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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 7

In this world, for practitioners, secular people are like ants. Although they also came from the secular world, they feel that they are no longer humans when they stepped on the path of cultivation.

It is precisely because of this kind of thought that the history of this world is far longer than that of human beings in the world of science and technology. However, the living standards of secular people in this world are far lower than those of the world of science and technology.

For example, in the world of science and technology, crops are short of water and there is artificial rainfall. But in this world, although practitioners have the ability to summon the wind and rain, they rarely see anything useful in this regard. The aviation technology in the world of science and technology makes it easy for ordinary people to travel thousands of miles, even to cross the galaxy in the interstellar age. In this world, practitioners also have various ways of flying in the sky, but no one in the secular world knows how to fly.

In this world, from the deepest part of their heart, practitioners despise secular people and regard them to be the same as ants.

Ye Zan’s “pharmacy” was described by Liu Qian as the dispensing skill of a secular doctor. To people in this world, it’s an insult. Mo Rushi heard it and was worried that Ye Zan couldn’t stand the taunt.

However, Ye Zan didn’t think that, first, he doesn’t understand the minds of practitioners in this world, and second, the pharmaceutical is indeed used for the public in the world of science and technology.

Although Ye Zan can hear the sarcasm in the tone of Liu Qian, he didn’t take it to heart, but said seriously: “Strictly speaking, there is a difference between making medicine and dispensing medicine, but I won’t explain it for you, let’s talk about some practical things.”

What? Liu Qian couldn’t understand it, but the tone of Ye Zan’s voice made him want to laugh. He said to himself, “How did Mo Rushi find such a younger brother? This young man does not only have poor cultivation, but he’s also got something weird in his mind.”

However, Liu Qian could only endure the displeasure in his heart and said, “Well, what practical things do you want to talk about?”

Mo Rushi stood beside Ye Zan, feeling confused. At the same time, he started to complain about Wu Changsheng. What big trouble! Ye Zan is the disciple of Xuanyuan, his great uncle, while Liu Qian is the alchemy master of the Sect. It’s not easy to offend either side.

“Even though elder brother Mo said it was a top-grade pill, I think there is still room for improvement. If master Liu can’t do it, I’d like to try it with a pharmaceutical method.” Ye Zan said rudely. He doesn’t care whether he’s struggling or not, whether he’ll hurt Master Liu or not, it’s related to his great goal, he won’t care about other’s feelings.

Liu Qian got very angry.

Of course, there is room for improvement, the next step is the best pill. But is the best pill so easy to refine? Although the alchemy pill is the primary pill, even the greatest master of alchemy dare not say that he can make the best one.

Liu Qian is not the great master of alchemy, but at least he is an expert. But the top quality Qi refining pill can not be refined in every furnace. A furnace of alchemy pills produces one hundred pills, of which the top-grade pills are only about five to ten, and the best pills have never been seen before.

A boy who just started practicing Qi is boasting that he can make the best alchemy pill by using the dispensing skill of a secular doctor. What else would the alchemist do?

As for Mo Rushi, he got more confused. He just brought Ye Zan to have a look. Who would think that Ye Zan could boast so much? However, he still has some expectations. After all, the grand-uncle is a disciple of the Great Master of Xuanyuan. Maybe he learned something from him.

“Good!” “Good!” “Good!” Liu Qian was so angry that he said “good” three times. He was questioned and ridiculed. No one could bear this. He glanced coldly at what was right beside him, then turned back and continued to say to Ye Zan: “I know that my ability is limited. Thanks to Brother Mo’s trust I took charge of the alchemy hall. I often felt that I couldn’t catch it. If you can make the best alchemy pill, this alchemy hall will be handed over to you. I promise. However, if you can’t make it, then, you, brother Mo, have to give me an explanation of this matter! “

It’s over. It’s a big disaster! Mo Rushi was frightened after hearing that. Although Lao Liu looks polite, his attitude is obvious.

Ye Zan also frowned. He couldn’t understand why Liu Qian got mad. He became impatient and said, “I just want to get some better pills, not to offend anyone. As for what you think, you can do whatever you want.”

“Well, I’m going to see what you can do.” Liu Qian said with a sneer.

At this time, it’s useless to say anything, so Mo Rushi looked at Ye Zan expectantly. If Ye Zan was really instructed by the founder of Xuanyuan, to refine the best Qi refining pill, everything would be easier.

However, Ye Zan stopped and asked a question.

“Show me the prescription.” Ye Zan said it calmly without any expression on his face.

You don’t even know the prescription of refining pills? Liu Qian was even angrier because it proved that Ye Zan came to tease him.

Well, whatever you want, I’ll give you, then I will see what you can do! Liu Qian showed his anger on his face, reached for the cupboard on the side, and said, “There is one. Go and get it.”

Ye Zan ignored his anger and came to the cabinet. There were only a few books on the cabinet, so he soon found the prescription. However, he did not only read the alchemy pill, but also turned over the book quickly from beginning to end, and recorded the contents in it into the auxiliary brain.

However, knowing the prescription is not enough, Ye Zan asked again after putting the book back in the cupboard: “Where are the herbs for making pills?”

Liu Qian didn’t even speak this time. He coldly pointed to the other side, where some herbs were placed. The herbs were arranged in a neat way. There was a tripod beside it. Obviously, this is the preparation for making pills in the oven.

Then, more irritating things happened.

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