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Chapter 73: The gossip is real

Wei Ying did not disclose any information, he killed himself, this is the style of Wei. Death is the only way to keep your secrets from spies. 

It is the most efficient way.

Wei Ying was one of the 12 elite guardians, a very skilled person. But the way he acted was much more decisive. The order he was following was a simple task, those four people, including Lu Ping and City Governor, have no interest in conflict with the Wei family. 

This kind of problem can be important and can also not be. But the City Master should take care of all things by himself.

The important thing is to put one of the city governors into the Bipolar School. The ‘Three-quarter moon’ event should begin, no matter what. When the important things are done, then the none important things should be taken care of.

But Wei Ying died, for spying on those people.

He died during his mission.

The 12 guardians are the most trusted men of Wei Zhong. Wei Ying was one of his best people, number one spy, and assassin.

Now, he is dead.

So, it is an important thing from now on.

Wei Ming returned to his place, writes down a secret letter to the master of family Wei. He tells him every single detail about what happened. He was not judging anyone, just writing down in the most precise and simple way. Master of the Wei family will issue new orders.

After he finished, he walked out. He needs to gather some information on that woman, if she comes from Tian Zhao school, then people in Bipolar School must know something.

Wei Ming touched his face, the shrimp porridge that he was eating before left a scar on his face. It does not hurt anymore, but the shame from it would never go away.

He is a proud person, but also a person who abides to his responsibilities, he would not put his private matters above the City Master`s order. But now, this woman is his business too. Vengeance and orders, such a “one stone two birds” deal.

Chu Min has already returned to Tian Zhao school, she went straight to the forest area behind the library, to see Lu Ping and others.

“Can you help me?” Chu Min asked Lu Ping.

“I should investigate first”, though Chu Min, but in a blink of an eye, she realized that this is a bad idea. Students that are coming to Tian Zhao School are just jerks who have no place to go or don’t have enough talent to find a better school to apply to.  So why the hell would someone want to die for it?

“Do you know that person?” Chu Min asked Lu Ping.

“No.”, said Lu Pig.

Wen Yan and Dao Rang came over as well.

“He is tall, strong, and I heard someone called him ‘brother Dao’, said Lu Ping.”

“I know who he is.” Chu Min nodded.

 “You guys stay here, I have some stuff to do.” Chu Min ordered and left, Lu Ping smiles but says nothing. He knows that Chu Min enjoys using violence to solve problems. You can tell from the way she trained them, which is very tough.


Lu Ping continues to practice his shouting of the soul, he is not distracted by others, it is almost noon, but Chu Min is not back yet. Mo Lin is already crawling back to the big tree where everyone is eating lunch, he pats the tree constantly, which means he’s hungry.

“Wait.” Lu Ping said. Mo Lin grasps some grass and put it into his mouth, he is very happy. He chews it, then spits it out quickly. And then chews it again.

Lu Ping has no idea how to communicate with this guy, but finally, Wen Yan came back with lunch.

“You guys haven’t eaten yet?” Wen Yan said.

“Yep,” said Lu Ping and took a dumpling out of Wen Yan’s lunch box, put it into Mo Lin’s mouth, finally, Mo Yan stopped patting the tree and laugh.

“What is he so happy about?” Wen Yan takes out all the lunch and asked.

“He seems to enjoy this food,” Lu Ping said.

“Oh, you guys are so hungry…” Wen Yan always feels sorry for the way they practice.

After a few minutes, Wen Yan said to them: “Something is wrong.”

 “What happened?” Lu Ping asked.

“I don’t know why, but I heard that teacher Chu Min rushed into the Bipolar School and killed one of their students, and the principle of Bipolar is already here, waiting at the office!” Wen Yan said.

There are principals and vice principals in the main office. Chu Min is just a teacher, she is not qualified to attend the meeting. Maybe it is true is that she is the real killer? 

But, no one ever saw Chu Min killing someone. Chu Min was at the same location when Wei Ying died, that is all. Time and location are matching. But no one can prove that Chu Min is a murderer. They are just gossips nothing more.

This might be real, but there are two things that are not true, first, Wei Ying is not a student of the Bipolar School, second, Chu Min has nothing to do with his death. He killed himself.

But who knows that?

Students were just discussing, gossiping.

“That is why I came over and brought some food for you guys, I was expecting some help, but…” Wen Yan shakes her head feeling helpless, Dao Ran is the #1 bully. He got a strong background, high-grade students respect his power, so this Dao Ran does not care much about weaker people. He is an arrogant arse.

“This practice is too dangerous, how could teacher Chu Min leave you here, in the forest.” Wen Yan is angry.

“Em… mentor Chu Min does not seem like a meticulous person, she must have her reasons to make an arrangement like this.” Lu Ping said.

 “You’d better eat quick. And then, the three of you find someplace to hide. Lu Ping, what do you think?” Asked Wen Yan.

“Yep, that is a good idea.” Lu Ping nodded.

However, after they finished the discussion, Wen Yan felt something. After a few seconds, she saw some people coming from the forest.

“They are here!” Wen Yan said anxiously, stood up and looked around. She does not know which one she should pick up first.

“Which way?” Lu Ping is still relaxed.

“There, into the forest!” Wen Yan pointed to the trees.

“You take her!” Lu Ping pointed to Mo Lin, then he walks to Su Tang, and dragged her on his back. Su Tang understood what he is going to do. Lu Ping put her on his back and walked to the tree to pick up Xi Fan.

“We cannot go far enough right now. People don’t have enough power.  I think hiding in the library will be our best choice for now.”

Wen Yan gets to Mo Lin. He has a bad temper, so Lu Ping cannot handle him. However, he treats Wen Yan as a friend.

“You’d better put him down.” Lu Ping looked at them, Mo Lin thought that Lu Ping and others are going to do something bad, so he started to cast a spell.

“Yep” Wen Yan idled and knocked Mo Lin down with her hand. 

Therefore, Lu Ping was carrying Xi Fan and Su Tang, and Wen Yan was carrying Mo Lin.

Then they went straight to the library.

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