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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 38

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I prepared my blade as I stood before Adyl.

He too prepared his Greatsword. We both didn’t move an inch.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, I am fine” – Iris said, despite being wounded.

Alia too has regained her consciousness and should be able to move any time now.

The two of them did a tremendous job in their fight. I would have wanted to praise them for it, but Iris seemed gloomy.

“…I am sorry. Even after you allowed me to handle it”

She felt sorry she didn’t win yet.

Yet, I knew very well of why Iris even had the wounds she gained.

For a knight like Iris – No for any person it there was nothing wrong in her performance just now.

“Iris, you gave it your all in order to protect that girl over there. That is more than enough. You have nothing to be sorry about”

“But… If you didn’t show up, then I would’ve…”

Iris’ voice of despair hit me.

This was the feeling she kept in her heart for so long.

If it wasn’t for me she could’ve actually died.

Even during this fight, that was all she had in her mind.

Due to her title of Swordmaster Princess, she is not able to rely on anyone it seems.

From the very beginning, that kind of person wasn’t there for her either.

That’s exactly why I told her:

“You don’t need to think about whether I am here or not. Because see, I am here now.”


“All you ever thought of was that you couldn’t rely on anyone and had to become stronger on your own. Yet, you always train the blade with Alia – You at least have one person you can rely on you know.”

“Someone to.. rely on….”

Iris looked over onto Alia. 

She was first troubled by the fact that Alia was joining the battle, but in the end, she did rely on Alia too.

Though it might not be much, she really can rely on her a bit.

“Iris, promise me one thing”

“Promise you?”

“Yes. I will no matter what defeat this man. For I am stronger than he is. 

I am also stronger than you – And with that, I will now announce that I am the Kingdom’s strongest.”


Iris was filled with surprise by my words.

Someone that would say such words was never near Iris.

That is why I proclaimed this.

I would lose to none, I am the strongest Knight there is in this land.

“Stronger than I?”


“Stronger than my father…?”


I answered her questions noddingly.

This would deny her claim to the highest-ranked title of the kingdom, the Swordmaster Princess.

Iris needed to hear this. 

I continued talking.

“For as long as I am a knight, please think of me as the strongest in this land. Also, think of me as someone to rely on.

One day… you’ll be the strongest, and live up to your title of Swordmaster Princess – When that time comes I will rely on you to protect me.

So for now, please let me protect you as you are now”

“Mr. Schweis..”

Iris clenched her fist.

I created a sense of reliability for Iris. That’s all I could do for now though.

As a knight, as her teacher – And above all, as swordmaster, I will help her.

My former self would have never been able to do such a thing as this. But with Iris, it seemed like it was the right thing to do.

As if her held back emotions overflowed, Iris spouted these words:

“I, for the longest time have not relied on anyone I think. Up until now, I had never, not once…! But right now, please – Save us.

“I will. As your escort – And as your trainer”

I rested my hand upon Iris’ head, who finally managed to say what she really thought.

That very moment, Adyl made his move.

“Done talking? Alta Schweiss”

“Oh, did you wait for me?”

“Even just now I had no chance of attacking you. You’re quite scary”

Adyl was looking for an opportunity to strike me that whole time. But even when I was talking with Iris he couldn’t find it.

“Strange for you not to come at me. Even without a chance of hitting me, I expected you to come”

“No, to be honest – I am getting a bit excited here. Iris Reinfell decided to protect that child… But that fight was already plenty of fun. 

But right now I might step into something much more exciting”

“That’s why you were looking at the situation? You really are one of a kind, you and that fanatic group of yours”

“Aa, that’s the Swordsman Gang for you”

Adyl kicked the ground. 

I too moved at the same time.

As Adyl went for a strike with his greatsword, I responded by swinging Invisible.

I was going to catch him off guard with the Blade of Wind.

“That technique from before? I can see it —!”

The air swooped into Adyl’s direction with quite a sound, about to hit him.

Adyl was faced with over 10 swords of wind. 

He used his greatsword as a shield against them but was flung backward.

Against a sheer force of power like Adyl, I had the upper hand.

“U… oooo”

“So you only protect your front?”


As Adyl was going to take the hit from the Wind Blade he prepared his blade on his right side.

A single flash – Adyl swung his sword to end it all with one strike.

I took a single step backward to evade.

His blade exploded due to his imbued magic. To strike his blade with mine would be dangerous. 

I too have to fight with all my might.

I put my back right and prepared for battle. I swung my arm in order to swing the blade with all that I had.

The Wind Blades I conjured up were unable to be seen by any ordinary person.

With a thundering roar, I attacked Adyl with them.

“Do… Don’t look down on me!”

Adyl once more swung his blade in order to deflect the Wind Blades.

The ground started breaking, and a large exploding wind came forth.

I used the puffed up sand that was created as a chance to close my distance to Adyl.

A few meters. Adyl and I looked at each other.

He was in the defending position, so I pressed the attack.

With the [Blue Shell Blade] I can nullify the magic flowing through his blade – But he just stood there, laughing.

“With a distance like this, I don’t have to worry about you dodging”


Adyl thrust his greatsword into the ground.

The ground started breaking and my body started flying.

(This is…)

[The underground water facility] – This is the Kingdom’s waterway, which carries its water supply.

This is exactly where there is a massive cave.

I arrived in a place full of darkness.

All I heard was rubble falling, and water flowing. And then, Adyl swinging his greatsword.

And then the sound of metal hitting something.

Even in the absolute dark Adyl was swinging his sword.

I quickly created some distance by jumping backward.

“…Right here no one will bother us”

“Surprising. Didn’t know you cared so much about that”

“I am at my best when I can destroy just about anything around me… I can truly fight when there’s nothing around me. Or well, that’s what I tell myself”

“So, you want to actually try your best against me?”

“Of course. You killed Azuma and Folt – And then also Fiss. Without a shadow of a doubt, you are going to be my opponent. Though it is part of my work, I am about to go all out on you kid!”

As Adyl spouted these words he also exerted his magic.

It was nothing like what he had before. It was now like an I saw a volcano erupting right before my eyes.

Looking at it, I knew that I had to go all out for this battle myself too.

“You’d really want to fight strong opponents that badly?”

“That’s what I was always after. Fighting and fighting… But there was never one stronger than I. If the Blademaster Raul Izalf were still alive, he would make the perfect opponent.”


Listening to Adyl saying these words, I was reminded of my former self.

Of all the days that I fought there was always the fear of never finding an opponent stronger than myself.

But by only pursuing strength you will eventually end up with nothing.

For me, there was not enough reason to go on, if it was only to become stronger.

(That’s why you started doing it for money, is what you must be thinking, right?)

But I found another thing I wanted to do.

I wanted to see how Iris would grow and prosper.

And to see that, I have a reason to fight this battle too.

“What’s the matter, Schweiss? Ready your sword. I will crush you with all that I have”

“I was about to do the same. Right here, no one’s watching, right?”


I plunged my Blue Shell Blade into the ground and took out a piece of paper from my bosom pocket.

[Simple summoning] – Overflowing with magic, this piece of paper is used to summon what is written on it.

With a single ray of light, a sword appeared in my hand.

“..That.. that blade…!”

Even in the darkness, it shone with a beautiful silver glow.

This double-edged sword became more fine and thin as it reached its tip.

It was a beauty to behold and was empowered with a strong form of magic.

“[The Silver Soul] – The blade Swordmaster Raul Izalf wore in battle”

“Why do you have…”

“Simple. Because it’s mine”

Adyl was bewildered by what he saw.

He continued speaking as if he had realized something.

“It can’t be…”

“I promised her that I would win. So by my title of Swordmaster, I will fight you with all I have.

With these words, I was prepared to fight.

By the title of Swordmaster, I vouched to defeat Adyl, here and now.

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