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Chapter 3: Lagging system

Despite being young, Shui Qianyu was not naive and innocent. She didn’t believe in Shen Huan`s bull crap.

She knew that Shen Huan personality was weak, so she was worried that he would not be able to bear his sad emotions. She thought about that while leaving.

Shen Huan did not delay. He took a quick shower, changed into a white t-shirt and shorts, locked the door and walked to the street.

This street was called Mingde Lane, which was not spacious at all, about 5 meters.

Both sides were old houses, ranging in size from small to large, some of those houses have been converted into shops, and others were just ordinary houses.

Some elderly people were chatting in small groups, or watching the children running around in the middle of the street.

When they saw Shen Huan coming, some of them said hello to him, and some nodded.

Shen Huan’s neighbors had helped him to arranged the funeral of grandpa Shen, and his most valuable property-the flat, was handed over to Shen Huan by them as well.

Shen Huan knew all this, so he was grateful to them.

Without their help, Shen Huan would have been put in the orphanage, again.

As a result, Shen Huan smiled and nodded to everyone that he was meeting along the way.

The neighbors spotted the bruise on his fist and started talking.

“What happened to the child?”

“Ah, that’s terrible. Is he punching the walls because of the anger and pain?”

“Whatever the reasons are, we should help him and bring him to the doctor!”

Old people didn`t know how to lower their voices, so Shen Huan heard everything. He smiled bitterly.

The name of the small noodle shop that the Shui family ran was, “Small Noodle Shop”, which had a typical planning-front door-main hall-backyard. The shop was at the intersection of the streets.

The business area of the store was about 60 square meters. There were only eight square tables inside, quite enough space.

It was noon, so the shop was already opened. There were 5 clients inside, and there was only one person at each table.

Based on Shen Huan’s experience of eating in different places for so many years, he could tell that the business model of this “Small Noodle Shop” was not effective.

But obviously, Shui Qingshan and his wife Xia He did not care about business models.

Seeing Shen Huan going to the backyard, the couple, that were sitting at the small table in the courtyard greeted him warmly, “Little Huan, we were waiting for you. Come and eat with us!”

“Thank you, Uncle Shui and Auntie Shui,” Shen Huan said and sat down with them.

The height of Shui Qingshan was less than 170 cm, he looked a little fat, around 160 pounds, but the facial features were very handsome, so he was a chubby middle-aged handsome uncle.

Xia He was a typical Jiangnan woman. She was delicate and beautiful, gentle and feminine. In Shen Huan’s impression, she was always calm and kind.

Two elderlies looked at their daughter, after Shen Huan joined them.

Shui Qianyu was next to them, and she looked at Shen Huan as like he was a piece of trash.

“Dear little Shui, do you think I’m blind?” Shen Huan said, “The words I told you today are real! I will become a strong and rich man. I want to say goodbye to my past. Why do you not believe me?”

Seeing his smug, Shui Qianyu made “What the hell are you talking about” impression with her lovely eyes as she looked at Shen Huan.

Xia He smiled when she saw this. “Well, Little Huan, you can finally step out of the shadows, That’s great! Come, Let’s eat first!!”

Then she put a piece of chicken in Shen Huan’s bowl.

Shen Huan smiled and lifted the bowl.

As the owner of a “Small Noodle Shop”, Shui Qingshan was also a member of the chef industry, but the taste of this meal was just ordinary, which was another reason of why the shops like this could never make the owner rich.

However, Shui Qingshan used to be a member of a music band, and made a lot of money. So, his family does have enough money.

“Ding Dong!”

Suddenly, a strange mechanical voice sounded in Shen Huan’s mind.

“I have noticed that the host is dissatisfied with the shitty food that they have provided to him. ‘There is no one better than me’ system has been successfully activated. Now the first task is deployed. Will the host accept it”?

This mechanical voice sounded unemotional.

Shen Huan seemed to be the only person who heard that voice, and it made him feel completely frightened! He almost jumped!


Sure enough, all transmigators have some kind of System inside or nearby them?!

It was a bit logical too- Transmigators were crossing the space-time border!

“What’s wrong?” Shui Qingshan asked with a husky voice while looking at Shen Huan, “Is today’s food not good enough?”

“No no.”

Shen Huan was nervous, so he didn’t say much. He stood up after eating and said “Thank you, Uncle Shui, I’m full! Enjoy your meal, I’ll wash the dishes later.”

However, Shen Huan didn’t wait for the Shui family to answer. He ran to the nearest tree on the yard and leaned on it. “It’s over, I am done, my brain is messed up!” Shen Huan mumbled.

 Shui Qianyu shook her head and said, “Look, mother, this is the end of that rascal, such a disgrace for his Grandpa!”

But the Shui Qingshan did not care about what she said. His emotions right now are like: “………”

“So, are you complimenting me? Is my cooking good or bad?” Xia He said, with a pouting smile, “I thought little Huan would get better today, poor little boy!”

Three of them continued to eat, but from time to time, Shui Qianyu was checking on Shen Huan.

Seeing the Shen Huan’s face with a very rich expression, Qianyu was happy for a bit, and then surprised, and now she was gritting her teeth, as if she was in pain.

“Poor guy … has he already lost his mind because of the loss?”

Shui Qianyu thought.

Shen Huan was naturally not crazy at all. He was just silently communicating with the system.

To be precise, he was communicating with the system that called “There is no one better than me”.

After he accepted “First deployed task” in his mind, the “There is no one better than me” system released the task.

“Ding Dong!”

“The host is living under the someone else’s roof, the host should make a contribution to his current home, and should treat it well! If the situation with the the noodle shop can be significantly improved within a month, then the system will reward host with outstanding, and unimaginable gift, so the host should listen the system!”

“AM I POSSESED WITH DEMON!?” Shen Huan screamed in his head.

“What does ‘living under the someone else’s roof’ mean?”

“How can you treat the current home well!?”

“Explain yourself! Make it clear, you piece of shit!”

“You bastard, look at your lame name, you are definitely the broken system! The Lagging System!”

“Other people’s systems definitely sound cute and looks like a curvy young lady! What are you?! What do you want?!”

“Finally, you said ‘The unimaginable reward’? Do you mean the precious perky-boobs girl from a far-away lands or something else?”

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