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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 27

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“Well then, let’s go to the next step”, I said to Iris and Alia who were lined up in front of me.

Whereas Alia looked at me with a very tired expression, Iris looked more serious.

Perhaps she felt a certain degree of expectation. Could it be that the expectation is weighing down on her… Still, she seemed very excited to move to the next step.

Judging from the fight she had with Alia I can say that she’s grown stronger. 

And for someone that was already powerful, to begin with, that means a lot to her.

“The next training is going to be easy. You have to block my blade.”

“Your blade?”

“Yes. During the first training, Alia showed me during the match that she couldn’t respond to my sudden slashes…”

“But maybe with a visible sword that might be easier to do.”

But that’s easier said than done.

I am supposed to train them, so I will actually try to use “Invisible” sometimes.

It might not be visible by the eye, but with enough wit, you could block it.

If you take in your surroundings, then you can make the Sixth Sense your power.

I first had Iris unlock that form of intuition. It made sense because if she had unlocked that she could try to train to block my blade then.

Of course, blocking a blade is something they’re able to do – they’re not mere children.

“Well, Iris, you first”


Iris stepped forward. I let her take a good look at my blade.

“Well then, we’ll first try with basic speed, alright? I will then gradually increase the speed as we go along. Try to block these ok?”

“..Understood. I’m ready.”

As I prepared Iris her stance, I conjured up an imitation sword.

She kicked the ground to close the distance.

In an instant, the air around us echoed. The first 3 consecutive attacks. One at her shoulder, one at her stomach and last one at her feet, and Iris managed to block them all.

Looking at this she would definitely be able to block my strikes.

I also put in a faint, but as expected, she blocked it too.

Next up, another 3 consecutive strikes.

This time with more speed.


Iris’ expression became cloudy, yet she blocked them all.

It seems like she really does shine in 1 to 1 combat.

If she can handle this, I should up the speed 2 more levels.

“Well, then. How about, THIS”


5 consecutive strikes. This isn’t something that I would show a normal student any time soon.

I was aiming to hit her neck. Just like in a real battle, hitting there would be fatal.

Of course, I won’t try to hit her hard right now, but since it’s a training, she should be thinking of how to block such an attack.

With 3 consecutive attacks, she barely makes it, but with the 4th one, she didn’t have the right response and lost her balance.

Then the 5th one. I stopped my blade right at her throat.

“Yes, right there.”

“Sorry… I meant to block them all.”

“No no, that was good. For the first time that was more than enough.”

Personally I didn’t expect her to be able to block the fourth one.

Still, this was just about blocking. If she were to weave in her own counter attacks in between, it could make all the difference.

If it comes down to speed I have confidence, but still.

“Next will be my turn.”

“Yes, Alia. Please, come at me.”

Alia’s turn. I will attack her like I did Iris, and speed up as we go.

She should be able to block better than Iris did. Somehow, she managed to block the fifth of my flurry at the same tempo that I used against Iris.

“Beaten by Alia again…”

“No, Alia had a chance to see and thus defend, that’s the difference here. You noticed my movement was the same with Iris, right?”

“Oh… you were on to me?”

“So it seems. It did look very similar.”

Iris was relieved. 

That being said, it is quite extraordinary that she was able to block my attack completely after only having seen me attack once.

She may have a very sleepy expression, she still has quite the one on one movement going on.

She might be very apt to see through other people’s habits quickly.

Still, I don’t see the need to give them separate training. 

“Well then, now I know that both of you are about the same level. How about you come at me both at the same time?”

“Both… at the same time…”

“Don’t ask if it’s ok. I can handle it. Not having a one on one might be the best. I don’t mind you countering me either.”

(My burdens keep stacking up though…)

I didn’t have to look at it, I would actually have to move my body too…

Though I knew this when I signed up to be a swordsman…

I also don’t hate all this teaching. Watching the people around me grow gives me quite a sense of accomplishment.

With that in mind, I think that I grew too as a teacher myself.

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