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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 94

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 94

Reuniting with Older Brother

The children resumed their rope jumping.

Arthur came running and froze at the sight of me crying while embracing my Older Brother. I told him in a muffled voice of my brother’s identity. Arthur makes a quick glance at Older Brother’s face and nods.

We sat back down on the previous bench.

The course of events was like this, when I used <messenger magic> in front of the children, Lu mixed in the letter to Older Brother that I couldn’t send before. When did he get a hold of it?

“Lu-sama, I am sincerely grateful to be in your sacred presence for the first time in a long while. And, thank you very much for your consideration this time…… Had Lu-sama not made his move, I won’t have been able to meet Serafiona for a while longer. I am very grateful, thank you very much.”

「Hmm. Lalouza… You have gotten a lot stronger.」

Lu pats Older Brother’s head. The latter broke out into a smile!

I look up once again at Older Brother, still seated on his knees.

I can tell at a glance that Older Brother had powered up a lot. And how far has he developed his <high-speed movement> magic? And for some reason, or that he has no intention to hide it, he is releasing an unprecedented amount of magic power. This guy here is the next Earl of Granzeus, a demon who cannot be pushed back or pushed around by anyone. He is wearing the white shirt and black pants that we had been when working on back in the territory. His facial hair was shaved, but his hair had grown quite long, and they are tied together with…… my black ribbon?

“I knew that Serafiona had entered Galle, but I didn’t intend to be coming unless Serafiona was ready to greet me herself. I don’t want to cause any trouble for Serafiona. And I can’t pinpoint Serafiona’s location… But I can hug Serafiona without worry now.”

He held me from behind and squeezed my cheeks. I’m a bit embarrassed doing this after such a long time… but I’m very happy.

“Older Brother, isn’t there any trouble with coming over this time? Do I not just inconvenience you.”

“What an idiotic… Serafiona, sorry, I’m sorry. I wasn’t able to protect Serafiona at the crucial moment… Even though that day… I swore to Mother!!”

“No! It is I who is sorry! I must have worried you a lot! Older Brother, will you really really be okay? You came to Galle without permission after all. Ah, no, that’s besides the point. I raised my blade against a member of the royal family, then ran away. I must have caused a lot of inconvenience to you.”

“Serafiona! For me and Father, and all of our people in our territory, there is no possibility of living in peace when you yourself are facing so much misery.”

Father… and the people in the northern territories, I’m really proud of you…

“It’s okay, there is no one following me. You know I’m good at smuggling myself over to other countries, right?”

Older Brother winks at me. Saying it so simply to not worry me.

“Older Brother, ah, um, after I was gone…”

In the middle of our talks, I saw a huge whirlpool of wind heading over.

Ghilane and Ash with its wings spread wide appeared from the whirlpool of wind.

“…Granzeus… I see…”

Ghilane looks openly relieved. How rare of him.

Older Brother puts me aside and kneels on the ground.

“Ash-sama, I’m glad to see you after a long while. Thank you, Emperor, for protecting my beloved sister. Thanks to you both of you, I’m able to see Serafiona once again.”

「Fufu, Lalouza, I glad to meet you too.」

Older Brother looks a bit more tense when I interpret for him. Well, Ash is different from Lu whom he grew up with after all.

“…What I had done for Sera isn’t enough to warrant me such gratitude… There must have been a lot of things you wanted to talk about. So let’s change places.”

Everyone gathered in my temporary residence in the palace.

By the way, this part of the palace has been known as 『The Temple of Darkness』, or『The Palace of the Festival Eve Vigil』 recently. It’s very dark and dim here… I can’t see properly at all, so I wonder if it would look strange to Older Brother?

Maintaining the defense spells that are already there as is, we used <soundproofing> and <night-vision> spells inside. Then, Ghilane and Ash sat in the upper seat, while Older Brother, Lu, and I sat facing each other. I feel a little nervous serving Older Brother tea for the first time after such a long time.

“Serafiona, Grandmother have shared a bit of the story the Saintess delivered.”

Listening to Older Brother’s story, I could roughly grasp what was going on.

“However… Why did Lu-sama, Ash-sama, and Serafiona band together, and how was the First Prince involved? Ash-sama, Lu-sama, please forgive me if I am stepping beyond my bounds.”

Glancing at Lu, he nods to me.

“Older Brother, His Majesty Schneider has the Northern Beast-sama of the Four Heavens, Tarl-sama, under <subjection>. However, unlike with His Majesty and Ash, Tarl-sama has his ego wiped away.”

Older Brother looks towards the sky.

“……The Beast-sama of the Four Heavens is out of control…”

“It’s not just that, His Highness was very strong, and I was very weak.”


“Older Brother, please tell us about your side. What happened to you, Father and Grandmother after I left?”

“Well… I was informed by Trundle the same day that Serafiona was attacked by His Highness Prince Schneider at the Knights School and disappeared. I immediately joined up with Father.
 Afterwards, since Serafiona’s whereabouts remain unknown, Father concluded that an emergency had occurred and, as it had already been discussed, Serafiona had went to hiding herself.”

The beginning of all these turbulous events starts popping up in my head.

“Father immediately attacked the Knights School, emphasizing that it was Serafiona who was attacked first. Moreover, he demanded that Serafiona be returned immediately, adding that it obviously had something to do with the magical powers of the Granzeus.
 Also, the school has to take responsibility for all of its students as long as they are under its care. Even if a scandal does break out due to the immaturish acts of the students against a member of the royal family, it is the fault of the school for their poor supervision, and they should never allow acts like minors being hurt by outsiders. Not to mention, it was a case of a student missing this time. It doesn’t matter if Serafiona is stronger than a teacher or two at school. Serafiona is still just one of the weakest students.”

Older Brother stares at my eyes and continues after confirming that I have his attention.

“The school says that Serafiona suddenly went missing. That they don’t know what happened. But Father had found witnesses that said His Highness Prince Schneider and His Excellency Avenger suddenly drew their sword. The Principal then went to check the situation with Avenger, but you were already missing.
 And as for His Highness, It was confirmed that he had indeed sneaked into the school and returned to the palace the same day. Things only had to be confirmed with Serafiona now.”

What more is there to confirm…?

“His Highness Schneider would have fought back had he been denounced by Sera, and had her exiled for the offense, which would also lead to a fight breaking out with Serafiona and Lu, which won’t leave him completely intact, which could blow out of proportions and even lead to an all-out civil-war.
 By the way, I returned to our territory to protect the people until things settled down. I am still in the territory right now by the way. I also shared our defensive forces with Father who is in the royal capital.”

Older Brother stopped going around traveling…

“And to this day, His Highness Schneider is silent on the matter of the Granzeus. It seems like he is just waiting for the situation to calm down without bothering to spare any thoughts about it.
 The Knights School failed to make a satisfactory response to having one of its students missing under a lieutenant’s watch, and Serafiona’s registration remains untouched. But no door can close a person’s mouth shut. The fact that Serafiona was attacked by the Prince and a lieutenant, and that a magician and a student were in a chase at that time spread quickly. Meanwhile, Father, Earl Granzeus, became a father who had lost his daughter in a ‘safe’ school. The impression of the Granzeus throughout the country is that they are wholly a victim. Letters of sympathy had arrived even from the Duke family. The currently existing public opinion won’t easily be overturned anymore. After all, everything is true. It’s also persuasive. That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the Granzeus for the time being.”

Father skilfully put public opinion on his side. The Finance Minister, who had mercilessly taxed nobles and took away their property, is now very popular among the people because of his rigor. Papa, Papa, I expected nothing less out of you.

“Older Brother, umm, what happened to His Excellency Avenger after I went missing…?”

“…Immediately after the incident, Grandmother’s minions caught him, she killed him herself, and she threw his corpse into the vicinity of the Prince’s palace. He was a stupid man. I don’t know how his body turned out after that.”

「……I see.」

Hearing Lu’s comment, I sighed and closed my eyes.

That’s what happens when you break your promise with Grandmother, even new born kids should be able to understand…

But I can’t really hate His Excellency even now. After all, he was simply a talented person who could not rise above other people.

I can’t hate him… Though I don’t feel sorry about how he met his demise.

Grandmother was very unforgiving to his excellency… Maybe I am simply too forgiving. It should be a relationship that is done and gone already.

When I thought about dirtying my hands someday.

I feel that Grandmother really is strong.

Grandmother… I apologise.

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