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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 51

Her name is Melsy Artina.

As a maid of the house Bodel, she also works as a bodyguard.

She is also a soldier, making her stand high in the social order. Still, she is the subordinate of Eina Bodel.

(Stop going where ever you please all the time…)

As Melsy sighed, she was looking at the area around her. The number of people was staggering, yet she couldn’t find Eina anywhere.

Eina wanted to sneakily have a tour around the Kingdom – Though Melsy agreed to this careless request, Eina soon broke her promise that she would stay with Elsy during the whole tour.

Eina constantly tries to slip away from Melsy, and this is getting quite troublesome.

(I mean, she has plenty of power, so I shouldn’t be ‘that’ worried)

Eina isn’t just a soldier due to the influence of her parents.

Her peers and alike are nowhere near the level she’s at – The army calls her the [reincarnated Goddess of military arts].

With that in mind, it’s quite likely that she will succeed her father well.

(For a Goddess of military arts, she’s quite a handful though)

Melsy let out a very deep sigh. 

Eina might be a prodigy, but she should really act like it too.

In the middle of the crowd Melsy really tried her best to find Eina.

“Lady Eina!”

She saw Eina standing a little outside the crowd.

Unlike usual, she did not seem very thrilled about seeing anything though.

Instead, she looked as if she was thinking about something very serious.


“I’ve been looking all over the place for you, you know. I told you not to move out on your own, didn’t I?

You should really try to – … Lady Eina?”


Eina didn’t respond to what Melsy was saying to her.

With a puzzled face, Melsy asked again.

“Lady Eina?”

“Hm. You’re back…”

She was rather late with responding to Melsy. Seems like she indeed was thinking about something.

This was somewhat rare for Eina to do – That’s how Melsy felt, at least.

(Wait, did something occur when I wasn’t here…?)

Eina was a soldier – She would do anything for her country, so if she was gathering information, she would do her absolute best to get it.

Seems like this time there was some inclination to an investigation.

Then, Eina quickly started talking.

“Melsy, the only man that ever held me was my father. You know that right?”

“Are we talking about when you were a baby, m’lady?”

“Yes, exactly. After that, no one has ever held me… I just realized that.”

Melsy didn’t really understand what Eina was trying to say.

Because she chose to live as a soldier, she mostly had to settle marriage talk et cetera with duels. 

And most of these duels end up with Eina winning, so the talks just stop naturally.

Still, with a question in mind, Eina continued.

“Not that I let my guard down, but… But I let that boy get close to me.”

“That boy?… What do you mean by that?”

[That boy] – The face of the boy that was close to Eina a while back came to Melsy’s mind.

Eina nodded in regard to her question.

“A man, other than my father, just held me… What am I to do?”


Eina’s face flushed red, and Melsy was surprised by the feudal words that came out of her mouth.

So something ‘did’ happen while Melsy wasn’t around – What’s more, she never expected to find Eina like this either.

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