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Chapter 79: Unreasonable

 The Principal not only should have outstanding Qi skills but also should be from the royal family. Yun Chong matches all those requirements. He is a dean of Tian Zhao school, but he ranks third according to his power.

The second is Qiao Cheng and Shi Zhong Tian`s mentor -Xia Bo Jian. He is stronger than Yun Chong, he is a member of a more powerful clan and his Qi skills are stronger.

But people in Tian Zhao School have never known who is the first among all the teachers.

Now, Qiao Cheng and Shi Zhong Tian know.

The drunkard woman who always spends her time in library or bars is the actual head of Tian Zhao and it’s most powerful practitioner!

“Are you sure?”-said Qiao Cheng to Shi Zhong Tian.

 Shi Zhong Tian is certain about that! He triple-checked Chu Ming with his “seeing ability” as he did with Su Tang. 

And there is one halo of light on Chu Ming`s robe, while Xia Bo Jian robe has two. She is outranking him!

The appearance, the traces, and the texture are the same. The difference is only between the numbers of halos. 


Shi Zhong Tian and Qiao Cheng had been in Tian Zhao School for four years, and the shock they are facing now is great. They have never thought about the fact, that Chu Min is the strongest!

Qiao Cheng and Shi Zhong Tian are following their mentor right now.

Lu Ping helps Su Tang to get up, and after picking up Mo Lin, also started to follow Xia Bo Jian. There is no need to fight anymore. It seems that they reached a point where they are completely unable to act. They should obey their teachers.

Problems are escalating, but it seems that people have forgotten something. . .

“Brother Dao! Where are you?!”-Two friends of Dao Ran are trying to find him. He has been blown away by the wind. So, he should be somewhere nearby.

It is daytime but it is dim in the library. Chu Min and Xia Bo Jian heard some scream and immediately located the source and direction of the sound. They rushed to the library. Xia Bo Jian hesitated to push the door. As a result, Chu Min did not hesitate to raise her leg and knock the door out.

Xia Bo Jian frowned, but the scene that appeared in front of him immediately made him sick.

They have entered in the small messy room. The paintings on the walls are smashed, the vases are broken, and the blood is everywhere.

One person is laying in a pool of blood completely motionless. There is also a girl next to it, and Xia Bo Jian knows her. It is Wen Yan.

Xia Bo Jian stepped forward and saw that the boy that covered in blood was not the one he thought of, so he was relieved. But, when he turned around, he saw that Luo Ting sitting next to the wall on the left side, and his head is laying on his shoulder in a weird way as if it is ready to fall to the ground. Xia Bo Jian can tell that Luo Ting is dead.

  Xia Bo Jian is horrified. Luo Ting was his student, Xia Bo Jian was training him. He was proud of his achievements. Among all of Xia Bi Jian`s students, Luo Ting was the most talented. He believes that Luo Ting will become an immeasurable student one day, 

    But now, his neck is broken, and he is laying against the wall, covered in blood. 

    Who did this?

    Xia Bo Jian is outraging, but he is not eager to show his anger. After two more steps, he saw other blood on Luo Ting`s face.

Xia Bo Jian walks forward again and saw another boy, laying next to Luo Ting`s corpse. The hands of that boy are covered in blood. Luo Ting`s blood! There is a blood trace between them. This boy has killed Luo Ting for sure! He should pay for that!

Xia Bo Jian raised his hand, formed a blade of Qi. He is ready to cut off the Xi Fan`s head! He slashed his hand and blade flew right towards Xi Fan. . .


 Suddenly, The Qi blade was rejected. It flew to another side of the room and sliced the table in half.

“The hell are you doing?!”-Screamed Bo Jian to Chu Min. It was her who blocked the attack and saved Xi Fan.

“I am asking the same question!”-said Chu Min.

“He killed one of my students!”.

“So, he is one of your goddamn students!?”. Chu Min does not know what happened, but her tone is insisting and unreasonably overbearing.

Xia Bo Jian is extremely angry. He said: “Why do I have a feeling that my student was protecting his friend and been killed by some freaking murderer?”

 “You think too much.” Chu Min said, there is still no evidence, but she dares to be so confident.

 Xia Bo Jian laughed.

“You are so unreasonable,” He said. Xia Bo Jian does not want to talk with Chu Min anymore, so he acts. He raised his hand ones again, He would like to see how Chu Min would stop him, so he started to form a Qi blade again.

Chu Min smash an alcohol bottle on the floor. She looked at Xia Bo Jian very seriously, and then she said insistently, “If you will do something stupid, I will kill you.”

Xia Bo Jian, the vice president of the Tian Zhao school, is excited with this “I will kill you”. This is probably something that no one can think of, including Xia Bo Jian himself. But now, it can happen. Xia Bo Jian wants to see when Chu Min will stop him. She is threatening him. Let see how far she can go!

“You can try!”

Xia Bo Jian seems to provoke Chu Min, but he is not. This woman is cruel and fierce. She will try and kill him if she needs to. She has enough courage, skills, and determination.

“You think I am afraid!?” he screamed, but suddenly, some people came around the library.

They have heard the “ANYBODY THERE?” scream. That was Wen Yan`s shouting of the soul.

Without a minute a lot of people came to the library, not just Qiao Cheng, Shi Zhong Tian, Lu Ping, but also other mentors and students heard the scream. And they can see the disaster that has happened in the library.

They know that someone has killed Luo Ting. But who did that?

The girl that possess a huge mental force? Or maybe the lad in the straw-made hat? Or maybe the guy who was always unconscious? The truth is unseen by now. 

So, the council should start soon enough.

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