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The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels Volume Ⅰ Namiato (Author’s) Afterwords

Clue's 1st illustration

Illustration By みてみん (mitemin)

▲ Igawa Natsu-san drew Clue. Thank you very much!

The glittering jewels are so very cute…!

Next time:

One day, a notice arrived at 『Jewelry Sputnik』

『In the near future, I will come to receive your heart and you jewelry ☆-(>ωの) ― Magical Girl Nagi-tan』

An infamous thief, the self-proclaimed 『Magical Girl Nagi-tan』 is in a jewel battle against the Witch Association, leaving Learfiat city in turmoil! What is the fate of Clue’s jewels amidst Natsu commanding the Police Department, and Sputnik’s patience that is running thinner every second??

Be sure to read the second volume of 『The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels』 ― 『Witch Association, makes a visit』!!

* I will not do the illustration.

Thank you very much for hanging around. Despite my work being done so poorly.

It was something I started as an improvisation when I picked 『A Jewel Spitting Girl』, 『Jeweler』and 『Love Comedy』. The tweet I sporadically posted at twitter (@nar_nar_nar) on 2013/12/12 has bits on how I came up with the plot. Please look around twilog if possible.

After a long debate, I wrote the story in a light novel styled third-person perspective, but I’m not sure whether this style would be good for this young-adult story. I was planning to keep it short at first, but I kept writing and writing till it became quite long. Forgive me. I don’t know how this happened. Anywhow, it was a very fun experience to write it. I hope I will be able to write even more someday.

Thanks again to Sengoku Yanagi-san and Igawa Natsu-san for allowing me to use their ideas, and Natsuno Yuki-san for sharing with me various topics on the methods of engraving and processing of jewelry.

Thank you very much.

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