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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 34

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– That day was a rainy day, I remember it vividly now.

A place unknown, filled with strangers. No one seems to be calling out to me.

She didn’t have a goal.

She was just told how to live.


I sat down and looked up at the sky. I could count the raindrops that were falling – Quite a useless thing to do.

That moment I could hear footsteps in the rain.

The girl looked over.

There stood a girl with golden hair – She looked just like she did herself.

“What are you doing here? Are you alright?”


Though the girl left out a voice of concern, the other did not answer.

The blond girl came over.

Without minding to get wet by the rain she put her umbrella over the blond girl’s head and said-

“I am Iris. Who are you?” She laughed sweetly as she asked this.

Somehow this smile seemed familiar, and before she realized the blond girl answered:

“I am Notoria”

She said her name was Notoria. 

This is when Iris met the girl not yet know as Alia.


Alia crossed her two blades over one another. Those who hunt Iris are by all means her enemy too.

As he looked at her, Adyl laughed.

“Oooh… You’re an assassin you say? How peculiar for you to speak such a word against ones like us”

“It’s over once I kill you, ye?”

“Well, how about that? To think that someone else was also after the Swordsmaster Princess is -“

“That ain’t me. That’s just you” – Alia said, as she interrupted Fiss’s sentence.

She was certain now – These are the two who are after Iris.

“Well then, understood. Your level of finding the enemy is quite good – A real assassin, aren’t you?”

“Is this the time to get praiseworthy?”

She noticed that these two were far from in a hurry.

It seems that these two are quite something, being able to deflect Alia’s attack without even knowing it was coming.

She quickly understood that Fiss and Adyls power was close to that of Alta.

(But that doesn’t matter…)

She fixed her gaze onto these two.

Adyl has not yet prepared his blade.

It was Fiss that deflected Alia’s strikes after all.

She held a blade in her hand. She had both a sheath and a hilt, but no blade to call it a sword.

Alia was surprised by this. But the real question was – Was she able to see it or not.

“It can’t be helped. I’d have to kill you, though it is going to be a meaningless kill… But your death surpasses keeping you alive.

With that in mind, I will end you”

Fiss slashed with her sword.

Alia made her eyes wide open. She was trying to perceive the thread that was surrounding her.

It glittered in the sunlight, which made it possible for Alia to see it.

Seemed unfavorable for her to stay there – Thus Alia jumped away to create a distance between them.


Fiss seemed a bit surprised. She was because Alia managed to evade her attack.

The Thread Blade – You can’t just see it, you have to actually perceive it. But that seems to be exactly what Alia’s good at.

The rooftop Alia was standing on just now came tumbling down. The Thread had completely sliced the building’s foundation to a pulp.

Alia did not stop moving though. The thread blade was still following her. 

As she threw a dagger she could see it being deflected. That’s how she knew.

(Well, if that’s the case)

As Alia hid in the shadows of a building she threw another short blade at her feet.

A small black hole appeared right where she threw at. The blade entered this hole and a black hole formed beneath Fiss’ feet as well.


The very moment after Alia seemed astonished.

Fiss managed to actually evade the attack she could have never seen coming by taking a step backward.

The two-blade just went by Fiss. Another black hole appeared in the sky, allowing Alia to retrieve her blades once more, and she decided to create more distance too.

(Her reactions are quick. As if she’s able to see the future-)

“I won’t let you get away”

She didn’t even give Alia time to think.

Once more Alia was attacked from all four sides by Fiss’ thread.

She jumped away but-

“I won’t let you run. We don’t have time to waste on you”


Adyl blocked her escape path.

Alia was too focus on evading Fiss’ attack that she had no time to prepare for Adyl.

(I can’t evade this-)

As Adyl’s greatsword came swinging down Alia quickly prepared a shortblade to block it. If she doesn’t block this now she’s dead for sure.

Yet, her short blades are not really meant for blocking.

Take the hit or risk it with an all-out attack with her own two blades. Those are her only two options.

“That’s enough–!”

At that moment the two were both hit by lightning.

Adyl was able to respond quickly and quickly retreated a bit.

Alia quickly knew who’s magic that was. In front of her stood a girl with long blond hair.

The one that protected her – Was none other than Iris. 


“Why the hell are you doing such dangerous things!” – Iris shouted, to cut off Alia’s talking. 

She was angry. Still, she left in a deep breath.

“..I’m sorry. I’m the one caught you up in all of this..”

“..No. I wanted to protect you”

“I know. Your feelings… That’s why you can’t just be reckless. But enough of that”

Iris didn’t seem troubled at all. Nothing like what Alia had felt from Iris ever since this morning. 

That was all gone. She knew about every little, and strange, mood change, for they were always together. 

It seems her talk with Alta made her get a grip on life again.

Alia knew that Alta was behind them.

Still, she fought alone. But Alia felt safe for these two were with her.

“– Fiss, I’ll leave Schweiss to you. I will kill this one”

“Understood. Good luck”

“No need to wish me that. It doesn’t work on me anyway”

With that, the two Swordsman Gang members made their move once more.

Fiss went over to Alta, whilst Adyl took on Alia and Iris. 

Alia prepared her shortblades, while Iris took her own stance.

“Alia, you should go help Mr. Schw-“

“Long time no see, Iris Reinfell”

“…hm?” – Iris stopped moving as she heard what Adyl said.

She didn’t really understand what he meant by what he just spouted.

Alia too had no idea. Judging from just their words it would seem he met Iris prior to this.

Iris threw her gaze onto Adyl. It seemed like she had noticed something, and asked – 

“That voice-“

“Iris…? What’s wrong?” – Alia wondered, but Iris didn’t answer.

“Now that you’ve become the Swordmaster Princess, have you already surpassed your father?”

– Adyl asked while laughing from ear to ear.

Iris’ expression soon changed – She was brimming with anger.

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