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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 35

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This is from when Iris was still a child.

Her getting sword training from her dad became a daily routine. It didn’t matter whether it was day or night.

But because she was still a child, she would often daydream about her interests.

“Father! Where are you~?”

As Iris was looking for her father, she stormed throughout the premise of the house.

It was just before sunset, so Iris knew that her father, Garlo, would be around. 

The workers of the household were used to this sight. 

Young Iris had a gift for the sword. Garlo even admitted she did.

It was around that time that Iris had already set her mind to surpassing Garlo as a knight.

Klaaa~ng – Iris could hear the sound of metal clashing.

It came from the front garden. Surely, it was Garlo training again, Iris thought.

And she made her way to the front garden quickly.



As she stepped out into the front garden she could hear Garlo’s voice.

She saw Garlo trying to protect the household and the back of a man holding a sword over his shoulder.

– She soon noticed that Garlo was defeated, he no longer moved.

As she touched him her field of vision was colored with red. It was his blood.

With no idea of what actually had played out before her, she forgot to even scream out.

The man that looked down onto Iris stood up.

“In order to protect his daughter he took me on, how boring”


“Little girl, you live thanks to that man. Next time we meet… You’ll have to entertain me, so get stronger.”

– The man said, as he touched Iris’ head and laughed.

She couldn’t see his face, but she remembered his voice.

Though he didn’t say much, it was to never be forgotten – The voice of the man who killed Garlo.

After the man had left Iris finally left out a shriek of despair.

Garlo’s death changed Iris. 

Whether it rained, or it stormed – it didn’t matter. She would wholeheartedly swing her sword. 

She would continue her bloodline – She participated in the swordsmanship tourney at the age of 10. 

Which resulted in her ultimate victory.

She was filled with two feelings. One was to get stronger to protect others, and the other was to gain strength in order for her to take revenge.

These two feelings kept tearing at her – But as she met Alta she was able to finally put these feelings in the right places.


“You are…”

“Oh, you remembered?”

Iris was staring at Adyl’s face.

She couldn’t really see it though, due to the robe he wore. However, that voice was definitely recognizable.

This was the man that killed Garlo that day.

“You’re the one that ….!”

The mystery was resolved – Yet, she couldn’t really cope with the fact that her enemy was now right in front of her.

Iris was filled with anger.

Her magic was flowing out of her body, and lightning was forming due to it.

Lightning magic – This was Iris’ mastered form of magic.

“Pretty good magic you got there. Why don’t you entertain me for a while?”


“Iris, calm down” – Alia said in an attempt to restrain Iris.

However, it did not reach Iris.

Yet, she knew already. If she were going to fight with all this anger, she would lose.

She also knew that even if she would fight properly, the outcome would not be crystal clear.

That is why Alia proposed her to play it cool.

Still, she was not going to move away now.

Her father’s killer stood right in front of her – There was and would never be a more perfect opportunity than this one.

“You killed my father!”

Iris took her stance.

She focussed her magic on to her right arm – She was about to fight using magic. 

She was going to try to kill him in one hit. But soon the both of them would clash swords.



As this voice made the whole atmosphere around her tremble, so did her body.

That wasn’t the voice she was so used to. It was usually a lot calmer.

Not just Iris – Alia and even Adyl cast their sight towards the source of this voice.

“Mr. Schweiss..”

His expression was like always, kind, and calm.

It came from Alta, who was standing before Fiss.

Though it seemed unlikely to be his, it did calm Iris down a considerable amount.

“Iris. You didn’t come here for that reason, did you?”


“Telling you to stay calm might would be too much maybe. Still, your movements aren’t yours alone. They could endanger others too”

“!” – Iris realized what Alta had meant. 

Next to her was Alia – If she were to make reckless movements it would affect more than just her.

Iris had chosen to gain power in order to protect others. 

She had come to this place in order to protect others, not to cause them harm.

Alta had made her think that over.

“I am sorry, Alia. I lost myself there a bit”

“No problem”

Iris left out a large breath and faced Adyl once more.

Her rage was not completely gone – Yet, she could look at her opponent with a degree of calm.

“That beast-like expression seemed like a lot of fun though..”

“Sorry, but I am not here for your entertainment”

“Ooh.. really? – Fiss”

“Yes” – As if she was abiding Adyl’s words, Fiss took out her blade.

Iris and Alia prepared for an attack – But it didn’t come.

The threads of the blade came down behind them as if to separate them from Alta. 

” [The world of Threads]  – Touch it and you’re dead”

“I came here to work. Iris Reinfell … You’ll die here, by my hand”

Was it their plan to divide Iris and Alta?

This way Iris would be unable to cooperate with Alta – As she thought that

“You really think a mere thread wall is going to stop me?”

“That’s right. No one has yet left this wall. Would you care to try?”

“Allow me to”

Without hesitation, Alta made his move.

His words were full of confidence – Alta would fight to defend Iris, no matter what.

But Iris already realized. Fighting two of these Swordsman Gang members at the same time would bring Alta in danger.

“Please wait. Mr. Schweiss, please just fight that woman”

“! What are you-“

Alta looked at Iris’s face. 

Her expression was completely different from before.

It wasn’t full of rage, it was full of determination to fight.

She didn’t come here to be protected – She came here to fight for anyone that was ever sacrificed.

“I’m here too” – Said Alia in response to what Iris just said to Alta.

Alta knew that Iris wouldn’t mind.

Even Alia was ready to protect Iris. 

He took all of this in. These two would fight Adyl.

“Done talking? I wasn’t planning on waiting any longer. Try to at least entertain me for a minute”

“One minute, you say -“

Iris once more channeled energy to her right hand.

As the air around her hand crumpled, a shining purple-colored blade had formed.

“That blade is…”

Adyl noticed too. 

The blade’s name was [Purple Lightning] – Garlo Reinfell’s memento.

“Before this blade, I will vouch. I – The Swordmaster Princess – will defeat you”

As she spoke these words, the purple blade became one with her.

Alia too conjured up her own swords. 

They stood next to one another, facing Adyl.

He looked back and laughed.

“Ha. Good. Come then”

That was the start of the battle.

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