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Chapter 5: Who the hell are you?

Those who were used to mobile phones could type very quickly.

Relying on his memory and his supplement, Shen Huan wrote: “A Bowl of Yangchun  Noodles” in less than half an hour.

Then it took him another half an hour to enhance this 5,000-word novel.

Shen Huan admired “A Bowl of Yangchun  Noodles” again, unconsciously exclaiming.

Wasn`t it obvious that all transmigators were geniuses?

Such a talent, such a memory! I, Shen Huan, am a genius! The second Li Bai (famous Chinese author) had been reborn!!!

It was 10 pm now, and Shen Huan sent the article to Xiao Shui Shui, the only friend in Weiliao.

This Weiliao belonged to China’s third-largest private giant-Beidou Holdings, which was almost the same as the previous penguin company- WeChat. That two applications even had the same performance and modifications.

Previously, Grandpa Shen was also his Weiliao friend, but now his account`s avatar was grey, and it would never light up again.

Shen Huan sighed with sadness.

If only he could to make grandpa Shen happy once again!

Oh well.

But it was impossible. He was dead now. So, the only way to make him rest in peace for Shen Huan was to become a good and generous human being,

As for his real parents in his home-world, he hoped that they could forgive his lameness and pettiness.

After all, transmigration happened not by his choice, and he had no chance to prevent it.

During those thoughts of Shen Huan, Weliao had received a notification note.

Xiao Shui Shui: Who the F wrote this?

Hardworker: With such a good writing style of mine, haven’t you been touched?

Xiao Shui Shui: I touched a shit. When the hell did it happened? Why am I not aware of this?

Hardworker: This calls art processing. Do you understand art? I thought-damn, I can’t play guitar or guzheng, but I feel artistic. I tried to become a poet. AND I AM A POET NOW. HAHAAA!

Xiao Shui Shui: OMG! You are a freaking fabulist! People will piss on your “art” for sure!

Hardworker: OK OK. But seriously, how was my masterpiece?

Xiaoshui Shui: You are not Shen Huan! Who the hell are you!?

Hardworker: Oh, so you have figured it out already huh? I am actually the Nightmare of La Claramax galaxy, specifically came on Earth to destroy it! Muahahaha!

Xiaoshui Shui: Gosh… Can you kill yourself, please?

After Shui Qianyu sent the message, they stopped chatting.

Such luck. The beautiful, sweet, smart and self-confident girl was not afraid of expressing herself as she wanted to Shen Huan.

She had confidence in what she liked and what she hated, while most of the people didn’t!

Shen Huan put the phone on the bed and laid down to rest.

After the novel was written, the next step was to submit it and attract people’s attention.

As for where to put it, he would think about it tomorrow when he would get up.

He had not fallen asleep when he heard someone knocked on the door.


Hearing the familiar tempestuous rhythm, Shen Huan knew who it was.

He put on the shorts and slippers and opened the door for her.

“Sweetheart, it’s so late. why are you here?” Shen Huan said, yawning,

Wearing a simple t-shirt and hot pants, Shui Qianyu was looking at Shen Huan up to down. He went behind Shen Huan and lifted his T-shirt directly. Her face clearly showed a look of inspection and distrust.

Shen Huan certainly understood what she was doing, so he did not stop her.

If he wanted to make other people believe in his change, the first thing he needed to do was to convince this pretty little girl in front of him.

Because in Shen Huan’s memory, she was the one who knew him the best, except Grandpa Shen.

“See? I am alright. No demons have possessed my soul,” Shen Huan slowly arranged his T-short and turned around.

“Is it really possible that you have changed after that reckless drinking night?” Shui Qianyu still felt unbelievable, but she was more confused and curious now, rather than doubt.

She had been seeing Shen Huan’s face for more than ten years.

She also knew about his birthmark that looks like a little bug. No one could have the same one.

Nether his voice, face or birthmark had changed. . . This was the true Shen Huan. It seemed that nothing had changed. Except for his voice.

She didn’t notice it at noon but when she thought about it. His confidence in speaking had increased a lot, and he even dared to make fun of himself.

This Shen Huan was different from before.

She couldn’t tell whether this is good or bad.

“My name is Epiphany.” Shen Huan told her, “Sister Shui, Haven`t I told you about how I want your noodle shop business to grow? Do you think if I will take this article to the public agency and they will publish it? Will it attract a lot of people`s attention? If it will, this noodle shop will become a hot spot for internet celebrities, which will make your Mom and Dad celebrities as well. What do you think?”

“In that happened … they will kill you.” Shui Qianyu gave him a blank look, “You don’t understand. They don’t want to be that busy.”

“You can hire someone.” Shen Huan said.

“But my dad’s cooking is completely different than his singing.” Shui Qianyu frowned. “You lied to other people about his skills, the hell are you doing?”

Shen Huan was surprised.

At her age, she really had big balls, even if she was a girl. She was not afraid of talking at all!

“Also, you are a liar. People will scold you for your lie if they find it out of course.” Shui Qianyu frightened him. “Will you be able to make it through?”

“I’ll write “The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious” at the end of my novel.” Shen Huan had already thought about it.

“It’s up to you!” Shui Qianyu looked at him positively. She did not want to hurt his self-confidence. “However, judging from this article, the writing is sloppy but way better than before. I still can’t believe that you wrote it.”

“This is just the beginning.” Shen Huan said, “Dear Shui, you should ask me for some signatures right away, otherwise when I will become famous, you will not have this opportunity.”


Shui Qianyu mocked that showed her contempt.

It was normal for a human to want to change his life, but whether he could do this depends on his strength.

According to Shui Qianyu’s understanding of Shen Huan, he had no merit points except that he was kind and handsome.

“I am telling you, my dear Qianyu.” Shen Huan said, “Go back to rest! Let Aunt Shui Xia prepare well, in a few days, the noodle shop will become net celebrities holy place!”

Shui Qianyu did not believe in Shen Huan’s words.

It was not so easy to become an internet celebrity these days.

If this restaurant would become a Holy Grail for internet celebrities, then those celebrities were dumb as shit! The taste of the dishes was awful!

“Don’t forget to make a pseudonym,” Shui Qianyu said before leaving.

“Why so?” Shen Huan asked.

“I’m afraid you will be killed by deceived people.”

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