didn’t say it out of concern for them though. That much I knew.

“As an escort, it was initially my job to protect Iris”

“Well, if that’s the case then you should be there, no? That is if you can actually get through my barrier”

“True. But she would handle it, as “Swordmaster princess”. That’s what she said”

I know that Iris struggles mentally with her strength. People tend to put too many expectations on such things.

Even the aristocrats expect her to be the next “King”, it would be foolish to underestimate Iris’ strength for that of a regular girl. 

But that doesn’t change the current situation. Struggles remain struggles, and she still has to live up to the expectations laid before her.

That’s why she calls herself the Swordsmaster Princess and refrains from fighting. 

“I am still a swordsmaster, more than I am a knight. If I am set to fight a person, nothing will stop me from doing so”

“How cold-hearted”

“Of course, I am not one to flee from a reckless battle either. Whatever the case, Iris’ real power will really come to show here.

For that reason, I will have to defeat you. And after that, I will go and help them in battle”

“Talk about having time… If you fight me, will you really be with them in time?”

“I will make sure I am. That’s why I am not planning to fight you for a very long time”

“I see. Well, if that’s the case – I have already found a gap in your defense”

– Fiss said as she held up her blade.

From the very start, she was only looking for ways to kill me. She had very little interest in the battle that was going on on the other side of the barrier.

I could leave out words of worry for Iris and Alia, but the one that was truly in a bad situation was Fiss over here.

After a brief moment of silence, she made her move.

“Well then, time to meet your end”

She pulled her [Sword with no blade].

At the same time, I could see the thread move in the area around me. I knew what to look for thanks to Remyl’s rapport prior to the battle.

The thread she used was no ordinary thread – Every part was like a blade.

I made myself small and ran. Seems like her blade can attack from a faraway range, just like the previous SG member, Folt.

With Fiss at the center, the Threads moved around her in a very wide and large area. 

As the thread reached the wall it bounced off as if it were mere dust.

I couldn’t just get close very easily. I had to watch for a while first.



Invisible flew out of my hand. A wind I couldn’t see was being cast by Fiss herself.

I figured it was either the thread that did this or the fact that there was a form of magic flowing through the threads that made this happen.

Still – Fiss changed her movement soon after.

I moved as soon as she did to make sure to avoid her attack.

(So you move with more range than ordinary people… Let’s try something out then)

Her second attack. The blade scratched a little and then got away from me again.

Yet, the effect was the same.

Fiss moved her body as if she knew what was coming and dodged my counter-attack.

She jumped backward and created a distance once more.

“Your reaction time – That’s not very human, is it. As if you can read the future”

“Hohoh, now you’re just being rude. Predicting the future… Would you say I am like a God or an Angel, then?”

“No, it’s must be human. Just ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see it. No, actually, there is nothing to see at all”

“Oh, you noticed? I expected nothing less from the one that killed both Azuma and Folt”

Fiss left out a laugh.

She didn’t make her eyes smaller, she was constantly having her eyes closed.

It’s not like she isn’t looking, there is nothing to see-  Fiss is blind.

“Usually you’d need eyesight to perceive what is happening. But at your level, you’d already know.

You need to sense the other person’s attacks. And I am far above most in that regard”

[The sixth sense] – That’s what I have been trying to teach Iris.

Instead of being able to see Fiss has mastered this ability more than anyone else.

“As long as there are sound and the sense of touch I don’t need any eyes. What’s more, I don’t have to look at any unsightly things like this”

“…You did this to yourself?”

“No, I wouldn’t go that far. It was from before… From the time when they called me a [Holy Woman].

I had to endure a bit of torture back then. And as a result, I lost my eyesight”

She just said it like it was nothing. 

Fiss Medien – This week some information about her came in.

She used to be from a small village and was then given the title of [Saint].

That kind of role was supposed to thin down the number of monsters. But with Fiss in that role, they only seemed to increase.

That’s right – She never had the talent to become a saint. The villagers needed someone to fulfill the role and chose an ordinary girl to do so.

“The Swordmaster Princess too is just a mere title that the commoners created.

It must be tough on her to carry such a burden. All I am here for is to help her be released from it”

“By killing her you’d release her?”

“People are, no matter who it is, inherently looking for a battle. And I am here to help with that. People that desire fighting will move to the battlefield,

and that’s where I just clean them up – Haha, that way we might stop the act of battling all together one day.

“You people really are crazy”

These are exactly the kind of people the Swordsman Gang seems to be comprised of.

Just like Iris said, if you leave it alone the damage will only increase.

“I am just normal, you know. Normal and straightforward. I judge things and kill them for it. That’s all”

Fiss made her move once more.

Her thread moved to her will, underneath me. It seems like attacking from a distance won’t do much. 

This thread doesn’t seem to completely extend from her self on out.

She isn’t just any swordsman – She is the type that uses magic to move her blade. 

The Swordsman Gang is nothing more than a hit-man group- I know that very well.

As I once again established my distance I stopped moving again.

“You really think you can defeat me from that distance?”

Fiss behaved as if she noticed something.

The thread was acting as if it was going to wrap around me but then missed me.

By just standing here Fiss seemed to have lost sight of me.

“Impressive, being able to conceal your presence like that”

I did not answer Fiss’s comment.

Nor did I breathe. Nor did I seep out any intent for battling. What’s important right now is that I can scale the distance between me and Fiss.

As I evade every attack of the thread coming close to me, I move in between the attacks. 

It isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either.

I had minimal body movement. The slightest touch to the thread would give away my position.


Fiss didn’t seem agitated though.

Neither did she randomly move her thread. She was trying to trap me with the thread, in the hope to do me in.

All that was hearable were Alia and Iris, and their fight with Adyl.

Yet, Fiss blocked out the sound of that battle.

With all her senses but her eyesight, she tried to grasp where I would be.

And with only a fraction of time – That’s when it happened.

“I am really surprised. The girl from before was excellent in hiding her presence. But you – You’re on another level. What are you?”

“I am just a knight. Nothing more than that” – I answered Fiss’s question.

With only a few meters between us, I reached a distance where I am sure to hit with my attack.

“Haha. If you’re going to do it from there, you mean to tell me your blade is quicker than my thread?”

“That’s right. If it’s about speed, I am very confident”

“Really? I am also rather confident in commanding my thread. Care to try who’s right?”

“Sure, let’s go for it”

We moved at nearly the same time. 

With my right hand, I swung Invisibly.

My first strike was going to be a feint – She has more than enough speed to deflect my attack at this distance.

The real attack was going to be the second one. During my first attack, I would throw my second, my hidden blade.

Since she would dodge the first attack that was aimed at her left, she would go to her right. Which is where I aimed with my second attack.



But she didn’t dodge the first attack.

On purpose. I expected her to counter my hit, which would make dodging for me rather easy.

But to not give me that chance, she took the hit on purpose and decided to hit me with her own attack instead.

Though she took the hit, she left out a laugh and waved her hand.

The thread wrapped around us and covered the whole area.

“My [Steel Thread] – You won’t be able to dodge it any longer!”

“No, but I don’t need to either”

I put down my left hand and pulled out the [Blue shell sword]

A flash – The surrounding thread clashed against my blade. The sound of metal clashing echoed throughout, and sparks flew about.

I took a step forward. I wasn’t afraid of the thread surrounding me either.

Bashin – A loud sound echoed throughout. 

The thread was dancing wavingly around us. It all happened in a flash.

The thread fell down with a force. It was powerful enough to make you bleed just by touching it with your cheek.

As this happened, Fiss’s blood too was flying about.

“You already said so in the beginning. That you’d be able to easily cut through my thread”

“Not easily. Only because it was infused with magic”

My Blue Shell Blade is made of a hard material, but that doesn’t mean it can just do anything. 

It was due to the magic flowing through her blade that I was able to cut through.

“Before you said that I was crazy, but… the same goes for you.

You have the body of a child, yet you actually took a step during all of what just happened. That shouldn’t be possible”

After Fiss said that, she fell to the ground. 

If it were a melee fight, then she would definitely have had the upper hand in battle. 

Iris too was aware of this, which is why she let me handle her.

“Well, ending a life is something I’ve gotten used to by now. One more left”

The remaining Swordsman Gang member was only one, Adyl Grash – I left Fiss for what she was and left.

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