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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 55

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 3 Chapter 55

Dancing amidst the snow in the moonlight

When I just stared stunned, His Majesty’s brows wrinkled. He got up and stripped the hood covering my head.

As I looked up at His Majesty Ghilane, who was looking down on me, I felt that he is a bit stronger than he was in the previous life… When he was a king.

His eyes narrowed, putting his right hand near my throat, and removed the hook of the cloak, stripping it off, and throwing it behind me.


“You shouldn’t wear another man’s cloak in front of your fiancé.”

I was suddenly exposed to the open air and I shivered. His Majesty spreads his cloak and pulls me in his bosom.

Then… I am completely wrapped, and adding the height difference on top of that, my vision gets completely dark. I struggled to look upward. And when I finally got my head out, I saw his blue eyes staring right at me.

“Your Majesty is too overwhelming!”


His Majesty is 24-year-old… And he still wants me as a weapon, just like in the previous life, and with the same look he had back then. Or not? It would seem that his long silver hair, that had helped to create a cold atmosphere, is cut short. Also, on the left side of his forehead is a scar, running from his temple to the bottom of his ear. There was no such thing before. I reach out gently.

“What’s up with this?”

“…I was assaulted by my younger brother in my sleep.”

Family… Betrayal…

My chest suddenly feels tight.

“…Did you leave it on purpose?”

“No. Simply, nobody did anything.”

“What’s with that? It’s very red! It should still hurt!”

As I stood on my toes and tried to cover the wound with my hand, His Majesty crouched down and held me up in his left arm.

I covered the wound completely with my right hand, and chanted in my mind, ‘pain pain fly away! Fly to the one who assaulted His Majesty.’

I’m at puberty already, and chanting the spell out loud feels a bit embarrassing…

My right hand glows gently, and when I slowly release it from the scar, it gets much thinner, and I gently trace it.


“Some time has passed, so a little bit of the scar remains. Really now! If the wound was shifted by just 1 cm, you would be blind! Why didn’t you show it to a healing magician?”

“…They can’t do much to me who has too much magic power. It is only Sera who can heal my wounds without hesitation. The castle’s healers will at best worsen the wound.”

That’s how it is…

“Don’t look like that. Do you think I can be done in so easily?”

His Majesty gently wraps his right hand on my face.

“From now on… If you get hurt, please come to me right away.”

His Majesty gives a gentle smile.

“If that’s what Sera wants.”

The music from below has changed from an uptempo tune to a slow ballad.

“That’s right, the dance.”

“Huh? Your Majesty, why did you come to this place? That’s right! You succeeded the throne, right? Congratulations!”

“Hmmm, thank you for the heartfelt congratulation. But I came here just to dance with Sera.”


“Why should I give up Sera’s first dance to another man?”

He gently put me down and took my hand, his other hand around my waist. His Majesty makes gentle steps in tune to the slow music. The snow on the places he walked instantly melts. The hem of my black and white skirt spreads out.

Just the two of us are in the silvery world under the moonlight, with the snowflakes fluttering around.

Although my body moves naturally by following His Majesty’s lead, I can’t help but ask Lu for assistance, but Lu is in the middle of a talk with Ash and takes no notice of me.

“Sera, why are you looking at someone else while you’re dancing with your fiancé?”


“Your Majesty, what do you mean by fiancé?”

He reached into his neck and took something out.

My… Lapis lazuli necklace.

“You’re wearing it… What I gave you. Were you injured before wearing this necklace, or after?”

“Before. It was before I became the Emperor. After wearing this necklace… There no longer was any great danger.”

“That’s good……”

I take a deep breath.

“Do you know what the act of giving the opposite sex magical gifts, like the one I’m wearing, signifies?”

What it signifies? I only have a bad feeling about this.



“I received a proposal from Sera! My answer is, of course, yes.”

“No, no! I wasn’t aware of that!!!”

As I turned red and flustered, His Majesty looked up and laughed. Like a mischievous child.

That’s good. His Majesty’s heart is not as frozen as it was in the previous life. My head, with the 10-cm heel I wore, is exactly at His Majesty’s chest, and when I gently put my ears on his chest, I can hear heartbeats…… I’m relieved.

While I’m doing that, His Majesty stopped his leg, hugged me, and wrapped me around his arms, and put his head near my ear.

“Sera, there is still some time left before the promised day…… But do you want to come with me right away?”


“I will relieve you of everything that distressed you. Give yourself to me.”

………The Majesty, through Ash, knows exactly what I am through.

Once again, this person tries to prepare a place for me to stay.

Such a gentle person, why won’t everyone help him?

“Your Majesty… Thank you… But… I’m still fine. I don’t have the courage to throw everything here in Judor away…”

Unlike in my previous life. Am I becoming weaker? I grab his clothes, which are right in front of me.


His Majesty sighed right above my head.

He takes my arm and dances again. Slowly, slowly.

“Sera, I thought I’d give you something, but didn’t you already have the best ranked plate from the Earl and Trundle?”

I nodded.

He pulled something out of his neck again. These are… Plates. Platinum.

His Majesty carefully removed one and offered it to me. Intense blue light shone, and was sucked into the plate.

“Take this.”

I can’t do that! Plates are the second most important things after one’s life! And the set of two, they must only be separated after the owner dies.

“No! Don’t! The plates aren’t just for His Majesty Ghilane! They are also for your family!”

“I don’t have a family.”

Ah… I’ve said something heedless. The Imperial family have been killed, he killed them, and survived. Ghilane is able to survive only with blood. A lonely person, both before and this time. His loneliness, I know of it.

I am the only one who can in this world.

“But, don’t I have Sera? A splendid fiancee.”

……Does he want to collect my ashes after I died? Only my family has that right, right?

His Majesty swiftly takes my gold plate out from my neck. He unhooked the chain, and sandwiched his plate between the two plates that belonged to me.

The weight on my neck feels heavy.

He squeezed all three together, and His Majesty’s wind magic wraps my body like a veil.

His life… has been entrusted to me.

Reaching this point, it’s not so stupid to not be aware that I am “special” to His Majesty Ghilane.

Ah… I… I’m the only one who can eternally, sincerely, be your ally. Even if I can’t help much, I swear to be by your side.

If there is a future where I live longer, I’ll be sure to find your body.

His Majesty grabbed my shoulders and looked into my eyes.

“Serafiona… I’ll wait for a while longer, but not more than two years. However, if Sera is hurt again before that, I will take you with me, even forcefully if I must.”


“I can’t use healing magic. I can’t heal like Sera does. Every time my one and only Sera gets hurt, I feel helpless.”

He bends his waist and adjusts his eyes to mine.

“Call me before you get hurt, okay?”

My heart is filled with Ghilane’s earnest feelings. My tears are falling.

I have to hold it in!

I bit my lips.

He opened his eyes wide and hugged me, his hands wrapping around me tightened. His big hands pat my head and I face up. Grandmother’s hair clip from this morning clicks, and my black hair dances in the wind.

“…Cry only for me,”

Ghilane gently kisses my tears.

“……As I would, only for you”

And just like that, as if to cover me, he lands a kiss on my lips.

First dance to first kiss.

His bittersweet magic flows into my body once again.

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