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Chapter 75: This is not my weak spot

Wen Yan was about to die as she heard some voice.

Xi Fan is awake! He got his power of soul back!

 “What took you so long to wake up? Help me out, you jerk!” she shouts. She is not a girl that solves problems with crying. But now, she cries, because she got new hope, someone who can help her. Someone she can rely on.

Xi Fan did not think it was funny, just felt that it is a really bad time to wake up. When he heard the shouting of Wen Yan, he knew that something is wrong.

Xi Fan stands up slowly. He is not used to be uncertain about things. He does some simple stretching, twisted his neck, every single joint is making a clacking sound. Within a minute he was back to normal, and now he is looking at Luo Ting.

“let her, go,” says Xi Fan without any anger in his voice. But his intonation is unquestionable. 

“What if I say no?” Luo Ting is smirking, he knows nothing about Xi Fan, how come that he was unconscious but suddenly woke up. The only thing he knew is that he is not one of the high-level students, and he is injured. This lad needs some help indeed. He is not a threat of some kind.

Such a pitiful man wants to help Wen Yan? 

Luo Ting feels happy. He is not nervous. He will kill him and Wen Yan as well. One more killing is not a problem at all!

But. He needs to be quick.

He raises his hands and…


The wind comes out of his fingers.

Such a short distance, such quick speed, this attack supposed to get between Xi Fan`s eyebrows, but Xi Fan avoided it, precisely and easily. The wind from fingers only destroyed the face of the painting behind him.

Luo Ting moves back a few steps. He needs more distance.


Both of Luo Ting’s hands are raised, two fingers of each hand continuing to form wind, but none of them can hurt Xi Fan.

“How is that possible?” Luo Ting shouted with unbelievable tone.

Although Xi Fan moves fast, this is not the point.

Xi Fan knows how Luo Ting will attack.


Luo Ting is not giving up, more attacks, MORE WIND. But. The results are the same, nothing can hit Xi Fan after this round, Xi Fan moves in front of him.

“You are always trying to hit my wounds, don’t you? You are freaking bastard!” Xi Fan said that, and his fist already reached Luo Ting`s face. 


Luo Ting’s nose is bleeding, he staggered, but there is a smile on his face. He raises his head and:

“Ha ha ha ha…” he laughs, a wind came out from his finger again.

“Watch out!” Wen Yan shouted as she saw something.

“What? “

Xi Fan was distracted this time. The opponent always exposes his intentions by his look and his actions. That is why Xi Fan was able to avoid all his attacks so easily.

But this time, all he can see is Luo Ting`s hands. Is that possible that he can hide all his signs this time?

Xi Fan can try his best to avoid the attacks, but it will be difficult!

The wind attacks his right hand successfully.

The collision of wind with a strength of soul. . .

Blood burst out of Xi Fan’s right hand.

“Smell! His skill is to track the smell through his attacks!” HE CAN SMELL HIS OWN ATTACKS! “- Wen Yan shouted.

“Nice!” Luo Ting laughs. His face is covered in blood, he said: “Now, it is time for your other hand!”

Xi Fan attacks Luo Ting again, He has the smell of Xi Fan, so he can lock this smell and buff his attacks with Qi, to make his wind become homing!

The wind came once again


 “The place of his attacks must be your weak spot!” Wen Yan screamed.

“Yes! I know his weak spot, what is yours, little bitch?!” Luo Ting laughs insanely while attacking Xi Fan.


Xi Fan runs towards him, uses his right hand as a shield, blocking all of the attacks from Luo Ting.

The blood of Xi Fan is everywhere.

“I still have my left hand!” Xi Fan screams and his left fist reaches Luo Ting`s face, getting through the blood flood. The fist straightly got Luo Ting.


First punch!

“And my right hand is fine!”

The right hand reached Luo Ting`s face as well!


Luo Ting flew away from the attack, he laid down against the wall. His eyes are full of fear. Xi Fan moves fast towards him.

“Kill him!!!” Wen Yan shouted with fury.

“I know!” Xi Fan said.

“Don’t, don’t kill me…” Luo Ting says.

 Xi Fan’s left hand is around his neck, and right hand is pushing the head.

The instinct of surviving let Luo Ting use his wind for the last time. He got Xi Fan again.

It can’t be! Luo Ting cannot understand, how come his precise attacks did not work.

Xi Fan`s blood and blood on Luo Ting’s face are mixed together. They cannot see what is happening.


This is the last sound that Luo Ting heard in his life-Xi Fan broke his neck.

“Done.” Xi Fan turns around to Wen Yan and lets her see the dead body.

“For…real?” Wen Yan`s eyes are full of fear.

 “Should I spare him?” Said Xi Fan.

“You should not!” Wen Yan confirms, “but you killed him so easily…”

“It was not a big deal.” Xi Fan says.

“Never mind… how is your hand?” Wen Yan asks as she saw that his right hand is still bleeding.

“I’m fine.” Xi Fan smiles, “my weak spot is not my right or left hand, it is…” 

Suddenly, he falls to the ground…

His whole body is covered in blood…


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