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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 48

Trying out a ‘Secret Special Training(?)’

“Nice to meet you! I’m Eris, Knights School, 4th year!”

“Nice to meet you. Also 4th year at Knights School. I’m Sasara.”

“N-n-nice to meet you! I’m, Alma! 1st year.”

“Fufufu, nice to meet you. Welcome to my Trundle Residence. I’m Elsa Trundle. Serafiona has always been in your care.”

On a certain holiday towards the end of fall, Grandmother suddenly summoned me. ‘Bring all of your female friends who had always been taking care of you for a tea party!’ She said. But unlike me who has Mofumofu, Trundle is very far for everyone else. And besides that, Sasara-san goes to the orphanage every weekend and is busy taking care of her sister and brother. When I told the story to Grandmother, she went to the Trundle Residence in the royal capital.

It seems Grandmother lived almost all the time here when my late Grandfather worked in the Royal Castle, but now she is busy with her territory and this house is rarely used.

There are swords and spears used by the ancestors here and there, which gives a completely different image from Granzeus Residence.

Grandmother gives a cheerful smile at my friends.

“Grandmother? If the greetings are over, can we have the appetizers at the guest room?”

“First, let me ask you Serafiona, are you all usually in uniforms all the time?”

Grandmother seems to not like the fact that they are in school-uniforms.

The other 3 girls stare at me. No, I am included in her question as well! Or rather, this topic, I don’t know that it is a mine when talking to Grandmother! Even Seniors don’t know about it, don’t give me such disapproving looks!

“I’m sorry for my junior’s…… Deploredness.”

-pan- -pan- Grandmother claps her hands. Then, maids suddenly appeared. But from their movements… They’re not just maids.

“I don’t have time. Start the operation! Get to work!”

“What, what!”



The three were taken away without being able to raise any resistance.



Are the three returning to the guest room getting ready to attend a royal party? They are dressed and adorned to the MAX.

First, Eris-san. A simple dress with a dark-blue mermaid-line and silver high-heels. Her neck and ears are adorned with sapphire, and only a part of her jet-black hair is tied to the top of her head, while the rest is let down to her chest after being straightened.

Next, Sasara-san. She has a gorgeous crimson dress and high-heels of the same color. Her curly blond hair is nicely woven, with bare ears and her neck adorning shiny ruby.

And lastly, Alma-chan. Wearing Grandmother’s favorite monotone dress. Her top is white while her bottom is black A-line skirt. It’s very simple… But there are laces everywhere! With black high-heels and matching emerald accessories on her hairpin!

Beauties with different styles are on stage with makeup on! Not only are they sweet-looking, but also dignified.

“Amazing! Great! You three look so fabulous!”

The three check out what they are wearing in bewilderment.

“What is, what…”

“I can’t pay for them, I might get them dirty!”

“Such beautiful clothes… It’s the first time…”

-pan- -pan-!

Grandmother strikes her hand with a fan and draws their attention.

“Do you enjoy yourselves? I don’t know if you like or dislike those attires. But they are the one that looks the best on you as per my imagination. How to tie your hair, how to put make-up on, how to attach the accessories, have you properly mastered them?”


“Alright, this is a so-called woman’s battle dress. Eris, can you attend a party with your armor if you’re the escort of a Princess?”


“When you have to go to a ball in a neighboring country to secretly dig up information, Sasara, can you do that in military uniform?”


“When you have to sneak into enemy territory as a couple, can Alma do so in a dress?”


“That’s right. To be a knight, a woman must be able to do the same thing as a man, and also be perfect in what only a woman can do. The role of a man can be done by a man. But if you can play the role of both, your value as a woman will increase.”

That was it. And now that I think about it, I am trained to hunt and fight with dresses on, as well as performing special training in stealth costumes, from an early age. Taking out daggers and shurikens from dresses makes me feel like I’m in a spy movie, and I found it fun. Oh, but, when I fell into a lake, I sunk due to the weight of the dress, ready to be reincarnated into another world… Lu would fetch me.

“Then, let’s go out to the yard. Choose an armor large enough to hide your dresses. One-on-one, 15 minutes, in 2 pairs. Ah, Serafi is also included. I’ll set the timer to 0! Now, start!”



“Elsa-sama…… Imposing…”


“Okay, okay. Next, serve me a cup of tea gracefully after a break… Hey! Don’t walk around on your knees! Have your backs straight! Ah, it’s overflowing! Focus on your hands, it’s too crude! Does the heat concern you?”

“Tea leaves… This much?”


“Elsa-sama…… Superb…”


“I’m going to have you drink two cups of tea from now on. One cup is poisoned. So, which one? Oh, it’s okay. Even if you drink the poison, you simply would be paralized tomorrow. And there is the bonus of becoming more resistant to it. You can do more sneaky operations that way.”

“That’s dangerous…… I’m getting dizzy…”


“Tea made by Elsa-sama…… -goku- -goku- -goku-!”

(TN: onomatopoeia of gulping)

What? I used to get sick every time I drank Grandmother’s tea.

「Umm, Sera, there are nine types of poisons in the cellar. I did not stop you then because it was not an amount enough to kill you.」

That was definitely something you should put a stop to!


“Everyone has gone all the way. Yes, please show a natural smile. If you can’t do that, I won’t let you return.”

“Ni, ni, nico?”

(TN: nico = smile)


“Oo, eee!”

“Do you think you can deceive your enemies or allies when your faces are twitching like that? Once again! Be mysterious! Yes!”


“I, ihi?”

“Oo, eee!”

“That won’t do! Run around the outer circumference 10 times.”




「Sera… Is it really so hard to be a female knight?」

“I don’t know because I want to be an adventurer…”

“Seniors, Alma-chan, Thank you for your hard work.”

I serve the tea Grandmother prepared, with cookies to the three, whose souls have completely left their bodies.

“It’s okay, I already tasted them for poison!”

“I-is that so?”

Eris-san speaks as if she is completely frightened.

“Everyone is good? You’ll return here once every month to have a review about today. You’ll keep doing it until I’m satisfied. That’s the final decision. That sounds good.”


“Eris and Sasara, you will stay here even after graduation for a while. Then, you will visit the Marcus firm in the center of the royal capital for a mission. We will provide the dresses and jewelries you need. There was Madam Marcus among those that got you ready today. She already knows your faces, so don’t worry about suddenly going there.”

“But, but… Even if I have the money to go to Marcus Firm…… My status…”

Sasara-san looks down and sits still.

Marcus Farm is at the forefront of Judor fashion. And the price is also at the forefront. They run a super-luxury store that always needs reservations and refuses to see just anyone. It’s definitely a high hurdle for her.

“Well, my Kouhai should not be concerned about such things! Let me think about how much I and Selefione made for Marcus. The monotone dresses, the one-piece dresses, tops and bottoms, pajamas, they are all our ideas. Just leave it to me. A woman’s dress is her combat suit. You don’t have to be frugal about it.”

“But! I cannot be receiving alms!”

“Give the money you received from the dresses to the orphanage, and do a job well beyond their expectations, becoming the hope of your little sisters and brothers!”


“Eris! You will live in the closed space of the temple in the future, but if you are not familiar with the world, and you are not sensitive, you will not be able to understand the worries of the believers. Use my name and leave the mountain once every month.”


I tell Grandmother only what I have heard from Sasara-san, Eris-san, and Alma-chan. But Grandmother, did you check their background without permission?

…Well, I can’t take a stance against her though? And the result is, all three of them being under Grandmother’s watch.

“Such… Beautiful things… I can wear it…”

Alma softly mumbled.

“Wear beautiful things, keep your back straight, and fight! That’s my order. It would be a good excuse for you to say that. Youths need to be in conflicts… fufufu.”

Grandmother gracefully hides her mouth with a fan.

“The events of this tea ceremony today should not be shared with anyone. If a woman doesn’t have one or two secrets, she can’t be completely beautiful, right?”

I just remembered that we are here in the first place because of an invitation to a tea party today.

But what happened is no different from the special training of hell.


Grandmother did one more thing as we are returning to the dormitory.

“All three of you, everyone will know at a glance who is behind you if you have these.”

Saying that, she handed hair ornaments of white gold with precious stones to each of the three.


“Thank you… Very very much!”

“This is the first time I’ve received something glittering like this……”

“Lu, those are”

「Yeah, there’s a small amount of fluid inside.」

As soon as we return to the dormitory, I must give a lecture on those hair ornaments to <Team Elsa>…

Before they… End up dead…

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