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Chapter 4: A Bowl of Yangchun Noodle

Shen Huan was gritting his teeth, but there was no way to get rid of this “I am better than anyone else” system!

There were a lot of crap that this “System” had told:- “Having the system is better than having nothing”, “The system can sometimes lag and stuck, but it is forgivable”, “There will be a reward for completing the System`s tasks…” and it was all happening in Shen Huan’s head!


Suddenly, Shen Huan realized he was standing next to the sink in the kitchen.

The kitchen was naturally the most important room of the noodle shop.

The noodle shop only sold the noodles which were a typical Suzhou-style noodle, without stir-fried vegetables or anything, but the toppings of the Suzhou-style pasta and ingredients for that were cooked separately, so the family could eat it by themselves later.

Shui Qianyu followed him and picked up the chopsticks.

At this time there was only one client in the shop, and no new guest had come over so far.

If someone came, even if there was no one at the front desk, as long as one yelled, the Shui couple would come running to welcome the guests.

“Sister Shui, has your small noodle shop earning enough money recently?” Shen Huan whispered while washing the dishes.

“What?” Shui Qianyu gave him another dish to wash.

Shen Huan said, “Well, as the daughter of Little Noodle Shop`s owner, shouldn’t you hope that the business will run that good that the people will be waiting in line three kilometers long?”

To his surprise, Shui Qianyu frankly explained: “Daddy made a lot of money before we opened this shop. He was quite a famous musician and bought a house in Huajing and Huhai, enough for us to use. So why should we work a lot?”

They have houses in Huajing and Huhai?

House prices in this era were similar to Shen Huan`s original world. If one did not have 5-6 million yuan, then s/he could not buy anything.

Shui Qinshan turned out to be a rich man, this mister Shui!

Shen Huan suddenly felt that this task to get rich was a bit more difficult than he thought.

These people had a lot of money, running the noodle shop was just for fun, raising a good daughter.

So, even if Shen Huan gave them ideas to improve their business, they would not be going to do that.

Could they be motivated?


In the evening, Shen Huan asked Shui Qingshan to make three bowls of their signature noodles, and after tasting them one by one, his determination to complete this task was further reduced.

Truly speaking, these noodles could not be delicious just by using Shui Qingshan’s methods of seasoning and cooking. The noodles themselves were fried badly.

The shops that made these kinds of noodles would fail in minutes even if it was Shen Huan`s previous world.

The key was that Shen Huan also tested Shui Qingshan’s skills. As his daughter said, she never thought of improving his cooking skills, nor did she think of hiring a good noodles chef.

As long as mister Shui could serve the neighborhood and allow the surrounding office workers to eat something, he would be good.

By the way, the dishes in the “Small Noodle Shop” were not expensive. The cheapest Yangchun noodles prices were:  Five yuan (0.71 USD) for 2 liangs (1kg=20liang) and six yuan (0.85 USD) for three liangs. The usual topping in the noodles was only about 10 yuan (1.42 USD) for a bowl.

And the bouillon (a kind of thin soup) was made of pig and chicken bones.

Shen Huan remembered that in a big restaurant, the prices were at least 150% of that of a small noodle restaurant.

Perhaps, because of the cheapness and the ingredients, it hadn’t officially closed down.

But even if it was that cheap, there were not many neighborhoods that could take care of that kind of business. The homemade noodles might have been better than Shui Qingshan.

At night, Shen Huan laid on the bed, thinking a lot.

He couldn’t cook, nor he knew how to cook noodles, and he did not have any ancestral secret recipe. So, he couldn`t get money from cooking.

How about using net celebrity noodle restaurants from the previous world?

The taste was shit as well, but at least some famous people were around.

Should he tell Mister Shui that his business was about to fall apart and he needed to make changes as soon as possible?

Such a lame trick, little Shui Qianyu would directly kill Shen Huan.

Maybe the shop’s atmosphere has some special vibes? Like, fashionable furniture, or extremely interesting waiters and extraordinary dishes?

Nah, what kind of vibes could the goddamn slimy sweaty rock singer give?!

Maybe compose a song for the noodle shop and make it famous?

“Walk with me on the streets of Lin’an, oh oh … at the end of Mingde Lane, sitting at the door of the noodle shop …”


They were a lot of bistros that were full of Wen Qing Fan’s. (this melody came from one of Wen Qing song)

“Why am I sitting at the door of the goddamn noodle shop?!” “Should I write a poem maybe?” “A long time ago in a far, far away small noodle shop…”

Shen Huan had begun to think wildly, and gradually thought of the noodle shop as a part of an epic space opera.

Seeing that it was going astray, it reminded Shen Huan of a small poem that he had written in his junior high school textbook.

“A Bowl of Yangchun Noodle”.



It told a warm story that happened in a noodle shop, and a lot of people liked it!

And Yangchun noodles is just one of the representatives of Suzhou-style noodles.

Thinking of this incomparable poem, Shen Huan took out his second-hand smartphone at lightning speed, opened the search site, and started looking for this article.

As a person who has read many novels, he certainly knew how embarrassing it was to copycat an already existing novel. (LOLZ)

Shen Huan was trying to understand if the “Bowl of Yangchun Noodles” existed in this world.

Shen Huan remembered that the relationship between the three countries of East Asia in this world was somewhat different from his original world.

He didn’t know any of modern Chinese superstars. Has the Japanese culture has changed as well?

Sure enough, after half an hour of serious investigation, he finally determined that “A Bowl of Yangchun Noodle” did not exist in this world at all. So, no one was able to remember it, because it didn’t exist.

Speaking of memory. It was said that human memory was good at remembering things from the first 30 years of life.

To be precise, Shen Huan`s best memories were from the time when he was 23 years old.

“A Bowl of Yangchun Noodles” had been created by Shen Huan in junior high school. He certainly couldn’t rewrite it word by word, but the general plot and main characters were still in his mind.

Climbing up from the bed, Shen Huan opened the notebook app and started typing:

“For the noodle shop, the busiest time of the year is New Year’s Eve. On the day of the New Year’s Eve in 2002, the owner of the small noodle shop at No. 2 Mingde Lane in La City, the Shui Qingshan and his wife were very busy all the time. Little Qianyu was following her mother, watching her mother being busy all day.”

“On weekdays, the street was always busy even during the midnight time. But that day at 7 PM, it had become very quiet. The regular crowd of customers in the noodle shop seemed to be missing at that time. That’s because New Year`s Eve was about to start!

Just when the last customer was leaving the house and was about to close, the store door was gently pushed open.

A woman came in with her two children. Two boys were an age of five and nine, wearing brand new sportswear. But that woman wore a short coat that didn’t fit that cold season.

The lady Xia He greeted her, “Welcome!”

The woman asked timidly, “Oh … Yangchun noodles … a bowl. for each… please?”

“Sure, three bowls of Yangchun noodles!”

There was a burst of cheers and applause in the noodle shop!

Shui Qianyu, who had grown into a beautiful girl, was filled with tears of joy at the same time.

Outside the shop was still snowing, but it stopped at this exact moment. The white snow covered the clear window, and the curtain that said “Small Noodle Shop” was swaying… swaying in the breeze of eternal happiness.

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