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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 81

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 81

Turning 16 years old

Hello everyone!

The snake is gone. I can no longer be 『The Wandering Snake Charmer』 without a snake. So I am now 『Everything Shop, Fio』, a girl!

After reuniting with Lu, I inquired about his growth during the absence, and returned to Marshe on his back. When I arrived at Yoko-san’s boarding house and guided him to the castle I had been living in, he told me that I couldn’t continue to live as a boy.

「You look like a very delicate boy! Since your hair had been well-groomed for such a long time, it will hardly convince anyone, instead, by cutting it short like this, you give off a friendly aura and everyone will be having an easier time approaching you, which is troublesome to deal with!」

Lu is saying all those things in rapid-fire mode……

I then told Yoko-san that I am actually a girl! When I went to confess to her, she stared at me like I am a pitiful child. Why is that!?

“Yoko-san, should I apologize to our regular patrons for deceiving them all this time?”

“No… You don’t need to do anything… I think…? By the way, where is the Silver Snake-chan?”

“She went on a training trip!”

“Eeeh! Alone… on it’s own? Fio-chan is surprisingly Spartan.”

The Spartan one is Miyu!

Anyway, I went to the old castle to thank Prime Minister Tabuchi-san for setting up the meeting with Saintess Eris.

“Aah! Western Beast-sama of the Four heavens! I am the sole person responsible for the unforgivable sin of hurting the the last time. Please forgive the country and punish me! Please! I beg you! May I be the only one receiving your wrath!!!”

Tabuchi rubs his forehead on the floor in dogeza.

「?? Sera, excuse me, for I don’t get what’s going on.」

“Pardon me, Tabuchi-san. This child had forgotten about it so you don’t have to worry anymore. Cheer up, I’m gonna make cake todayー!”


“…The fact that I turned my blade to the , who is the other half of the great one, has been forgotten… Instead of punishing me by any means… I had been told to focus on the reconstruction of Marshe… This is… How Merciful……”

Why are my Mofumofu and the Uncle-dude crying?

I sliced a cheesecake and served green tea.

Lu eats it with blood-red eyes. It’s a little scary.

“The Island God-sama of Reagan Island and Saintess-sama performed the ritual, everything went well, and the God-sama had ascended to heaven safely. It’s all thanks to Tabuchi-san for helping me meet Saintess-sama. Thank you very much!”

“I am glad to have been of help. And, I am glad for Serafiona-sama, Western Beast-sama has returned. Your face had been gloomy and becoming leaner recently.”

I have been having such looks on my face? I simply make a wry smile.

“I will still be troubling you with the affairs of Marshe’s restoration for a while. I look forward to working with you.”

「Thank you for having been showing fidelity to Sera and Miyu in my absence.」

“Western Beast-sama!! I am ashamed that I can’t show you more hospitality, but I would like to keep associating with you for a long time.”

“Lu, Tabuchi-san can also see you!”

「Whaa! Geho, gehogeho, gehogehogeho………」

Apparently, the cake got into the wrong pipe. Sigh~.


“Hey Lu, some other day, we will have to collide with His Highness Schneider once again, right?”

「Well, it’s inevitable.」

“I think His Highness Schneider’s weakness is still fire.”

Roses on ice, I think burning them is the best way.

But surely, His Highness will be making improvements too.

“I have been working hard to increase my power and strengthen my body. I have also had Miyu help me train my water magic. I would like to strengthen my fire magic next.”

「Hmm… To be honest, regarding fire magic, Sera and I are already on par with each other, so I don’t think I can particularly teach you anything. Should I make the call?」

“It can’t be Ash. Leaving Ghilane’s side is no good.”

「In that case, try to remember my hot desert sand. If you raise the temperature even more, most things will melt.」

“Yes, I’ll do that!”

Lu gave me instructions about the hot desert sand on a coast which is hardly visited by anyone. I received his magic power which increased my affinity with sand. Hurry for doping!

「Sand moves more freely than soil. Instead of having the image of a solid substance like soil, train your senses to manipulate each grain.」

The sand on the shore gathers at my fingertips thanks to Lu’s instruction.

「Gather them! Okay! Next, raise the wind and sprinkle them! Great! Next, compress them with water. Perfect! Alright, repeat this 100 times!」


「Sera is becoming more and more splendid! But what should I do when my Sera keeps getting dirty with my attribute? Oh! It’s messy! Let’s start over! Be clean first! Right! You’re beautiful again now!」

I somehow feel like I would take some time to be more like a girl once again? Well, I cross-dressed as a boy until a while ago after all!

“Lu, so what should I do on a land without sand?”

「There is almost no land without sand. Digging some dozens of meters into any ground will lead to sand. Don’t worry. And hey, let’s end it today by sunset!」


After I could control the sand well, I started the training to imbue each grain with high temperature. And as the days passed with me training and receiving requests for my everything shop, the days itself are also getting shorter and shorter, the winds are becoming colder, winter came, then it’s new year.

I finally turned 16.

At the age of 16, I finally reached 160cm in height! There might be a slight error in the measurement, but nobody seems to care! So I rounded it up! I have now surpassed my height in my previous life!

It’s just that… everybody in this world seems to be very tall. Even though Eria-nee-san is also a girl, she is one head taller.

Mou… I gave up already. I am gonna brood over it all day today! I am a Chibi! Ehee~!

My hair has regrown over the last six months and is now touching my shoulders. I asked Yoko-san to help me trim it with scissors… I looked so much like a 『Reiko Statue』 from my previous life… I can’t help but cry. My learning priority has changed: Learn to do a shaggy haircut before learning !

16 years old, 16 years old. It is the marriageable age in my previous life.
(T/N: Marriageable age in Japan is 16 for girls and 18 for boys WITH PARENTS’ CONSENT. Otherwise it is 20 for both genders.)

Marriage, huh?

It’s something that has nothing to do with me.

A/N: Long time no see. Please take care of me in future.

Sera and Lu could start a new and happy life together.

T/N: So, is Ghilane gonna come for Sera? The promised “turning 16 years old” have come after all~

Stay safe everyone.

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