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Chapter 80: The Council

There is a meeting room in the library. It is not a big room, but it has a long table in the middle, so it should fit enough people in it. And there are a lot of people, waiting for the meeting. And people are serious and fierce. The killing has happened, so this meeting will be extremely strict.

People open the door and a stinky and vexed smell comes to them. It seems that this meeting room hasn’t been used for a decade, or even more. The spider web is everywhere, and a smell of rotten vegetables is in the air. There are also empty bottles on the floor. No doubts, Chu Min did a really bad job of organizing this room. She was in charge of this meeting room for a long time, but it seems that she is simply doesn’t care much.

Chu Min walks in her room first. She blows the dust out of the table and takes a sit. Then, she made a gesture with her hand, and the window open. The wind blows and all the dust, sand, spider web, and rubbish flies away through the window.

In the blink of an eye, the meeting room was completely renewed, and Chu Min didn’t say anything. Others subsequently enter, Dean Yun Chong, other tutors, and related students -all have come. The seriously injured Xi Fan and Wen Yan were originally commanded to go and see a doctor, but they were caught by Chu Min and brought to conference room as well. Xi Fan and Wen Yan sits in the corner, and Chu Min heals them a bit.

Dean Yun Chong sits in the middle of the table, Xia Bo Jian takes a sit on Dean’s left hand, this is his usual position. Chu Min is opposite to him.

The other mentors sit next to Xia Bo Jian as well. Among them, there are Xia Bo Jian’s students. After seeing that there are some contradictions in the situation, they will sit on the mentor’s side. Chu Min takes out a bottle of wine from her pocket and opens it. Yun Chong can do nothing. He knows that she will not listen to him.

Students are participating in this event as well. They are standing against the wall behind Xia Bo Jian.

Lu Ping is helping Su Tang and Mo Lin. They are still weak but can walk, so Lu Ping brings them to the table. All three students are sitting next to Chu Min. 

The auditory is completely silent now.

Come here. There is space available.”-Lu Ping says to some student, And the student’s name is Shang Li. He is not from Tian Zhao school, so he is completely unaware of rule codex of this school.

“Okay, let’s talk business now!” Xia Bo Jian says a faint sentence. He is very angry.

“So, you have used that technique again? “-asks Yun Zhong. He wants to know why Mo Lin and Su Tang in such a bad condition.

Yep”-says Chu Min.

“You know that this technique calls “execution of soul”. It has never been a legal way of practicing Qi. Such a risky cultivation method has never been chosen by a regular college, and will not be available at any time. Only those “Dark Schools” who survived the past wars and abandoned by the normal schools are using this cultivation method in the formal curriculum.

The fact that Tian Zhao is using “Execution of soul” and disregarding the students’ lives, is a scandal. The college does not allow this method and does not allow mentors to use it as well.

 “But the problem is that they are not students of Tian Zhao.” Chu Min said.

“The problem is that your student killed my student.” Xia Bo Jian said with a grin.

 “It is because your student is a pathetic thing that should die.” Chu Min said.

 “You are totally unreasonable.” Xia Bo Jian is almost going crazy.

“What do you know about reasonability?” Chu Min said.

She takes a sip from the bottle and then says: “You freaks need to check Wen Yan body first, ask her some questions, and then make a conclusion. Are you a teacher or just some scum from the streets? “


People start to talk about the fact, that no one has checked Wen Yan before the meeting. No one, except Xia Bo Jian. He saw the wounds on her body and can tell that this direct single pokes can be done only by using “homing Qi” techniques. Luo Ting techniques. The question is why he did it. . .

Disputes between students and fights are not a big issue. But no matter what, Luo Ting`s so-called protection of Wen Yan is completely untenable. On Wen Yan’s body, there are no other wounds, except those that Luo Ting left to her.

Xia Bo Jian is frustrated. No matter why the killing happened, Luo Ting’s death is the main reason for this meeting.

“Luo Ting`s attacks are always direct and straightforward. He is always fighting face to face. And the injured boy has a wound on his back. What does it mean? It means that Luo Ting was protecting his own life! Someone was treating him! “-says, Xia Bo Jian.

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