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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 1

  1. Prologue

“Ho-how many demons are there?”
The armoured man was astonished by what he saw.
The knights of the Garudia Kingdom who were sent to the Woolvashe Wetlands were all bewildered.

The report came about large demons being sighted in the wetlands came out about a week ago.
Of course, the knights were sent there immediately.

The Woolvashe Wetlands are not that far away from the kingdom.
You could say the response was quick. But the situation overthere exeeded the swift actions.
The demons were like insects, capable of creating an army in very little time due to their repoductive powers.
The Wetlands proved to be working in the favour of the insect like creatures.
For though their bodies were like armour, they could easily stride through the lands.
Each and every one of them larger than a human. There were hundreds- no, thousands of them walking about.

“With our current military force we could never… We must contact the commanding offic-
“That won’t be necessary”
“Hmm! But you are..”

A young boy spoke out to the man in armour.
With a cute face like that of a girl, he didn’t fit this place at all.
His hair was black hair, a somewhat rare sight for this area, and had eyes just the same colour.
However, the boy donned the same kind of armour the man was wearing.
Compared to the man, he seemed lighter, and had a sword hanging from his waist.
He too was a knight.

“First Class Officer, Alta Schweiss. What do you mean by, won’t be necessary”
“The reason I was called to these Wetlands was to exterminate the demons.”
“Well, the same goes for me. But, no matter how many of you there are..”
“If you’re going to talk about whether I can or can’t do it- the answer is: I can. If this is all of them, that is.”

Alta answered the man, and as soon as the man stopped talking, he dashed out.

On the battlefield, whether you can act before another might decide your fate.
In this case, fighting was innevitable, so someone had to make the first move.
The moment the man responded to Alta’s movement, the demons of the Wetlands were already in his attack range.
Alta drew his sword.
“Shin—” Without even shaking, the boy’s attack echoed around him.
It wasn’t a strong attack, it sounded like a gust of wind sweeping over the land.
One of the demons fell to the ground. The surrounding demons noticed this as well.
But the moment they noticed, they got split into two, one after another.

“A-amazing! So that is Alta Schweiss, the youngest in the kingdom who is on par with the Sacred Sword…!
As he looks at the demons getting defeated one after another, the man too takes to action.
The other knights too, looked onto the peerless warrior, and their morale was raised.

“Ah, the others have moved too it seems. It won’t take long before its over.
I really would like to go home and rest, actually.”

Unlike the voices of the knights who would fight for their lives, Alta’s voice reached no one, as it got
neutralized by the battle’s onslaught.

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