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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 79

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 79

Crying at the Ascension Ritual


A voice that sounds like it is from an adult woman came out of Miyu’s mouth.

“Miyu… You’re glittering! It’s so beautiful. It means that Miyu’s honest way of life has been recognized by Kirama-sama. Congratulations.”

I said to her while looking up at her grown up appearance.

「Se-Sera-chama! I’ll keep doing my best, so please don’t forsake me!」

“Huh? What are you suddenly talking about? Miyu has become the Eastern Divine Beast of the Four Heavens! And why are you suddenly talking about forsaking you?”

「Then, then, sign a <contract> with me! Please!」


「We have to sign a <contract>, it’s the only way I may always know how Sera-chama is doing! I can’t rush over when Sera-chama is in a pinch after all! I know I am weaker than Sera-chama. Even so! Even so! I will always be serving Sera-chama, as I had decided that day!」

<Contract>? Can we even do that? Especially so since I already have one with Lu. And besides that,

“Miyu, will you be going somewhere? What do you mean you can’t rush over to my side when I am in a pinch?”

「Successor-sama will be in this sanctuary for a while… at least for a few years. It is so that Successor-sama would be able to adapt to her new body and the knowledge she acquired.」

Lenza-kun answered.

“I see……”

I’ll be lonely.

…No, I can’t be a drag to Miyu. I won’t say that I’ll be lonely. Miyu had left the Little Dragon’s side to stay with me. I can’t return her goodwill by saying that I’ll be lonely.

To be scared of being lonely is… very selfish.

“Miyu, do your best to train to become the true Eastern Divine Beast of the Four Heavens. I’ll stay in touch with Lenza-kun. I’ll also sometimes come over to play. Okay?”

I suddenly felt an intense intimidating aura coming from Miyu. My short black hair is blown back.

「Only ‘sometimes’ is not good enough, so that’s why I’m asking you to sign a <contract> with me!!!」

After saying that, Miyu grasped one of her body scales with her tail and forcibly peeled it off. Blood oozes out immediately.


As I tried to heal her in a hurry,

「Sera-chama, my blood too! I’ve already received Sera-chama’s blood.」

Miyu would always lick my wounds whenever I got injured…

I look around in a fluster to seek help. Then, the voice of Kirama-sama, whose body is no longer moving, echoes in my head.

「Why aren’t you accepting the <contract>?」

“Because, I already have Lu!”

「There is no rule that says you can’t sign a <contract> with more than one Sacred Beasts. It’s just that, until now, there has been no human being who is so loved by multiple Sacred Beasts. You should grant Miyu her wish!」

……I shouldn’t go against God. As I concluded that, my hesitation instantly disappears.

Miyu stares at me and her blood is still leaking out. It was also from a self-inflicted wound that I received Lu’s blood. My dear Sacred Beasts are all… quite the aggressive children.

“I think of Miyu as my little sister. I really love you. Take care of me in future, okay?”

「Sera-chama… I will once again dedicate my loyalty to Serafiona-sama.」

I kiss Miyu’s wound. I taste the thin taste of blood on my tongue, but the scent of flowers reaches my nose.

A huge ring of light encircles me and Miyu’s body, it connects me and Miyu together before disappearing into both of our bodies.

「It’s an auspicious occasion.」

Kirama-sama congratulated us.

Miyu’s bleeding has already stopped.

The succession has been completed safely, and it is finally time for the ascension ritual.

Lenza-kun crawled out once again and surrounded the round circle he drew earlier, with Kirama-sama in it, with a large diamond. Complicated patterns are once again drawn on the four vertices, and a mandala-like pattern spreads out.
(T/N: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandala)

Lenza-kun then crawled to Kirama-sama in the center, muttered something, shed tears, and moved away from the mandala-like pattern.

「Successor-sama, please move to the designated position, and <Contractor-sama> can you lend me a hand?」


「Please stand at the northern end of the diamond pattern, and as the shrine maiden performs the ritual, please release your magic power towards Kirama-sama when she say a prayer of thanks.」

I stepped on the northern vertex of the diamond pattern. I can see Kirama-sama’s back from here. The inner part of the circle is filled with a scary yet clear power.

Miyu is at the vertex of the eastern corner.

Eris stood with a tree branch and a flower on her hands outside of pattern.


「…Everyone, stay in good health.」

Kirama-sama opens her eyes one last time, makes a smile, and closes her eyes for good.

Eris-san says the prayer with a clear, sad voice, giving thanks for the Great One’s affection. Right on cue, I and Miyu send the greatest amount of magic power we can towards Kirama-sama.

「How…… the two of you, it’s just perfect. I can tell why Lu and Miyu won’t want to leave you <Contractor-sama>. Your magic power is so gentle and pure…………」


It was only a short encounter, but… Kirama-sama is really too cool! I really like her! I won’t forget about her for a lifetime!

I hold my tears that are about to pour out and give out more and more of my magic power.

Eris-san’s voice overlaid with Lenza-kun’s voice.

The diamond pattern shot a bright blue light toward the heavens, and a blue pillar rose from the pattern!

-dzun-!!! -dzun-!!!

Then, two objects with enormous amounts of magic power came down like meteorites!

The space is filled with pure white light, as if a lightning strike is falling from the sky, taking away my vision! When I am about to lose focus,

「Don’t stop!」

I heard Lenza-kun’s voice.

Although I can’t see anything, I put both of my hands forward and keep releasing my magic power…

Then, something I know very well… The magic power that I’ve been missing all the time… I can feel it amidst the light…

When the light gradually subsides…


At the vertex of the western side to my right is… Lu.

At the vertex of the southern side in front if me is… Ash.

Ascension Ceremony

They both are in their divine transformation form that never lost its dignity.

「Kiramagerudo, thank you for your long years of hard work.」

「Kiramagerudo, you have my gratitude. Let us meet again.」

「Fufu… Thank you for seeing me off. Ash, Lu, Miyu, and the rest of you…」

The moment magic power from Lu and Ash joined in and became one at the ascension ritual performed by Eris-san,

Kirama-sama… ascends.

I blankly stared at the empty circle… then moved my eyes sideways.

My silvery mofumofu is right there.

The adult-sized Lu tilts his head.


“Is it a dream?”

Lu moved away from the pattern on the floor, he jumped, glowed, and morphed to a mini-size as he hopped on my shoulder.

He stared right at me, and licked the tears I had been crying.

「Did you become a crybaby? Sera?」

“………U, Uu, Uu, Luu, Luuuuuu!”

I buried my face in Lu’s neck. He’s real. Lu’s scent fills my nose! This is my one and only mofumofu.

「Sera, I’m back.」

Lu’s blue eyes glitters.

“Uuuu, welcome back, Luuu…”

I hugged Lu tight… I am finally whole again.

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