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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 3

Outside the main peak array of Yuqing, four Great Masters have come to teach Wu Changsheng.

Next to Wu Changsheng, there is an old man. He is the only elder of Yu Qing Sect and the only ancestor of Yuanyin. His name is Mo Rushi. He is immortal of Hushan.

Standing behind the two, a weak scholar named Jin Dasheng and another woman named Luo Jinniang are all masters of Jindan realm.

This is today’s Yu Qing Sect, poor and terrible.

Back then, when Yu Qing Sect was in its heyday, there were so many Yuanyin, thousands of true disciples and tens of thousands of inner disciples and countless outer disciples who were seeking for Tao. Today’s situation was unthinkable in those days.

Four people stood outside the array, watching the fog rolling. Their faces were scared. In their opinion, no matter what changes have taken place in the formation or what comes out, it is not good for the present Yu Qing Sect.

However, just at this time, the fog in the big formation suddenly split to both sides, and an Great Master came slowly from the fog. This Great Master, wearing a Dark Jade Taoist crown and a dark Taoist robe, his eyes are like stars and eyebrows are like swords, and three strands of white flowers and long beard floating in front of his chest.

All four of them stayed outside. Though they were far away from each other, they were not unfamiliar with the Great Master in front of them.

At the beginning, they should have worshipped their ancestors and heard from their master the glory of the Jade Emperor. Among them, the one with the most fantasy must be the turning point of the prosperity and decline of Yu Qing Sect, the immortal of Xuanyuan, the founder of Yu Qing Sect, and the battle that affected Yu Qing Sect.

Therefore, when they saw the person in front of them, there came up with the picture they had seen in the mind, the legendary figure.

“You are….. the founder of Xuanyuan! “

These four people didn’t doubt that, not only because they have seen the portrait, but also because the spirit lamp of the founder has never really been extinguished in ten thousand years.


Without blood essence, it just made Xuanyuan look pale, but seeing the four people in front of him made his face dark.

Now Jin Danjing could be a leader! What a joke!

“Tell me what happened in my sect when I was not here.” Great Master’s tone is low. Anyone can hear the anger, like a volcano that is going to erupt Although he temporarily agglomerated his body with the help of the force of the array, it was just like a blind trick, but he lost his temper, these people could not stop him.

When think about the era of Xuanyuan, Wu Changsheng and others are not surprised by his attitude. Nobody will be happy to see the decline of such a large family .

Although not all the sins were committed by Wu Changsheng and other three, the four knelt down immediately and cried out, “I am guilty!”

Then, Wu Changsheng told them all the great events of Yu Zong Sect in the past ten thousand years. Of course, it’s all a brief description, otherwise he will spend forever to tell.

All in all, the history of Yu Qing Sect in the past ten thousand years is a tragic story of parachuting without parachute and a complete free falling movement. The revenge from the devil Kingdom, the oppression from other sects, and several country’s break-up cause the situation in nowadays.

Great Master of Xuanyuan was angry. If it were in his day, he would punish them severely!

But it’s a pity that the Great Master of Xuanyuan is just like Yu Qing Sect in today, have little power to fight but weakness.

Wu Changsheng and others knelt on the ground and dare not move, only waiting for the founder to forgive.

Great Master glanced at them. Of course, he looked upon these disciples. But he also knew that it was not them who cause this situation.

“Ah, get up,” old Xuanyuan sighed. He didn’t say anything to blame. When the four stood up timidly, he turned his head to the array and said, “come out, boy.”

It’s a joy in their heart to see that the Great Master didn’t blame on them. However, after hearing the latter sentence, they couldn’t help but be stunned. Is there anyone else in the array?

At this time, Ye Zan who is dresses in a combat suit comes out of the fog. He was going to come out in helmet, but he was hurt by the words of Great Master: “Your broken tortoise shell! I can beat you through spitting, do you think it’s safe to hide?”

Spit? why so disgusting!

However, Ye Zan doesn’t doubt Lao Dao’s words. He knows that the power of the old man’s thick phlegm may be enough to destroy the earth.

Therefore, Ye Zan gave up his helmet and appeared in front of Wu Changsheng and others only wearing his combat clothes.

For Ye Zan, the battle suits are very common, but in the eyes of Wu Changsheng and others, they seem to see ghosts. The combat suit is composed of bionic muscle and alloy exoskeleton, which is equipped with intelligent auxiliary system and powered by a micronuclear battery.

Leave alone the internal intelligent configuration, just the appearance of this suit seems to a skinned man, but it’s not bloody.

“This is a disciple that I have received outside the country,” said the Great Master, referring to Ye Zan and introducing Wu Changsheng and others.

“Extraterritoriality” is beyond their realm, there are three thousand realms outside this realm. Wu Changsheng and others can’t imagine that Ye Zan comes from another world.

After the introduction, Wu Changsheng and others hurriedly saluted Ye Zan and bowed, saying “Grand Uncle”.

Looking at the four people on the ground, Ye Zan was a little uncomfortable, and hurriedly said, “Oh, please get up, how do you say that?”

In the world of science and technology, at least everyone is equal. There is no such etiquette of kneeling for a long time. It’s impossible to imagine that it’s the elder who pays homage to the younger. Even the younger ones pay homage to the elder, they seldom kneel down.

When they got up, the Great Master commanded in a deep voice: “you take this boy and train him. In addition, you are the only one who will know about my return, you can’t tell others.”

“Yes!” Wu Changsheng replied respectfully.

Although the Great Master didn’t say it clearly, Wu Changsheng and others also can see that their founder’s situation is not good, but they dare not ask more. However, they are also looking forward to it. In the future, he will be in charge of Yu Qing Sect. The revival of the clan is expected.

“Go.” the Great Master left this word behind and walked back into the formation in a cold manner. In an instant, the figure was submerged by the fog, leaving Ye Zan standing there alone.

“Haha, please take care of me in the future.” Ye Zan said with a smile on his face, without any awareness of being a Grand Uncle.

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