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Chapter 77: Against The Fist(part Two)

The fists hit each other.

Muscles, bones, and shackles are colliding together.

 “What the F…” Qiao Cheng said. What a great power, such a powerful weapon, and such a brave girl- Qiao Cheng is amazed!

When the fists collided, Qiao Cheng has been immediately swept away by the strong airflow.

What is this power???

Qiao Cheng is thrown in the air. The distance is close enough to impact him, and the power of those two people is enormous!

Really enormous!

Qiao Cheng lands to the ground and saw how something smashed the tree. 

“What is going on?” Qiao Cheng is surprised again.

Dao Ran is super strong.

Qiao Cheng feels sorry for that girl. But in the blink of an eye, he was blown away by the wind again. Dao Ran is amplifying his weapon again!

The poor girl’s arm is completely mashed! She hit very hard, but still, her power is incomparable to Dao Ran. She has no escape! So she concentrating something right now


Qiao Cheng heard a voice coming from the library. It is a fourth-grade student Shi Zhong Tian.

Dao Ran brought three fourth-grade students with him.

First is Luo Ting. He can find the weak spots of an enemy with his smell.

Second is the young brother of famous “Sonic Speed” Qiao Ying – Qiao Cheng. He is not as fast as his brother, but still can move with the speed of sound.

The third is Shi Zhong Tian, “The observer”. He has the ability to read the QI flowing processes in people. By reading them he can guess their next move. He can also read the abilities of those who fight him.

But still, this Zhong Tian doesn’t know Lu Ping’s abilities.

He saw the abilities of Mo Lin and Su Tang. But he is unsure about Lu Ping.

Now, Su Tang is increasing her power as well. Shi Zhong Tian can see it!

It is the strengthening of the soul.

It is way more powerful than the strengthening of the body!

Comparing with other abilities such as perception or changing, the “Strengthening of the soul” is easy to identify. Shi Zhong Tian’s “Observation” cannot be wrong.

This strengthening of the soul is…

In a moment, Shi Zhong Tian double checked it again… 

No way…

How is this possible?

Four times . . .

No, five times . . .

She is five times stronger than before! Five times stronger than Dao Ran!!

Dao Ran still can use the strengthening of the body. But still. FIVE TIMES STRONGER?

What does this mean?

It means that the basic qualifications of Su Tang are strong.

This “Strengthening” has a coefficient. And the coefficient is relying on primal strength of a person that is using it.

For example, Mo Lin is weak himself. No matter how much “Strengthening” he uses, it still will be zero. Because of the primal coefficient. 

But Su Tang. . . 

Her physical strength is now three times stronger than Dao Ran.


Dao Ran still can enhance his weapon, But it will not be enough.

How is that possible that level six “power of the soul” skills were hiding in such a fragile girl?

So what about Dao Ran?

He is laying on the ground with his legs and arms broken, unable to move and unable to believe that some pathetic girl kicked his ass so badly! He has lost! 

His powerful weapon, his fifteen times damage amplification and his third level of “power of the body” cannot compete with that girl! So, if he remains still, maybe she will spare him.

Will she?

No, she will not!

Su Tang rushed towards Dao Ran. Her face is red, and her eyes are full of anger.

She is raising her fist once again.

“NO! NO!”- Dao Ran is afraid of dying! And his body will scatter for sure if he will be hit by this girl once again. 

Her eyes are wide open, but there is no mercy in those eyes. They are empty and ruthless. . .


“I will die?”



Dao Ran does not want to die! But who will help him? Qiao Cheng? Shi Zhong Tian? Those two are no use in this fight. The only hope is mercy. That girl’s mercy.

However, she is ready to attack!

“NO, PLEASE!”- Screamed Dao Ran.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Dao Ran, blocking Su Tang.

“UNCLE!”-Dao Ran is surprised.

“Teacher?!” Qiao Cheng and Shi Zhong Tian also stunned. Their mentor, Xia Bo Jian, the vice president of Tian Zhao school, has appeared.

 He seemed to descend from the sky and suddenly interrupted the terrible punch of Su Tang. He blocked her fist and redirected it! Su Tang flew away.

Dao Ran was sure that he would definitely die. But, Xia Bo Jian saved him. 

Qiao Cheng and Shi Zhong Tian are watching their teacher. They are amazed by his power, however . . .



Lu Ping seems to escape when Bo Jian landed in front of Dao Ran.

But he did not. He rushed to Bo Jian at the time he landed. No matter what is in front of Lu Ping, he is rushing towards it! Rock, tree, Vice-president of Tian Zhao School-he still rushing towards it!

Bo Jian is calm. When Lu Ping reaches him, he did the same counter skill as he did to Su Tang.


The punch of Lu Ping is something! It contains all initial kinds of Qi:

Infusion, Sound, Qi, Pivot, Strength, Essence, Excellence. Soul -An Ultimate punch! It is Coming towards Bo Jian.

Great teacher Xia Bo Jian and Lu Ping -both of them collided their fist and fell to the ground! Together. As if they have the same level and qualifications. . .

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