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Chapter 81: Killing for good

Xia Bo Jian could not hold his anger, neither his sadness any longer. His best student had been killed along with the other people supporting him.

“Yes! That kid is talented!”

“He has a good heart!”

“Yeah. You are right”

People were waiting for Chu Min`s reaction, but suddenly, Lu Ping started to talk:

“Xi Fan is one of our school`s best student. He is sincere and hardworking. If he wants to kill a person, then that person deserves it.”

“Who gave you permission to speak?!”-Said one of the teachers. His name was Xie Li. He was taking to Tian Zhao school from another place. And Xi Bo Jian was his mentor. No doubts-they would support each other.

“You are right, my boy”-said Chu Min.

Xie Li was pissed off. He stood up to provoke Chu Min, but Xia Bo Jian stopped him. Another tutor who was not a student of Xia Bo Jian smiled and said: “People can say anything in order to protect their friends!”

This statement seemed to be excusing Lu Ping, but in fact, it was not.

Lu Ping shook his head and said, “I am not his friend.”

This was absolutely true. He did not need to emphasize this point. He meant that he and Xi Fan were friends, and no one would believe it. In the eyes of the of the Zhai Feng Academy, these two were the best students in Tian Zhao. Xi Fan had been working hard to improve the image of Tian Zhao. Xi Fan and Lu Ping were something like opponents, rather than friends.

However, the tutors and students of Tian Zhao were believing. Xie Li’s attitude was resolute, and he was a bit cruel.

At that moment, Qiao Cheng stood up, as he suddenly felt something. He felt that he seemed to understand the mind of Lu Ping.

Lu Ping was acting according to his logic and inner surviving instincts. This clearly meant that when he threw Su Tang and Mo Lin to Qiao Cheng, at that time, it was unclear, on which side QIao Cheng was, but Lu Ping`s logic has told him that Qiao Cheng would not harm them.

The tutors were still talking about how good Luo Ting was. But when Luo Ting was alive, teachers were not caring much, and now when he is dead, they all were loving him. Pathetic they were! Pathetic and ignorant!

“Okay, enough” Dean Yun Chong said, interrupting everyone. Such a dispute was meaningless.

“How are they?” Yun Chong asked the doctor.

When Xi Fan and Wen Yan would wake up -people would be able to ask them about what happened.

“They are okay,” the doctor said. It didn’t look like he cared too much.

“Wake them up.” Yu Chong says.

“All right.” The doctor nodded as his hands immediately ignited, and started to illuminate with pure white light. After that he immediately put his hands on Xi Fan and Wen Yan’s foreheads.

“HELP!” Wen Yan screamed and suddenly sat up. But then she felt the pain under the right rib, so she squatted.

However, Wen Yan`s condition was better than Xi Fan`s. She could sit, but Xi Fan just laying on the floor with his eyes opened.

“This is…” Wen Yan recognized the college’s doctor, knowing that she was safe now, but, in a blink of an eye, she saw the Dean, Xia Bojian, and several other mentors. Chu Min and Xi Fan were also here…

Everyone was looking at her. Wen Yan looked at doctor and asked: “How is he?”

“It’s nothing. I am okay…” Xi Fan answered.

Yun Chong, Xia Bo Jian, Chu Min, and other instructors were staring at Wen Yan. But Wen Yan was only worrying about Xi Fan. She said nothing about Luo Ting. Her concerns made Xia Bo Jian worried even more now. The situation seemed to be bad. Xia Bo Jian was inexplicably annoyed at this time.

Xie Li, the teacher with violent temper stood up and screamed at Wen Yan and Xi Fan:

“What the hell happened?” he asked loud.

Everyone was looking at Wen Yan. Her face was full of anger.

“Luo Ting is…” She finally mentioned his name.

” …is a beast!” she said.

Teachers and students were excited and interested. What the heck Luo Ting has done?

“He was about… he was about to… rape. . .” Wen Yan couldn’t say anything.

“Enough!” Xia Bo Jian stands up with a red face. He interrupted Wen Yan. He already realized that no matter what Wen Yan would say, it would only discredit him. Luo Ting was his student after all. Xia Bo Jian looked at Wen Yan with a hate in his eyes.

But Wen Yan was full of courage.

“Look at this. Now this case is escalating! Rape was about to happen.” Chu Min said.

Everyone was shocked. There were obviously not many people that could believe in this. If Luo Ting was about to rape her. . .In this case…

“He should be dead!” Lu Ping says.

“Yep. Killing for good. Killing for protection.” Chu Min praised.


Xia Bojian smacked the table!

“Enough you two!” Xia Bojian’s voice echoed in the conference room. His body was leaning forward, as if he was about to pounce at Chu Min.

Everyone was ashamed.

Xia Bo Jian`s attitude was shameful.

Next second, the bottle in the hands of Chu Min was smashed against Xia Bo Jian, and it made Xia Bo Jian even more angry.

Xia Bojian rushed to Chu Min.

The bottle reached the wall and shatters, and the sound is loud.

Everyone was shocked.

Situation was really bad!

However, this time, Xia Bo Jian was not willing to attack or provoke Chu Min. He just stared at her. He was about to act.

However: “Enough!” Said dean Yun Chong. He was still the most important person in the room. And he understood the situation. This “rape” case was controversial and should be taken care of, as soon as possible.

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