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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 82

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 82

It’s my birthday

My birthday came last year was when I just settled down with Miyu in Marshe, and I didn’t really have the time to think of what I should do that day.

This year on the other hand… I have been in the kitchen since morning.

「Sera, over here, sprinkle more powdered sugar over here!」


I have been busy making a two-tiered chocolate cake. Let me clarify it! It’s my birthday! Not Lu’s birthday!

“Fio-chan, are you planning to eat that grand wedding cake alone?”

I am not having a wedding, ever!

Sigh! Once again, Yoko-san is looking at me with pity in her eyes! Ah! Is that it? Yoko-san could see Miyu but not Lu! So she’s probably taking me for a loner who is planning to celebrate something all alone!

I feel exhausted, and returned to my room with the in-extremely-high-spirits Lu.

「Alrighty now! Sera! Happy Birthday!!!」


Lu dives into the cake without waiting for my response.

“Lu, is it delicious?”


“Can you breathe?”


Well, I am happy enough celebrating my birthday with Lu.

I drank tea with that realisation in my mind.

Then, I take out the letter I received earlier from Eris-nee-san and read it. Eris-san’s <messenger magic> flew over with the noble form of Kirama-sama.

『Serafi, happy birthday

The other day, I returned to Judor for the first time in a long while and visited Elsa-sama.

Elsa-sama was relieved when I told her that Serafi is doing fine in Marshe, and that you have reunited with Sacred Beast-sama. The message will definitely be passed on to your father as well.

I also recount what happened that day Serafi had to flee and where you went to after that to Kodak-sensei.

In the future, Elsa-sama will not contact Serafi directly since that can cause us to end up not knowing where Serafi is once again.

Everyone is aware of the connection between me and Elsa-sama, the fact that I visit the Trundle House is not strange at all.

However, the relationship between me and Serafi is not a secret, and as the Saintess, the fact that I am moving all around the world is well known.

So although they would not be aware of the fact that I am in contact with Serafi, it is impossible for me to directly meet Eral Granzeus.

That said, I can still inform Elsa-sama if you have anything you wanted to make a report on.

Serafi, may the coming year be a blessing for you.

From your lifelong friend, Saintess Eris』

“She’s calling herself Saintess!”

I folded the letter, and recalled my birthday as a child, back at Granzeus territory.

It was snowing outside, I was on my Father’s lap, there were Grandmother, Enrique, and Martha too. Matsuki is feeding me the cake he prepared as I was watching a magic show which is a present from my Older Brother. There was a snowman singing and dancing, and it eventually became ice and it jumped into my mouth. I danced the waltz with Older Brother, and the colour of my dress would change as he turned me around.

Everyone was so nice to me! I hugged them as I said my thanks…

Aah… I only have memories of happy times back then…

Will my feelings of gratitude reach the distant Judor?


A nostalgic magic power suddenly fills the room!

The small room I am in is filled with light.


「…What is this unsightly beast…?」

Serafiona's 16 birthday with Lu and Ash

[image: Sera: Lu, can you breathe?

Lu: …………

Ash: …What is this unsightly beast…?]

A very strong language, I see! Yes, it’s definitely the one I have in mind!

I hug Ash, ignoring the wriggling Lu.

“Ash! Ash! Long time no see!”

「Sera… I wanted to see you.」

“Me too… wuuu, we finally met…”

How shameful of me… I feel like I am only crying recently.

I inhaled the warm scent of Ash.

I serve one ice cream from my magic room <frozen> ― vanilla-chocolate marbre. I had made this in anticipation for when I met Ash in future.

「Sera, you’re serving ice in this cold winter weather!?」

That’s right, I do. I did the same when I was a student.

Ash turns mofu-sized and eats it happily.

“Ash, I heard that you received divine punishment because of me. I’m very sorry!”

「Shouldn’t you already have this exact discussion with Lu already? What did you say to him?」

“Ash… Thank you very much, I love you”

「That right.」

「Hey, aren’t you ignoring me way too much!?」

Lu has finally returned to sanity from his craze for the Cake Utopia.

“Ash, was Ghilane angry this time for having you part from him?”

「He is not angry about that. Far from it, he regretted not being able to save Sera right away.」

“Tell him that I’m okay now, and that I’m very thankful. There were many moments when his wind magic helped me.”

By the way, it disappeared after Lu returned.

「I guess it was withdrawn because Sera’s mind has regained its peace.」

Ghilane, such a delicate spell doesn’t suit his scary face at all.

“Do you know the current state of Judor?”

「Ghilane’s <messenger magic> is rough so I only have information from when I flew there once, but… Sera’s father had deep wrinkles in his forehead. He couldn’t hear me, but he asked questions and I replied by nodding or shaking my head… He cried.」

Aah… Father… I’m very sorry…

「Sera, I know Isaac well. You will definitely see each other once again someday.」

Lu is patting my head.

「And as always, the cake in Granzeus was as delicious as ever!」

「Ash! How dare you!!!」

Please return, my serious mood!

「By the way, happy birthday.」

「Hey, did you came here today for only that?」

“Thank you very much, Ash!”

Ash hops on my knee and kisses my forehead. Then slowly and steadily… Warmth, like those from a hot spring, got transmitted to me… reaching down to my fingertips.

It’s magic power!

“Ash! Is it alright to give me magic power?”

「It’s fine since we are friends. And it’s also my present. It will also make it easier to find Sera.」

「Oi, is it alright for you to give your magic power to others like that when you are under <subjection>…? Haa, if the one given is Sera, Ghilane will allow it anyway, right?」

「Also, isn’t the balance between Lu and Miyu’s magic power bad anyway?」

No, I think the magic power from three Sacred Beasts is already too much before that!

「Ash, you simply don’t want to be left out, right?」

「No Comment.」

「By chance, are you coming to pick Sera up since she turned 16?」

Lu raises one of his brows.

「What good would a man be if he doesn’t come to pick up his bride himself? Ghilane will come in a way and timing befitting fo Ghilane.」

“Wait? Ghilane is still set on… still set on marrying me?”

It has been two years since we last met. Two years… It’s not a short time.

The situation has already changed so much. And, I personally don’t think it would be worth his while to go after a girl who is in hiding, one who doesn’t even know if she would be alive after the next few years on top of that.

「Sera, no matter how you put it, Ghilane is the pitiful one.」

“Even so…”

In the previous life… I was engaged to Prince Gardner. Then I got abandoned by the one who said that he would take care of me after just 10 years following our engagement. My fleeting love was completely crushed underfoot.

I may be a woman, but I realized that I didn’t have what it takes to be one.

Aren’t there men who seem to be quite interested in me this time? I have that thought sometimes.

But surely, I won’t be the one chosen at the end.

I will be given a cold gaze in the end, and it would happen as easily as them turning their palms upside down.

Because I can never be loved as a woman.

Each time, I laugh at myself, my heart trembles.

I’ve sworn allegiance to Ghilane, but I haven’t even worked towards that at all. And I’m careful to not misunderstand Ghilane’s feelings for me, we are just allies.

That way, even when I’m betrayed, the wounds I received should be shallow.

I want my only benefactor Ghilane to remain a benefactor.

Lover, fiancé, marriage, I once dreamed of those and was betrayed, but I will die this time without receiving the same condemnation.

「Can’t you believe in Ghilane?」

“…I can’t believe in love.”

The things that had accumulated were meaningless, and so simply, his heart changed, and I was hated.

「Can’t you believe in Ghilane?」

I gave a little thought and nodded lightly.

「Hehe, that’s enough. Ghilane is similar to you. I hope you will spend the rest of your days together.」

Ash smiled, promised to return, and flew away.

My heart suddenly felt lost, and I clung to Lu.

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