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Chapter 1: Welcome to the new world

Chapter 1: Welcome to the new world

It had been almost an hour standing in front of the mirror. Shen Huan looked at this face that was obviously 10 years younger and still couldn’t believe it.

To be precise, Shen Huan, who woke up after a sleep, passed the space-time barrier somehow and passed into the body of a 16-year-old high school student with the same name as him.

It was just that this high school student`s life was even more miserable than his.

In the original world, Shen Huan had a father and mother. Although it was not a rich noble family, it was a well-off family.

He also had quite a good career in the past.

After graduating from college, he found a good job, but just because he was always busy with work, he didn`t get much time for girls. He dated with a couple of them but eventually broke up.

However, this high school student was even more miserable! He was an orphan and was adopted by an old grandpa.

Unfortunately, just at the end of May, his grandpa died of some disease.

With the help of a neighbor, he managed the funeral for the grandfather. Since then, he had to face the cruel reality. Because he could not bear such great pressure and was confused about the future, he secretly bought a bottle of liquor to drink.

High school students never had a drink before, and when they drink, they swiftly become drunk just after just one cup.

Then, Shen Huan’s soul entered his body and came into this familiar but strange world.

Speaking of familiarity, it was because it was 2014, not far from 2018 where Shen Huan lived, and the living environment was similar to the original world.

TV dramas, movies, songs, smartphones, online games, etc. Real life stuff were quite similar as well.

This was a relief to Shen Huan.

He had gotten used to smartphones. If he were to go 20 years past, he would not be able to survive over there.

However, even though, there were a lot of things that were familiar, there were even more completely new and unknown places, names, and things.

Naturally, this world could not be exactly the same as another world, and there remained many differences from the Chinese nation where Shen Huan previously lived.

For example, the place where he previously lived was called Hangcheng, but now it was called Lin’an, the capital used to be Huajing city, and the business center next to the Huangpu River was called Huhai.

Some specific rules and customs were not too different from the previous ones. Shen Huan had not looked at them in detail, but it was roughly the same. After all, the country ’s heritage was the same as in the previous life. The existence of Confucian culture as a moral benchmark.

History had changed, but the habits of ordinary folks and language hadn’t changed, which made Shen Huan really happy.

Being a High School student, again!

Why would Shen Huan look in the mirror for an hour?!

There was no other reason, mainly because this high school student was too handsome and charming.

172 cm high, he was just like the prince on the white horse from the painting, which made people wonder, how can God make such a handsome boy!!!

Shen Huan thought he was pretty good before, at least 70 points, but compared to this cute boy`s 98 points, he was nothing.

Not to mention, the pure eyes and innocence of high school students could completely kill countless women of all ages.

No, wait, not like that.

Not a cute boy.

He is me! I am this cute boy now!

Suddenly, Shen Huan was very relieved. God is really not a fool to make this happen. With such a good appearance, gallivanting around the world in the future would be as easy as sailing smoothly on the peaceful lake!

Wherever it was, as long as it remained a peaceful and prosperous age, such a good-looking boy would definitely have some additional advantages.

Shen Huan had the memories of high school students in his mind.

Because he was so handsome, starting from kindergarten, he was living in the focus of the attention of the female classmates around him.

He always had snacks on his desk. Even if it was snatched away by other children, there would be a female classmate to place the new one immediately.

It was also at that time when Shen Huan realized that one day a lot of younger and elder girls would try to tease and taste him.

Since kindergarten, the drool covered his face because of those thoughts.

In elementary school, Shen Huan’s desk always had some love letters, except the holiday times, of course.

Several students around him, just relying on the work of delivering the love letters, made a lot of money, and were spending that money on food. As a result, they ate so much that it made them look like livestock in the end.

The situation in high school was more complicated.

Except that his drawer remained still the same, and he always had all kinds of exquisite food and fruits, he literally paid zero cash for food.

Because every day there was some girl that brought him the best bento box lunch, and it was hot and tasty as hell.

Then, of course, some extra things were added.

At this time, the female overlords already had their own territorial consciousness.

In the first semester after enrollment, more than a dozen female classmates had a fight in order to grab his place at the same table. Because they were so upset, the last twenty or thirty parents also got angry and were in the school playground. They quarreled and scolded each other, and almost performed all kinds of martial arts.

After the second semester, two grades in six different schools had been dueling several times for him.

Every time, they made an appointment after school, they cried, screamed, and shed their hair. Gosh, it was such beautiful scenery!

For this reason, high school students were also very troubled.

His personality was a bit weak, and the family conditions were not good, so he just wanted to study well, then have a good career, find a good job, and support his grandpa.

As for his good looks, it always brought him a lot of troubles from an early age to his teenage times. He didn’t like it at all and thought that it would be better if he was ugly.

However, his intelligence was not high, at best it was a middle-low score and he wanted to go ahead, but it became like a pain in the ass.

According to the current situation, high school students usually choose an ordinary college, then graduate and get a salary of three or five thousand, marry an ordinary wife, struggle together, slowly save the money to pay for the house, and support the parents, and give birth to a child, raise and grow up together with them, and travel around together when both would turn old.

Today, he didn`t have the energy to be able to honor his dead grandfather. This was a scar that made this high school student suffering.

He had even lost his struggling mind and just lived without meaning. In the face of such a heavy future, without any relatives, he didn’t know what to do.

Of course, if he was willing to be “kept”, he could enjoy a good life.

It was unknown how many rich ladies had already said it in the love letters. As long as he was willing to marry them, everything would be easy, and all the money in the family would belong to this high school student!

One could imagine how charming this high school student is!

Shen Huan was not surprised at all.

No matter which world you are, the human`s face can solve all the problems!!! (TL Note: Face as a part of the human body and famous Chinese face concept, which contains everything- relationship with other people, respect, status, money, etc.)

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