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Chapter 2: Shui Qianyu

Chapter 2: Shui Qianyu

“The Hell?!”

Shen Huan said that angrily while punching the door.

His fist got bruised!

Damn it!

It was too much!

After a series of tests, Shen Huan finally understood when he transferred into this body, nothing good happened.

His physical state in this body was awful! It was like he was back to his school days- his previous body was weak, almost fragile!

Although there were some high school students who were weak but attractive to girls at the same time. And because a lot of girls liked this kind of style, other male students would try to bully the handsome boys. Sometimes, it was like that.

But sometimes not.

A few days before the start of high school, a few boys from other classes looked at him unpleasantly and felt that he was too grabbing the limelight, so they wanted to beat the shit out of him.

As a result, when the girls saw this situation, dozens of girls rushed out directly, grabbing the seats, and beat the boys in a blind rage.

The key was that the girls didn’t take responsibility for the fight. After the teachers understood the situation, the director and the school administration directly expelled several boys who provoked the incident.

Well, the school director was also a woman.

Shen Huan was not that weak of course, but still-his kung Fu skills were not as good as they could be.

And he could not always rely on beautiful girls to come and save your ass.

According to Shen Huan’s more than 20 years of life experience, at the most critical time, the only person he truly could rely on was yourself.

Since he was inside the weak and handsome school boy now, Shen Huan decided that starting from this day, he should work out.

First, grow a few centimeters higher during the summer vacation, and then work out.

In addition, Shen Huan wanted to check if it was possible to implement his 10 years of working out experience in this body.

Although his own body was not a school bully type, it was still way stronger than this high school student`s body. Good body could help him to enroll into the best universities, you know.

With such a crazy problem-solving experience, various analytical and logical skills, and own experience of university enrollment, Shen Huan could swear that now, in this new body, he could make it into the country top ten university for sure!

However, Shen Huan had little knowledge about the university enrollment.

He was not a superhuman. He almost completely forgot about the schemes and ways of getting huge amount of money!

In this world, there were the same inventions as in the previous one: – search engines, WeChat, MOBAs and battle arenas, even the bike sharing … It was very difficult to invent something that this world did not have.

Regardless of business, even the music and movies that he liked most often, you could tell him to reminisce about a few clips, which was definitely possible, but it would not be realistic to repeat them in large numbers.

Music/Media business was also not the case. Shen Huan can approximately remember the cast and plot of those movies, or melody and key of the music, but he surely could not completely replicate them.

So, apparently, he should build the foundation of future prosperity, study hard, become an outstanding student, and try to catch the opportunities to get rid of poverty and become rich.

After all, there were still many differences between two worlds. Shen Huan believed that he would definitely find some differences and come up with something cool and possibly epic.

While thinking about it, Shen Huan went to the room to pack things, and sorted out the mess that this high school student made while being wasted.

Old grandpa and this student lived in a very old and small flat, about 100 square meters. There were two rooms in this flat-kitchen and toilet.

This area was Linan’s suburb, about 20 kilometers from the West Lake, and the surrounding streets had almost the same houses.

There were flea markets, small supermarkets and tiny restaurants, which were enough for everyone’s needs.

In the past two years, due to the development of the city, there were huge changes in this area. The skyscrapers have risen up, and old buildings were demolished. It was possible that this high school student`s flat would be demolished soon enough as well.

But before that, the streets here were the same as they were 20 or 30 years ago. People lived in a group of old neighbors and were familiar with each other.

“Bang bang …”

Couple of empty bottles fell on the ground outside the flat.

“Open the door, Shen Huan, open the door!”

Along with the knock on the door, there was a girl’s voice as crunchy as yellow orioles’ tweets (Chinese bird).

Shen Huan frowned, and remembered the voice of the girl.

Shui Qianyu

14 years old, middle school, daughter of the owner of Jiekou Noodle House.

She had always enjoyed playing with Shen Huan since she was a child. Although Shen Huan was weak and introverted, she was still very polite to her neighbors, so Shen Huan got along well with her and treated her as a younger sister.

However, in the past two years, this little girl had entered puberty, and she didn’t like many things in Shen Huan. She often scoffed Shen Huan, which made him feel very embarrassed.

These days, because Shen Huan`s grandpa died, the owner of the noodle shop, mister Shui Qingshan, asked his daughter to invite Shen Huan to his house for a dinner, to make him feel better and not to stay at home completely alone. Because it could lead to even worst depression.

It was 11:50 AM, so the owner wanted Shui Qianyu to invite Shen Huan.

After thinking about it, Shen Huan walked through the small corridor and opened the door.

“Jeez, why do you smell like an alcoholic?” A very sweet girl, standing in front of the door, stared at him. “Shen Huan, you can`t drink, you never could? How much did you drink? Huh? ”

“Not much.” Shen Huan didn’t say more to her, “You go back first, I’ll come over after I get changed.”

“Wait!” Shui Qianyu pointed her eyes at his bruise and asked, “What’s wrong with your hand? Did you harm yourself?”

“What do you mean by ‘harm yourself’?”

“How is that possible? This is the trace left by my boxing practice!”- Shen Huan was startled. He was trying to stay calm.

“Pfft, for god sake!” Shui Qianyu looked distrustful, and entered the room.

“That is, it, Shen Huan, you’re done!” Shui Qianyu said. When she saw the broken wine bottles, she got even more angry,”You’re so arrogant and irresponsible! You are the shame for a Grandpa Shen!”

That was not what Shen Huan drank though.

He wanted to be frank, but couldn’t say anything.

So, he only said, “I won’t do this in the nearest future again. From today, I will be the brand-new Shen Huan!”

“Bull crap!” Shui Qianyu raised her good-looking eyebrows.

“You will see how will I become rich and famous soon enough!” Shen Huan’s emotions were sincere. “Since I was drunk, I have noticed many problems that my life has, and I have learned a lot of truths about myself! In the future, I will definitely make you feel completely different!”

Seems like Shen Huan had a plan.

He made possible to use this alcohol excuse to explain his future personal changes.

After all, the personality of this high school student was completely different from of Shen Huan`s own.

Such a weak and timid boy, that was not good at using his advantages, was simply a waste of time and opportunities given by God!

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