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Chapter 82: Wen Yan`s mentor

As Yun Zhong stopped everyone from arguing, Xia Bo Jian slapped the table and walked away from the library. He was walking out with a grim face and an anger in his mind. Luo Ting, the hardworking student, was accused in rape crime-SHAME!


Shame on him, and shame on Xia Bo Jian himself. It is embarrassing!

He was going downhill right now. An old man, with a pale beard and insane eyes, appeared in front of him: “Yo, Xia Bo jian, long time no see! How are you doing?” He said, but Xia Bo Jian didn’t care at all as he was too angry.

“Uncle! Uncle! They have killed Luo Ting!”-screamed Dao Ran.

“I know, and he deserved it!”-Xia Bo Jian said.

“What? How can you say that?”


Dao Ran and other students of Xia Bo Jian were leaving, but Qiao Cheng stalled behind them. Luo Ting deserved to die? And those are teacher`s words? How can it be possible?

“Hurry up, Qiao Cheng!” Shi Zhong Tian called him.

There were half less people in a meeting room now. Chu Min, Yun Zhong and other students were still there.

Xi Fan was laying on the table, and doctor was trying to heal his wounds. Wen Yan seems to be less injured. She heard a voice outside and realized that her mentor had arrived.

“Little Wen Yan, are you okay?”- said the old man with a pale beard.

His name was Chen He, master of sound of soul techniques and the oldest man in the whole Tian Zhao school.

“Something is wrong with this little boy.” He said, while pointing at Mo Lin. People turned around and saw that Mo Lin was trying to light up an incense that he pulled out from his pocket. He was doing light-up motions with his hands, but there was no fire in his hand. He was repeating those motions again and again.

“He is poisoned indeed. Or maybe not?” Chen He walked towards Mo Lin. When he reached him, he squatted and said:

“Boy Oh boy, is this execution of soul I am witnessing right now? Chu Min, have you forced this little baby to go through that?”-said Chen He with a smile.

Lu Ping walked toward Mo Lin. He tried to pull him up and noticed that his eyes were filled with anger and hate. Mo Lin looked at Lu Ping with empty look, as if he was a ghost, and then raised his hand, with QI inside it. He was casting a spell!

“The hell are you doing? It is me! Lu Ping!” It seemed useless to talk to Mo Lin right now, so Chu Min just splashed her wine on his face. Mo Lin tried the famous “swipes” of Chu Min. He still couldn’t control his own body, but he understood one thing-his teacher, Chu Min, was nearby, so he could relax.

“Okay, so this Luo Ting is dead, right? I want to find his freaking corpse, decompose it and make an amazing refining drug! Ha hah!”-Chen He said.

“Don’t say this disgusting stuff, old Man!”-screamed Wen Yan. She was rude to the old man, which felt strange to other people in the meeting room. But she was a student after all, and most talented user of Sound of soul and Pivot of soul techniques as well.

Chen He was also not as simple and reckless as he looked like. He was extremely picky for students. Even if you were the most talented person around, he would also be looking at your appearance, personality, hobbies, character and other stuffs before taking you as a student.

He was looking for a person like Wen Yan for many years. And now, she was right in front of him, he couldn’t lose a chance to take her under his supervision.

“Yo, Chu Min, this is your girl, right? Give her to me”-Chen He said.

“I refuse!”-said Wen Yan. This old man was strange as hell. The moment before he was screaming something about making a drug from the corpses, and now he wanted to take her as his student!

“WELL I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, YOUNG GIRL! I WILL BE YOUR TEACHER FROM NOW ON!”-screamed Chen He. Other people, such as Yun Zhong, Lu Ping, Chu Min and others were stunned. They could do nothing but enjoy the two people screaming at each other. Chen He was always acting in this loud and weird manner, and Wen Yan was also fierce and straightforward girl. Plus, her Sound of soul abilities were almost on the same level as Chen He`s. So, their screams were like a thunder for other people.

Old screamer and young screamer- weird teacher and amazing student – such a good tandem!

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