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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 80

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 80

Lu is back

Ash pat my head with its beak while I am hugging Lu and crying.

「Sera, you’ve done your best. It would be best to not disturb your reunion with Lu, so I will be on my way.」

After gently stroking Miyu’s head, Ash spread its rainbow-coloured wings and flew towards the sky immediately.

When I’m finally convinced that Lu would not be going anywhere, I gently raised my head and saw that Eris-san, Miyu, and Lenza-kun were also having tears in their eyes.

「Lu-sama! It took you so long!!!」

「Miyu, you rose to the East’s seat… were equal in rank now. And, thank you for keeping Sera safe during my absence.」

「Lu-sama… -waaa-!!!」

Lu and I wrapped things up with Miyu, promised to visit occasionally, have her try out her new power, and entrusted her to Lenza-kun, then leave the temple.

On the way back to Tobos, Eris-san greets Lu,

“I am delighted to be in the presence of the Western Beast-sama of the Four Heavens. And at the same time, please forgive me for showing disrespect and rudeness to the Goddess and the covenant.”

Now that Kirama-sama is dead, Eris-san can no longer hear the voices of Lu and the spirits. So I will interpret things for her.

「What do you mean?」

Lu doesn’t know what she means.

“Lu, Eris-san had always been able to see you.”

「What! I, I mean, of course I noticed! It is me after all! Besides than… -mumble- -mumble-……」

“Eris-san, Lu is asking why you have the same aura as Grandmother?”

“Gyaaaa―h! No waaaa―y! I am in no way similar to that demon―――!”

Eris-san received 3000 points of damage!

“-huff- -huff-…… Western Divine Beast-sama… Attacking so sneakily is terrible of you…”


“Ah! That’s right. Is it alright for me to use the title of the <Saintess>?”

Lu stares at Eris-san.

「……There’s no problem. It’s a title I’m not very interested in to begin with. However, a thorny path will be waiting ahead of you.」

“I am prepared.”

「I see.」

On the way back to Tobos, Eris-san learned life magic from me and Lu. After all, it does not make sense for her to see Lu but not have magic at all. I taught her how to imagine magic circulating from her heart and guiding it little by little.

“No way! Little bit of energy is moving around my body!”

After she can feel her magic power, we give her a Spartan training to learn <purification>, <messenger magic>, and a new magic that will allow static electricity to be present around her body.

We would now be able to get in touch anytime and anywhere, and even if she is attacked again, she would be able to repel them herself, and would now look more like a bona fide Saintess that can discharge lighting from her body.

Her <messenger magic> is in the form of a blue, gentle, and slender dragon that stretches up towards the heavens.


“Yes, I’ve never had a day as special as today, and I don’t want to forget Kirama-sama. I will never forget this fateful day where I witnessed the divinity of the godly beings and how I performed the ritual to help the Goddess’ representative ascend.”

Eris-san’s eyes are burning with determination.

「Kirama have received our blessings and won’t be returning anymore…」

When we returned to Tobos, the KakuSuke priests danced madly because of the more refined Saintess. Then we talked to the mayor and the Guild Master Gan-chan about the ritual.

“Thanks to Saintess-sama, the God’s ritual has been completed successfully. In future, they will be pleased if you visit more regularly. You may also remove the restriction that requires the visitors to be of B-rank or higher. One would only need physical fitness and a pure heart to reach the temple.”

And since I have already signed the <contract>, there is no need to find a <contractor> anymore.

“Was God angry that we have not been visiting to pray for a long time? Will God continue to protect the island?”

The mayor keenly asked.

“Won’t God understand your circumstances? And it will be up to you all in the future. Also, for now, the sea will be calm and help bring bountiful harvests.”

Eris-san has a well-mannered smile on her face.

After all, there no longer are any animals or beasts that can rebel against the current East Sea’s Ruler.

“Thank you very much…”

The mayor takes a breather.

“Gold-nii-san, what happened to Snake-nee-san?”

Gan-chan asks in a worried tone.

“Miyu has… gone on a journey to get stronger.”

Miyu is also a Sacred Beast now. So I have to maintain a certain level of secrecy.

“I see… I haven’t paid everything back yet, so please let me know when she returns.”

Got it.

Me, Lou, Eris-san, and the priests hopped on Gan-chan’s ship and returned to Marshe continent. Eris-san and her group will immediately go to their next destination. We promised to stay in contact. And I bid farewell to Gan-chan, ’till we meet again next time’.

I and Lu set up a tent along the coast. I watch the stars while staying wrapped up in the adult-sized Lu.

“How have you been, Lu?”

「I’m fine now. How was Sera?」

“I am fine too.”

Lu licks my cheeks.

“Today… Why and how did you appear at the Ascension Ritual?”

「Today’s ritual is the closest to what had been practised since the days of old. When one of us is returning to heaven, it is customary that the Four Heavenly Beasts come together and bear witness. However, it is quite rare to be able to draw the formation correctly like Lenza, and even rarer to find a Shrine Maiden at just the right time. Those conditions had not been met when I sent off my Old Man. He quietly departed, being sent off by only me.」

I wished I had seen Lu’s Old Man…

「Kirama has successfully passed on the knowledge to Lenza, who activated the summoning formation, so I was able to cross the sea and come to Sera. Summoning to a farewell ritual always takes priority over everything else. Kirama, after staying back for the past few years, she finally took off.」

“……No way! Did Ash foresee this and send me to Reagan Island back then?”

「It could be.」

“…Then, Tarl-sama?”

「He can’t be summoned since he isn’t sane right now. And this time, Sera played the role of Tarl, so the ritual was completed without a hitch. Kirama had set off beautifully. It was a good ritual.」

“…How had Lu spend his time?”

「I committed a <taboo>. I was punished because of that.」


「I attacked Tarl.」


「The Divine Beasts of the Four Heavens must respect each other, and we must absolutely not fight against each other. This is for the sake of maintaining the balance of the world. But I went against that.」

“Because of me… you were punished…?”

「Sera, it’s not because of Sera. Sera and I are one and the same. So attacking Sera is no different from attacking me. So I would naturally fight back. I have no regrets about that.」

“Perhaps, Ash too?”


“Ash was also punished because of me, and Ghilane was left alone for more than a year?”

Oh… what’s this?

I’m just… the God of Pestilence…

I let Lu and Ash get punished, and took away the only pillar for Ghilane.

“I am just… irredeemable…”

I buried my face in my knees.

「Sera, I knew that if I talked about this, Sera would be hurt. However, Sera is a reflection of me, so I cannot bend the truth. I, Ash, and Ghilane were all determined and decided to go with it. There’s no need for Sera to worry about the little things.」


「What if Sera were in our positions instead? What would Sera do if Isaac is in a desperate situation where I can’t help him?」

“I will go to help. No matter how mad Father would be because of that.”

「That’s how it is.」

“The punishment… was it harsh?”

「It’s about the same as what Sera had gone through. But it is now over thanks to Kirama’s ascension. The Goddess watched over the summoning, and this is how things turned out.」

“Wasn’t Tarl-sama punishment?”

「It won’t mean much if he doesn’t go on his own. If one day Tarl returns to sanity, he will run to the Goddess with a blue face.」

“Lu, are you hurt anywhere?”

「Not anymore. I had absorbed a lot of Sera’s magic power already!」

I am relieved, and I ended up giggling… I buried my face in Lu’s neck once again.

“Lu… You can’t go away anymore.”

「Sera… It will be the same as before. Do not worry. I will do my best.」

My body also greedily sucks in Lu’s presence which I have been lacking. My frustration disappears…

「Sera, there is a little something I wanna ask about?」

“What is it?”

I wonder what it could be. How much stronger have I become while he was away?

Why did I settle in Marshe? My way of life in Marshe?

My adventures with Miyu?

Ask me anything! I will answer as best I can!

「What is ‘Gold-nii-san’?」

“…Are you concerned about anything else?”

「What was up with that stumpy man?」

“Anything else?”

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