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Chapter 83: Dangerous road

“Okay, the case is closed!” Yun Chong was tired and had a headache. Chu Min and Chen He were not easy to talk to, they were always acting arbitrarily. This is why he wanted to leave.

“Such a bad time to be a Dean of Tian Zhao. Goddamn it!”-said Yun Chong while walking away from the library.

His colleagues were super difficult to cooperate with! Chu Min-the woman who was always drunk and would not listen to anyone except herself; Xia Bo Jian-respectful and skilled teacher. 45% of all Tian Zhao students were his disciples. He should be the real Dean of the School; a lot of people were saying like that. He had a huge support of students and a great influence on teachers as well. He was not easy to incorporate. And the third person was Chen He-old-ass weirdo with insane look, cruel and tricky mind and with the best Sound of soul techniques as well. He was super picky in everything and didn’t trust anybody. . .


Luo Ting . . .

This name made Yun Chong sick. Luo family was a respectful clan. If people were to hear that one member of their clan were accused in rape crime, the whole family would lose all trust and glory.

Anyway, he was the student of Xia Bo Jian, Xia Bo Jian should clean up his reputation. Chu Min would go to the Luo family and explain the incident.

Will she though? . . .

Some leaved with Yu Chong. Chen He was still in the library. He was trying to help Xi Fan.

“Old wounds recrudescence, and there was excessive loss of blood too. Thus, he should rest for a while and will be fine”-The doctor said

“You know nothing about your job!”-Said Chen He. He looked at the doctor and mumbled “Old wundz recrudisense, blud loz, bla bla! Who the hell taught you ?!”

Doctor felt so embarrassed that as soon as he stood up and he immediately ran out of library.

“One less freak in the library, he he”-smirked Chen He. “My boy, how do you feel?”

“I think I will be all right. Master, will I be able to recover before the Grand Soul Convention?”-asked Xi Fan.

“You guys also wants to participate in Great Soul Convention?”- asked Chen He with a surprised look.

“Yep, we are”-said Lu Ping on behalf of Su Tang and Mo Lin.

“Sweet! My dear, they will be your opponents!”-said Chen He to Wen Yan.

“Don’t push me, old man!”-screamed Wen Yan.

Chen He got closer to Wen Yan and whispered- “You want me to poison those jerks for you?”

“HEARD THAT! The hell are you talking about!”-screamed Chu Min. Although she was standing in an opposite side of the room, she could still hear them. She was a master of Sound of soul after all.

Wen Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry. Her teacher was always so belligerent.

“Okay, let`s go”-said Wen Yan and dragged Chen He out of the library.

“B.. B.. But I could poison those pricks in a second for you. I could. . .”

“Such a noisy old bastard you are!”-said Wen Yan while dragging him out.

As a result, there were only four people left in the library-Chu Min, Xi Fan, Mo Lin and Su Tang.

“You already reached “Link-up”, right?”-asked Chu Min.

“Yep”-said Xi Fan.

“Nice”-Chu Min seemed happy about it.

One day. From yesterday`s lunch time till now. Xi Fan merely had a day.

It took seven days for ordinary people. There were also injuries that could last for three days. But that was not the case for Xi Fan. Because he only had one day, he faced all the injures at once.

‘What about Su Tang?”-asked Lu Ping.

“She found the easiest way fit for her and has completed her “linking up” phase as well. However, completing other Soul Power`s will be slower, because she has completed the easiest one.”

“What about Mo Lin?”-asked Lu Ping.

“He is almost done as well”-Chu Min said proudly.

One day.

Within a day, one student had finished the Execution of soul, other was half-way done and the third one was on his way as well.

There is no right or wrong ways of practicing your Qi. The only way that matters is the way that you have chosen.

The Dark Schools cultivation methods were forbidden because they were replacing students’ choices and forcing students to carry out the cultivation methods that teachers had arranged.

This was fundamentally different from Chu Min’s approach. Chu Min allowed students to choose on their own.

This was very important, because the choice was the first level of cultivation. In the process of selection, students have begun to strengthen their beliefs. If Xi Fan wanted to practice because other people told him, Chu Min would immediately deny him, because his determination was not enough, he did not have enough consciousness and belief in himself. This is why he needed to go his way!

Su Tang was making her decision very fast. But that didn’t mean she was sloppy, but that she had determination and faith in herself. She had the courage to face difficulties because she had a firm belief in her heart.

As for Mo Lin, it seemed that there was some uncertainty, but he was positive, optimistic, would not give up in any adversity; and had the strongest resilience and patience. He might not be the fastest to complete the practice, but if Chu Min were to choose one of the three who she thought the most promising to complete the practice, Chu Min would choose Mo Lin.

It was not a dark road, but a dangerous road.

There were always ways to overcome the dangerous road, so they called it the Dark ways. Chu Min had always been scornful about it.

Unfortunately, there were only few wise people like Chu Min.

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