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The Grand Prince Has Run Away – Chapter 0

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There was only a deep silence in the surroundings.

Although there were many soldiers lying on the horizon, this dreary stillness did not disappear.

It was a time of despair. The last army of mankind disappeared meaninglessly before the strong blow of destruction, and the perseverant heroes who were called to fight until the end screamed and fell before the great catastrophe.

Now the only visible things were numerous corpses lying on the ground and a bloody flag waving in the wind.

And there was the dying me.

I was crawling and crawling through the remains of dead bodies. There was blood coming out from the penetrating wound on my abdomen and inside my mouth, but I never stopped.

It was because I had to find my beloved sword, Yojo, the only thing that acknowledged me and was with me until the last moment. Yojo was one of the sacred weapons lying in the Divine Hall. Although it was just a nameless sacred sword lying together with many rustic swords, it acknowledged me as its master and it was my one and only partner in life that made me a guardian.

That’s why I could not give up Yojo.

With the era of destruction, many underlings, friends, and lovers all ignored and left me but Yojo stayed by my side. Therefore, it had to be with me at the moment of death.


At my mournful call, a dead body at a distance shivered. Since there was no way a headless man would be alive, it certainly had to be Yojo. The sacred weapon finds the master as long as the weapon and the master are alive.

I crawled with my last will. Even though it flew out of my hand to somewhere else because of a blow from a giant monster, Yojo was surely safe.

Yojo is an immortal sword. Although many sacred weapons were all destructed and broken before the atmosphere of destruction, Yojo did not even lose a tooth. No, there was even no need to sharpen the dull blade because it did not lose its sharpness. It was treated like a 3rd class rustic sword because it couldn’t use any of the divine magic but it survived at the end and became the last hope of mankind.

Great Heat’s reddening sword Edron. Bright Light’s weapon Shyia, the Earth God’s weapon Bermont… there was no need for all of those.

They were praised to be the best out of the 7 sacred weapons but facing the rushing tide of the extinction, they just broke even before they could be put into use. Now the only sacred weapon guarding humanity is the infinitely hard-trained sword, Yojo. Of course, the mankind that needs to be protected would soon be gone and disappear.

When I finally managed to arrive at the destination, I pushed my hands beneath the headless boy soldier. Under the cold dead body, I felt the sharpness that might cut my hand. It surely was Yojo. I could never forget this sensation.


When I took Yojo out with all my strength I held it in my arms filled with emotions. The beloved sword that I thought I had lost, has returned to me at my last moment of life. Yojo surely does not betray me.

After grinning, I laid on my back facing the sky and held up Yojo. Now I wasn’t scared or felt alone of the nearing death. Because Yojo was by my side.

“Yojo. My life, full of ups and downs, is now ending here. kekeke.”

The death was coming like a dream. My sight was getting only darker, and my consciousness was so unclear that it wasn’t strange if it just ended at some moment.

If I was a divine knight or a guardian who was able to use healing magic then I could have extended my life with magic but unfortunately, I was only selected by Yojo and was a fake guardian.

Even so, don’t look down on me. I placed a fourth for the strongest warrior of mankind during this last battle. Of course, it was because, during the days of destruction, all the extraordinary heroes have all died, but honestly how’s that? Anyways, I’m the fourth out of hundreds of thousands.

Thanks to that my last moment was honorable even though I was treated like a worthless person all my life.

The eyes of the soldiers following me were filled with faith and respect, the last of mankind, who sent me off to the battlefield, sent with much hopeful admiration. When all of those who contemned and turned their backs on me have died in this chaos, I became the last hope of mankind. I was a relatively good fighter and was the heir to Grand Prince Carl, well known as the iron blood Chancellor of the sacred Yosrahim Empire.

Lineage? This seems like no use during the time of despair but at the moment when hope is needed, it is of good use. To the point of creating a public opinion of enthroning me as the emperor of the united empire if mankind was to win the last battle. Even though I was infamous across the continent as a debauchee and hooligan in the past.

Now that it’s almost the end, some ridiculous things like that happen.

I was a pure worthless person itself. I didn’t change even at the moment of my death. Even now that I found Yojo, my hope to spend a sensual night with a woman before I die is arising in my head so that explains what kind of person I am.

I only know women, desire, and swordsmanship if I were to add one more. In addition to these, I became a cold-blooded person who is insensitive to blood from numerous battlefield experience, it can be said that I became a one-level upgraded leader figure.

But I regret it. Raised under strict father, I was intimidated and couldn’t regret more about not enjoying myself more in the past.

How others saw me? Father’s contemning eyes and uncle or the emperor of Yosrahim’s strict scoldings? I don’t know why I was so caught up in such small things that I restricted my own freedom.

I was fated to die after living through the era of destruction with various hardships anyways.

‘I have to live… Damn it….’

I wanted to live. Although I was entrusted to come to the battlefront by the needs of the generation, if there was a slight chance of survival, I would have gladly let everyone down and ran away. Because there was no value in protecting anyone else but myself.

The survival of mankind? The glory of the empire? Trust from those around me? What use is all of these? If I die, they are just nothing.

Yojo was shivering its blade frantically inside my strengthless, white hand. I guess it felt the nearing death of its master and is mourning. It was such a cute fella. I think our time to say goodbye is here. I wanted to wish it to meet a good master in the future and flourish but I couldn’t because soon the last mankind left will go into extinction under the influence of the chaos and emptiness.

Yojo probably will be securing this spot alone even after my dead body becomes dust and until the day this earth disappears.

As I felt the fading heartbeat, I exhaled my last breath. Now is the real end.

Like this, I ended this life. Damn. It wasn’t just any life but a f**king life. Sht!

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