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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 6

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

The first that came was three female students, who’re all rushing at me at the same time.

Though they came at me from three different directions, by looking at each other, they knew exactly what timing they needed in order for them to be heading towards me at the same time.

They must be quite good friends. They cooperated quite well together…

“It’s quite easy to deflect your attacks when you all attack from the same side you know.

“What th-“

An attack from above. Aligning their breath wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but being on the same page at even that was really not necessary.

With a bump, all three of them fell to the ground.




“Quite good teamwork you had there. But that’s not good enough, yet.”

Next up were four male students. 

Meanwhile, other groups of two to three students also entered the training grounds. 

But whatever the case I would just simply fend them off with my imitation sword.

They all had quite a grasp of simple fighting tactics. However, for all 20 of them to attack at the same time, seemed to be out of their league.

They simply didn’t have the cooperative powers for that.

The moment I told them that they only needed to land a single blow on me, their breathing seemed to escalate.

But no matter how many times they would challenge me, I would fend off their attacks and defeat them all.

However, I still need to be wary of my surroundings, even in a case like this.

“I think it might be in your best interest to just come at me, and not linger so much. You guys

just needed to land a single blow to win, right? You can take as many hits as you want yourselves. 

What’s more, half of the time has already passed.”

In actuality, I really had no idea how much time this is going to take though, without a time limit.

But if we make it one stroke in 30 minutes, we are bound to have a result, right?

Though this is what I told them, they didn’t really jump at me yet.

Did I give them too much time, then? – Is what I thought when two female students came standing in front of me.

“Everyone, stand down. I will handle it from here”

The [Swordmaster Princess] and her second in command – It was Iris and Alia.

They were just looking at the battle at first, but they finally decided to come out themselves it seems.

As if they had finally determined what my real power is.

“Iris and Alia, right? Will you be my next opponents?”

Mr. Schweiss, it seems that we had underestimated you. Our apologies for that.

Iris said that with her head faced down. 

I was a bit surprised by this behavior of hers – However, her expression seemed to remain serious.

She created a blade and started talking once more.

“But even so, I already looked through your sword technique. Sure, it’s quick and not something a student could reproduce easily,

but to me its just child’s play.

“Child’s play, you say.”

“Iris, I will join you.”

“No, just me is enough”- Iris said to the ever so energized Alia.

Swordmaster Princess – That’s what she’s called, but does she have the ability to live up to the title?

“Just you…?”

After saying that, I cast my questionable eyes at Iris.

She really doesn’t seem to get it yet, huh?

“Iris Reinfell is ready to smash…”

The blade that she conjured up was a thin one.

Not on the same level as a rapier, but a thin sword nonetheless.

Instead of using power in every attack, it’s likely that she’s going to overwhelm the enemy with several quick attacks.

The moment Iris kicked the ground, she covered the distance between me and her.

This was not a speed that other students had, and before I knew it, we had already clashed our blades.

Iris was the first to strike. She threw out a series of feints coming out from her thin sword-

But the tip of the sword never reached me.

Our conjured imitation swords clashed with the imbued magic power, creating the same sound as steel clashes. 

The fight continued – She becomes increasingly quicker in her attacks.

Her sword seemed as though it was alive, seeing as she manipulated her strikes from all different sides.

It seems that her title of Swordmaster Princess isn’t just for show. 

She’s obviously better than any student. I could also say that no knight in the Knight’s order would be on par with her.



“What’s the matter?”

Iris stopped her attack and created some distance between us.

Her face was filled with surprise.

It seems that she too had noticed.

The first strike that she tried to land should have brought me down, she thought.

However, even after the second strike that came from above, I was able to deflect it, just like the first one.

Would her class be able to understand this? – The skill gap between her and me.


Iris took a deep breath and then came attacking once more.

This time around she didn’t just go for simple offense but also used swinging movement in an attempt to feint.

She also tried to get at my blind spot by making her movement towards there even quicker.

The other students looked on to us, being very sure that this one move was going to land.

In swordplay, swinging head-on is never a bad option.

However, if the difference in power is too big then that’s a rather bad tactic.

And by the looks of it, she seems to have grasped this concept rather well.

This time too, I stopped her blade from striking me.

“You were right to assail me at my blind spot. However, in a place as wide and open as this one that’s quite difficult, isn’t it?”


“Well, now it’s my turn.”

I heard these words that came from my backside.

As I looked over, I saw Alia standing there with a short sword.

It seems like that kind of blade is her specialty. 


“Iris, let’s do this together. You alone won’t cut it.”

I kicked off the ground and took some distance from them.

Both Iris and Alia faced me, and soon enough they came storming my way.

They split, one to the left and the other to the right, hoping to hit me once.

Some of the students looking on were also seemed to be on the same page with their breathing, but these two seemed to far exceed even that.

The movement and their coordination are phenomenal – But they were far too late.

“Stop this~!”

As soon as they heard this, both Iris and Alia stopped moving.

The two of them were about to hit me in my blind spot, but Oz called out the end of the match.

The match time had run out.

“That was close, huh. Just like we arranged, from now on I’ll be both your homeroom teacher and your Sword technique teacher.

Any objections?”

Though I once more proclaimed this, this time around there’s wasn’t a single soul that raised their voice.

It seems the mock battle ended in my victory.

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