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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 8

Ye Zan picked up a herb and asked Liu Qian, “What’s the name of this herb?”

“Campanula grass,” LiuQian said casually, but immediately responded and asked, “What do you mean?”

Ye Zan put down the Campanula grass, then picked up the next leaf and asked, “Well, what’s this called?”

How insulting! Liu Qian clenched his fists and teeth tightly. He squeezed the words out of his teeth and said, “Don’t go too far!”

“Don’t say it if you don’t want to,” said Ye Zan, turning to Mo Ru and saying, “Brother Mo, you can also recognize these herbs, please tell me.

Although Mo Rushi is not good at making pills, it’s okay for him to identify herbs. In fact, most practitioners have a course after they start to learn how to identify various herbs, which can be said to be basic knowledge that practitioners must master.

With Mo Rushi’s help, ye Zan quickly identified the herbs and the names of the herbs. At the same time, in the database of the intelligent brain, a new herbal medicine catalog has been established to record all the information. However, there are only about 20 kinds of herbs. To enrich and improve the data, more data and information collection is needed.

When you come to a new world, it’s almost the same as a new planet. The most basic and important work is to collect and analyze the materials on the planet. Minerals, plants, and organisms, from their normal properties to their microscopic molecular and atomic structures, are all needed to be recorded and analyzed.

After recognizing the herbs, Ye Zan stood up and asked again, “Lead me to a quiet room.”

“This is the place of alchemy. Isn’t it quiet enough?” Liu Qian said with great dissatisfaction.

“I don’t make pills!” Ye Zan replied angrily.

“Over there.” Liu Qian raised his hand.

There is an inner room in the alchemy hall. It’s the place where Liu Qian rests. Generally, Liu Qian did not keep an eye on refining the pills all the time. Most of the things were done by his disciples. He only made a move when he finally condensed the pill.

“Brother Mo, help me to move these herbs in.” Ye Zan completely ignored Mo’s worries.

Mo Rushi was afraid that Ye Zan would have to run several times to move all the herbs to the room. He just shook the sleeves and put all the herbs into the sleeves. Then put them out in the room.

“Grand Uncle, is it really OK?” Liu Qian didn’t come in, so Mo Rushi asked Ye Zan in a low voice.

“Wait outside!” Ye Zan said rudely. He was fed up with it. He just wants to get some medicine by himself. Why do they doubt him?

After Mo Rushi went out, Ye Zan closed the door, he raised his hand and played with a wrist guard.

This wrist guard looks ordinary. It’s silver-white with dark patterns. It’s just a metal wrist guard in others’ eyes. However, the appearance is only a disguise. In fact, this wrist guard is the key that Chen Sinuo said, and it is the key to open the Ye family’s Secret Library in a different dimensional space.

With Ye Zan’s operation, a light was emitted from the wrist guard. In the open space in front of him, a whirlpool with a white light gate gradually rises.

When the light gate expanded to two meters by two meters, it stopped. Several crawler robots came out and carried all those herbs in. Ye Zan also followed the robot in and was concealed in the white light door.

After the light door, it was Ye Zan’s whole property. In the space, a row of huge containers are placed orderly, and various items are placed in different categories. In addition to military and civilian technology products, there are also various alloy materials, various rare plant samples, as well as strange biological gene bank and so on.

In the center of space, was a cold nuclear reactor, which is the basis of the existence of heterogeneous space. If there is no energy, this dimension space will collapse, and everything in it will be destroyed.

The cold nuclear reaction furnace is like a column, sticking in the center of the space, spreading silver lines forming a grid, making the space look like a cage made of silver wire.

Around the cold nuclear reactor, there are some large and small machines and equipment. The first is the intelligent brain mainframe, which is the top intelligent brain in the world of science and technology. It is named “singularity”. It has powerful computing power and has no trouble in simulating the big bang.

Around the intelligent brain mainframe, there are some laboratory testing equipments to circle a space that is similar to the laboratory. These devices, even in the technological world, are the most cutting-edge technological crystallization, and their price is enough to build a large-scale Starfleet.

Several robots are putting the herbs in one of them for scanning. On the display screen of the machine, there are images of various spectra or curves.

At the same time, the chip in Ye Zan’s head also connected with the main machine of the intelligent brain and transmitted the information of prescription to this machine.

Ye Zan immediately ordered the intelligent brain to start calculating, gathered and analyzed all kinds of information, and calculated the way to make the perfect refining agent.

So easy!

Just after the analysis of herbal samples over there, the method for preparation is given on the display screen of the brain computer.

Of course, this method refers to using scientific and technological equipment. For example, the extractor, the refiner, the chemical reaction furnace, and so on, as long as they operate according to the method, they can finally get the medicament. But here, Ye Zan almost doesn’t need to do anything. Just confirm the plan given by the intelligent brain. It’s all done by it.

Soon, in front of Ye Zan, a robot delivered the finished product. The transparent glass bottle contains more than ten crystal clear small pills, just like pomegranate seeds.

The pills were made by scientific and technological means, which removed a lot of impurities and was really absorbed herbal essence. In this world, if the quality of pills is judged by the number of impurities, these pills can undoubtedly be called the best.

Ye Zan looked at the pill in his hand and thought of the present situation of Yu Qing Sect. Although it is not a qualified backer, it is the place where he will live in the future. It is good for him to enhance his strength.

The alchemy pill is just the beginning. Ye Zan is quite confident in science and technology. Science and technology and Sendoh, if they are put together and make a comparison, it should be that both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you combine the two’s advantages, you can imagine what kind of effect it will have.

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