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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 6

“Old Mo, take me to the alchemy hall.”

In the era of the earth in the world of science and technology, a great man of China said, “Do it yourself, and you will have plenty of food and clothing”. So Ye Zan plans to try it on his own.

Although Ye Zan didn’t understand alchemy. However, through the analysis of that pill, he felt that the pharmaceutical knowledge he had in the scientific and technological world might be able to be used here.

Hearing that Ye Zan was going to the alchemy room, Mo thought he was going to find trouble for Liu Qian.

He quickly advised him, “Grand Uncle, no! Without master Liu, I’m afraid it will be hard for others to help me.”

“Well, I’m just going to have a look. Why are you so worried?” Ye Zan said impatiently.

“Are you really just going to take a look?” Mo Rushi had some doubts.

Ye Zan massaged his forehead helplessly. Facing such an old man who was hundreds of years old, he couldn’t lose his temper, so he had to promise: “Yes, just going to have a look.”

Mo Rushi finally agreed.

The alchemy hall is located in one of the small peaks. There are not many buildings on the mountain, and more areas are opened up to the growing of herbs.

Mo Rushi flew from the main peak with Ye Zan on a cloud. Clouds and mist swept over the fields of medicine, they came to the top of a building, and slowly fell on the flat ground in front of the gate.

Mo Rushi said a lot of good things about Master Liu Qian. Especially when he arrived at the medicine field, he pressed the cloud and let Ye Zan see the medicine field at a close distance, and attributed it to Liu Qian.

However, what he didn’t know was that after seeing the medicine field, Ye Zan didn’t have much of a good feeling for Liu Qian, but had some opinions.

As soon as they landed on the ground, the opposite door immediately opened to both sides, and then a group of middle-aged Taoists came out.

“Brother, why have you come to my little mountain today?” one Taoist said with a smile as he welcomed him.

Then Mo Rushi introduced this Taoist to Ye Zan, “Younger brother, this is master Liu Qian.”

Liu Qian is the elder master of Yu Qing Sect, not the real immortal of Yu Qing Sect. Therefore, the identity of Ye Zan and the news of the return of Xuanyuan’s founder should not be disclosed to him.

Younger brother?

Liu Qian looked at Ye Zan, who was standing beside Mo Ru, and his face showed a strange color. He knows Mo Rushi very well. It’s impossible that he doesn’t know that Mo Rushi has a younger brother. How can a younger brother suddenly appear at this time?

What’s more, Liu Qian can see that this younger brother has only the cultivation of the beginner level of Qi practicing.

Liu Qian is also the master of the realm of golden elixir. Although he can’t compare with Wu Changsheng and others in terms of combat power, he is much higher than Ye Zan in the realm of practicing Qi.

In fact, if Ye Zan hadn’t just begun to cultivate, Liu Qian may think that Ye Zan’s cultivation is higher than his own. However, Ye Zan just started to practice Qi. He has a ray of genuine Qi in his body, which can’t be concealed from others.

At this time, Mo Rushi introduced Ye Zan to Liu Qian: “Master Liu, this is the younger brother of the old master, whose surname is Ye Mingzan. Now he is also the new elder of Yu Qing Sect.”

Liu Qian’s face suddenly changed into a smile. He saluted Ye Zan: “Happy to meet you Tao friend.”

Tao Friend?

Ye Zan didn’t really adapt to this kind of address. He replied with a bitter smile, “Oh nice to meet you.”

Liu Qian didn’t know Ye Zan is not a person of this world, but he was still a little unhappy when he saw Ye Zan. But because of Mo Rushi, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he asked Mo Rushi, “Why did you suddenly come here, my Taoist brother?”

Mo was a little embarrassed. He looked at Ye Zan and says, “It’s nothing, but my younger brother is curious about alchemy, so I accompany him here to have a look.”

Just have a look? Liu Qian felt strange, but he couldn’t turn them away, so he said, “Well, I’ll be a guide then. Please come with me.”

Then they entered the alchemy hall.

As soon as they entered the gate, they saw all kinds of herbs drying in the yard, and all kinds of flavors were mixed and filled in the air. It’s not so bad, but it doesn’t smell good either. Liu Qian raises his hand. A gust of breeze caresses the courtyard, sweeping away the complex smell.

In fact, there was not much to see in this alchemy hall. There are only a few buildings in total. The yard is for drying herbs. There is also a house for processing herbs. In addition, there is a warehouse for storing herbs.

When they arrived at the alchemy room, there was only Liu Qian, Mo Rushi, and Ye Zan left, the others were gone.

Liu Qian then asked, “Brother Mo, can you tell me what happened?”

Mo Rushi didn’t know what to say, but Ye Zan next to him couldn’t help saying, “Well, elder brother Mo gave me two bottles of elixir today, saying that it’s the superior elixir made by Master Liu. I think there’s something wrong with this elixir, so I wanted to come and have a look.”

Ye Zan thought it was OK to say that, but Liu Qian’s face turned black when he heard it.

“Oh, I never thought that elder Ye was also proficient in alchemy!” Liu Qian even changed the way he addressed Ye Zan. He originally called him “Tao friend”. Now he calls him an “elder”. Anyone could hear the dissatisfaction in his tone.

Ye Zan felt confused. His reaction is so fierce. When in the world of science and technology, if there is a problem with the product, you have to say it. If you don’t say, how would one know the problem and how to improve the product?

Ye Zan just wanted to make some good pills for himself, so he didn’t care much about Liu Qian’s attitude, so he said with a smile: “I don’t know how to make pills, but I have some experience in medicine.”

“Pharmaceuticals?” Liu Qian was stupefied for a moment, then he said with a fake smile, “What you said is the dispensing skill of a secular doctor!”

What a taunt!

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