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Chapter 85: God speed

Chapter 85: God speed

“It’s stupid…” sighed Chu Min.

The way Lu Ping used was typical. If you couldn’t find the right way of cultivation, you should try one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousand repetitions to succeed. This was a simple way. It wouldn’t break through in an instant. To make progress, it was important to have perseverance.

How long could Lu Ping persist?

Chu Min had no idea when Lu Ping would succeed, although she learned from him about his ways of extracting Power of soul and unlocking the Soul Lock. It was unbelievable.

Soul Lock was somehow connected to the body energy circulation system, so, it had an impact on abilities casting. It was a simple rule. However, Lu Ping had found another way of surpassing this rule. He found an unknown way of unlocking his Power of Soul. He was able to use it, but the amount of it was slender.

However, because Lu Ping had never stopped, he had achieved a lot, comparing to other people.

His Power of Soul extracting speed had surpassed Chu Min`s! It could be called God speed!

It was quite scary fact.

The more you evaluated the advanced abilities, the more complex control you needed to sustain. In order to achieve this complex control, the practitioner needed more time.

In order to make the practice go smoothly and more efficiently, the practitioner should use some different skills and hand seals, movements, sounds, and breathing techniques as well.

But Lu Ping had never used any of those skills. He only used the most basic way to extract the Power of Soul. That is why he had reached the unmatching extracting speed.

If Lu Ping was an ordinary practitioner, without Soul Lock in his body, if he could practice as other people, who knows what he could achieve?

Chu Min was not only excited, but also curious, because Lu Ping could become someone that she had never seen before. He would succeed for sure!

Chu Min looked up to the sky; it was a good weather today.

The main entrance of Tian Zhao School.

The gate keeper named Guo was sitting on the bench next to the gates. The sun was delightful, and he was having a good time.

It seemed that a lot of things happened in the School for these two days. Yesterday, Tang Mu, the dean of the Shuang Ji School, came to see Xia Bo Jian. They were grim as hell.

Guo Lao Er was just an ordinary person. He dared not to ask too much. He could only do his job. But the intuition told him that the problems were caused by four youngsters from Tian Chuang school that came to Tian Zhao couple of days ago.

Guo Lao Er was not a practitioner himself, but a simple gatekeeper. However, he had seen a lot of abilities and Qi techniques. Everyday he saw students casting and practicing different skills, Guo Lao Er could already create a list of them!

However, there was a guy with unbelievably fast speed, as fast as sound! Who was he? Where he had come from?

“Yep, that kid is definitely something interesting.”-said Lao Er while cracking his joints. And within a minute, the four people in white robes appeared.

“Who are you people?“-asked Guo Lao Er.

The strangers were not often here, so he became worried a bit.

Gradually, the four people got closer and closer to the main entrance of Tian Zhao.

Guo Lao stood up and tried to interfere them. But, the four people did not stop. They didn’t even look at Guo Lao Er, just continued to move straight ahead. Suddenly, the one of strangers swiped his sleeve and swayed the card in his hand,

Guo Lao Er`s face changed in a blink of an eye. He recognized that card.

The green vine pattern on one side and “Institute” on another.

They were an investigation team!

The College Supervision Association under Imperial Government control.

If they were to appear somewhere, the problems would accelerate! It was definitely not a good thing for Tian Zhao! This team were like the murder of crows before a battle-flying and swaying around the battlefield. They were an omen of something bad! What the heck happened?!

Guo Lao Er could not interrupt them; he was just a gatekeeper! However, he should report to the main office as soon as possible. But, the direction of those four people was strange. They were not going to the main office; they were walking into the forest . . .

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