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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 22

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“Do you think Lord Edward hates me?”

I asked with tears flowing out of my eyes. Ever since I was young, I have always been taught, “You mustn’t cry in front of others.” But for some reason, even though I’m in front of Yuki, my tears just wouldn’t stop.

“…Makoto sure did it now.”


It seemed like Yuki had uttered something, but I couldn’t make out what she said. Yuki gently places her hand on my head and caresses my hair.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be ok, Rachel. You’ll be fine without someone like Edward. I’ll make sure of it. No, Makoto and I will make sure of it.”

Yuki declares in a confident and strong voice.

For some reason, I found comfort in those words. 

But… For her to say that - it must mean that Lord Edward hates me after all.

“Just hold on a little longer ok? Everything is almost ready. Once the preparations are complete, we can run away together!


It seems like we’re going to have to run away from Lord Edward after all. Does Lord Edward hate me that much? I felt a bit relieved when Yuki told me that she’ll be by my side but… Is it ok for me to just run away from Lord Edward like this? Is everything turning out to be like that dream?

“Rachel, I don’t know what Yuki has been telling you, but please don’t get too upset over it.”

“There’s something I need to take care of, so I’ll see you later ok?” 

Yuki said. Makoto entered the room as soon as Yuki left.

With a gentle look on her face, Makoto kindly comforts me.

“Makoto… I … I can’t fully trust Lord Edward.”

Just like with Yuki, for some reason, I told Makoto what was on my mind.

Even though I can’t tell Lord Edward.

“…No matter what happens from now on, please believe in Lord Edward.”

Although Makoto said with a smile on her face, she had hints of tears in her eyes. Just who should I believe in now? Yuki? Makoto?

“Yuki told me that I should stay away from him.”

Yuki told me to run away, but I decided to tell Makoto in a roundabout way. I’m sure Makoto won’t tell me something like “run away from Edward.”

“Rachel… I’m sure you’re having a lot of thoughts regarding Lord Edward, and I’m sure it must be hard on you, but I’ll be a bit relieved as well if you distanced yourself a bit away from him.”

Makoto says in a resolute voice while looking at me worriedly. 

So, she’s also telling me that it would best if I left him.

“I will come by as soon as I can, but when I do, please escape with Yuki.”

“What about you…?”

“I will be by Lord Edward’s side, so please don’t worry.”


What does she mean by that?

Does that mean Makoto is replacing me?

Does Lord Edward want nothing more to do with me?

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