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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 11

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“Uhm… Lord Edward is a very kind person, why would you suggest me to break up with him…?”

While confused, I asked Ms. Makoto and Ms. Yuki.

I just met Ms. Yuki so I don’t really know her too well, but I have spent a month with Ms. Makoto and I know that she is not the kind of person who would tell lies.


Ms. Makoto was trying to tell me, but she kept hesitating.

“It’s because you’re a villainess.”

Ms. Yuki announced without a doubt in her eyes.

“Huh? ….Ugh”

Upon hearing the word ‘villainess’, I suddenly felt a rush of unpleasant feelings in my chest and I started to feel ill. This time, it was accompanied by vertigo as well. I was no longer in a state where I could just sit anymore, so I apologize to both Ms. Makoto and Ms. Yuki and leaned against the chair. My consciousness faded to darkness, as the last thing I saw was the sight of the maid who was rushing over to me.

“The heroines Makoto and Yuki stand up against the villainess Rachel and take ahold of Edward’s heart.”

“Huh? But wasn’t Rachel Edward’s bride?”

“Yeah. But she’s a cold-hearted, mean, and self-righteous person.”

“I guess if she’s that kind of person, she would interfere with our relationship with Edward.”

“Of course. You just have to withstand Rachel’s bullying and then you can get Edward. Although, in my case, I don’t really want Edward.”

“Hahaha… So how come Edward, a person who does whatever he needs to do to accomplish his goals, got engaged to Rachel?”

“Who knows? Perhaps it’s a political marriage? Perhaps he just used her as a way so he could easily break off a marriage agreement.”

“…Hearing that, it makes me think that Edward is the meanest one here.”

“Yeah! That’s why I can’t bring myself to like him.”

Was that a dream?

Within a field of darkness, I could hear some voices having a conversation.

It’s the same voices that are always talking about me and Lord Edward.

Though they seemed to be saying some pretty mean things about us both.

Still, getting married to Lord Edward is the normal route, isn’t it?

There are other routes, but the route that was recommended the most by the game development company was supposed to be Edward’s route.

…Wait, what?

Normal route?

Other routes?

Game development company?

These were supposed to be my own thoughts, but a bunch of words came out that I didn’t even know the meaning of it. It’s almost as if I knew about the game that featured me and Lord Edward. Is it possible that I actually do know about it? I wonder if I have forgotten something important.

“….Ay….. R….ay… Ray.”

I heard a warm voice calling out my name. I felt like it was guiding me. I regained consciousness. I could feel a warm sensation in both of my hands. It seems like someone is holding my hands.

“…Who is it?”

“Ray, it’s me.”

As I slowly open my eyes, I see Lord Edward is looking at my face with a worried expression.

Ahhhh. I made Lord Edward worried again.

“Eddie… I fainted again, didn’t I? I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. Did Makoto or Yuki say something to you? That’s why you fainted, right?”

His voice was kind as usual, but the look on his eyes didn’t seem that way. To me, it seemed like Lord Edward was restraining his anger.

“No, I only asked them about the other dimension.”

I left out the details about how they asked me to break up with Lord Edward. I feel like if I were to tell Lord Edward about that now, something bad would happen.

“Really? You’re not just covering up for them, right?”

“I’m not covering for them.”

Lord Edward’s smile which is supposed to be kind and warm, seemed a bit scary for some reason. I wonder if it’s just because I saw that weird dream.

“I see… If that’s the case, then good.”

“…. Alan, release them both.”

At first, he was just talking to me. Afterward, Lord Edward was saying something to the royal guard that was keeping watch. I couldn’t make out what he said to the guard Alan. 

“Yes sir!” Alan said and bowed. I’m sure Lord Edward just gave him an order.

Afterward, Alan left the room.

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