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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 39

Making friends

Everyone went to their seats as the chime rang. After a while, the door opened vigorously. The homeroom teacher will be coming in.


The already familiar scar on his face… Red-haired… Sanpaku eyes… someone that will make you gulp unconsciously, stood. The students turned pale on seeing his brutal-looking face.

“That red-hair… the scar from a struggle against a Junk Bear… Trundle’s Red Demon!”

Nick said that and then opened his mouth wide.

Kodak-san, you have an excellent alias, the Red Demon. The Black-eyed Fairy feels hazy!

“Eh, I am Kodak, your homeroom teacher. I used to work as the fieldwork instructor for the fourth graders, but this year, I’ve been assigned to a homeroom job. I have been in the service of the military for 4 years, and 6 years in school. My plate is gold. Any questions? “

I see, Kodak-san is in-charge of Class A despite not coming to the entrance examination, which should be because the exam was supervised by those with ranks higher than A-rank. Just like how the examiners were S-ranked Sieg-old-man and Grandmother when Older Brother was tested for a rank-up. His unpredictable shuriken attacks resulted in him moving up his rank with the approval of both Sieg-old-man and Grandmother, just because he lasted till the end of the test.

The bloody looking Kodak-san raises everyone’s tension without mercy. It’s an auspicious occasion. Wow!

That thought came to mind and I smiled and winked at Kodak-sensei. Sensei turned red and covered his face with one hand and the other on the table. He’s getting nervous since he is not used to teaching?

“Do you know each other?”

“Yeah, drinking buddies.”

I am good at secretly adding sake to my drink thanks to my experiences from my previous life. When Kodak-san gets drunk and becomes too wild, Gilbert-san will get mad at him for turning into a good for nothing.

“It’s like that after all… as expected of Trundle…”

Nick nodded as if he is convinced about something.

“Haa… well then, I’ll introduce you to your routine, effective from tomorrow onwards!”

School is 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Practical classes are not limited to just upperclass students.

Lessons are half compulsory and half optional. Classroom study of general education and operations, planning, and education methods of becoming a military officer in the future, are almost compulsory, and we will learn with the other students in this class.

In martial arts, you must choose the one that suits your characteristics and full mastery in them is required before graduation.

“Finally, this is not a school where you can sweetly kill time. The country’s money and people’s taxes cover the costs of your education. If you don’t like that, you can leave. Get it? So, today, you need to organize your luggages in the dorm and sleep. That’s all.”

Wow. That was a wonderful muscle brain-ed speech! As you said, I’ll try to make myself comfortable in the dormitory. When I stood up with that in mind,

“Selefione, Alma, stay for a little longer!”

An immediate instruction to stay back from the teacher! I’m shocked!

I look at Nick’s back as he is leaving… and only me and one other person are left in the classroom, Alma.

I looked up at Alma-san. Huge! 180 centimeters? On the other hand… I am 150 centimeters tall.

I move my eyes up to see her short hair and caramel-colored eyes and…. her big boobs! I-It’s not like I’m envious! After all, even if they get a little bigger, you know… Eh! Boobs?

“Alma-san, you’re a girl?”

Alma-san looked down on me, quite literally, from above and nodded.

“Arm― wrestling―. Oi, both of you, wrestle for a little.”

Arm-wrestling is the staple of drunkards’ fighting.

So, why? Eh? Alma-san is glaring at me???

“Well, do your best. Both are right-handed. All right. Ready― Go!”


Of course, it’s an insta-kill.

“Wai, wait a minute…”

Oh, I heard Alma-san’s voice for the first time. She’s also 13 years old, right? Why is her voice so Sexy?

“Alma, one more time?”


“Serafiona, you’ll both go again.”

Ah, whatever. I silently put my arm out.

“Ready― Go!”


Another insta-kill, what?

Alma-san dumbfoundedly stares at me.

“Do you see, Alma? Serafiona was not fraudulently enrolled, neither was she chosen as the representative that way. Men, women, regardless of being freshmen, strength cannot be faked. By the way, Serafiona is a silver plate in Trundle gulid. Trundle does not give favours to anyone. A good example of that is on how the head has a wooden plate.”


Alma-san falls silent.

“Conversely, it’s also possible that even a woman could be the number one there. Don’t be obsessed with her just because she’s a girl! Don’t let her gender make you assume there was some manipulation.”

Alma-san is… tearing up.

“There are only 2 girls among the freshers this year, the two of you. Spend the next 4 years together, harmoniously!”

One big big female classmate is biting her lips and spilled only a drop of her tears… She definitely is a 13-year-old girl.

This arafō Oba-chan can’t be silent! I took Alma-san’s hands.

“Alma-chan, best regards! On the day off, let’s all eat out together and buy sweets, harvest honey from the forest, and go on a stashed-wolves subjugation!”

Alma-chan couldn’t match my eyes, but she nodded a little.

“Young Ladies… the last one wasn’t a girlish thing at all. Well, never mind. I’ll guide you to the women’s toilet and changing room. Follow me―.”



After having guided us throughout the school, then lastly to the equipment department, Alma-chan ran off with a bow.

“Kodak-san, I’m sure my Grandmother somehow pushed you to be my homeroom teacher, right? Somehow… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t mind it, Young Lady. It’s true that I received a request from the Lord. But I’m almost 30 already, so I have to learn to work at the desk. I don’t think I can enjoy myself outside all the time.”

“But, somehow, Kodak-san became a teacher, huh? You’ve always been looking after me, whether casually or not, since we got to know each other. And when You finally entered the classroom, ‘I’ve been had’ I thought to myself.”

“And what is ‘I’ve been had’?”

(TN: I totally don’t get why he asked this)

“Well, what about Alma-chan?”

“My guess is, she grew up in a male chauvinist family, and desperately trained to get admitted to a Knight School to be recognized. Meanwhile, a frail girl who seemed to be admitted through her family’s connection was laughing and sneering. And instantly, she became her enemy. Well, her treatment towards the boys is similar. I was relieved that there were only two girls, and decided that it was better to get rid of the misunderstanding before things go out of hand.”

“A frail girl? Me? Alma-chan was more girly than me! Her boobs are also huge!!”

“I can’t deny that.”


I kicked my teacher’s shin.

“Oou― ……But, well, Young Lady is the daughter of Granzeus and without the Magical・Talents・Of・Granzeus. So, I can understand that she was prejudiced when she saw you as a frail girl. However, your skill is the real thing and she becomes quiet immediately.”


Kodak-sensei sent me to the dormitory.

“Thank you teacher! Best regards from tomorrow onwards.”

I said so and bowed with a -pekori-, and waved my hand and ran towards the entrance of the dormitory.

“About changing jobs… it’s a cheap price to pay… as long as our Hime can be safe, it’s all good…”

His whispers were too small to reach me.

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