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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 20

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

A week has passed since Iris started her training.

Early in the morning, I would join her and watch her as she trained.

This academy has a dorm for the teachers too.

They allowed me to stay at that place, but I don’t really make much use of it anymore since we get up so early.

Since I said so, Iris had been training repeatedly. She hasn’t raised the question about the validity of the training, not even once.

She trusts me- no, she trusts my power that much I suppose.

With enough training, anyone can slice what they see. 

But this training is definitely on a different level.

Iris has to harness this power to protect herself, for example, when an assassin sets up a trap, she has to notice it.

If she’s able to do that much, she will become stronger.

But she has questions too.


I knew it was Iris who let out that yawn during the homeroom class.

Training every morning seems to be having an impact on her regular rhythm.

I wanted to tell her not to overdo it, but it seems she’s even training when I am not looking.

She doesn’t break her concentration even once during sword practice, but the fact that she’s sleeping in the other classes has been relayed to me.

Since I am her homeroom teacher it’s logical that I get to hear this, but the problem is they think I am the reason she’s like this.

“Iris, lately you’ve been acting quite excessively, haven’t you?”

“Excessively? I wouldn’t say so but…”

After school, I broke this to her. 

Of course, she denied the fact.

According to her, the training is far from excessive – It seems she’s been getting out early in the morning to train with Alia as well.

However, she doesn’t seem to be training with Alia actually.

That’s why I have been battling Alia more and more during the classes.

As the one responsible for her I need to warn her, at least once.

“You should value your friendships more, you know. Not just with Alia, with your other classmates as well. You’re in school after all.”

“I didn’t come here to play around, you know.”

And with that, she immediately began her training again.

It seems when she’s not making progress she is getting flustered.

She doesn’t seem to find progress easily, and that’s what makes her flustered rather quickly. With that in mind, this training might not suit her after all.

(It’s a training I made from scratch, but now you’re saying that others can’t really make use of it? Being a teacher is quite hard…)

…That being said, I am not here to teach her more than the training.

In Iris’s case, first, we need to strengthen what she lacks.

However, if she’s falling over from this training, and is neglecting other lectures because of it, then that is going to be problematic.

For me.

(Still, from my perspective…)

“Iris, let’s stop the training for today.”

“??! Stop? Why?”

“That’s also part of the training. It’s important to rest your body too. Of course, thorough training is necessary in some cases, but not this one.”

“It’s important to keep yourself in good condition too.”

“That might be so…”

It seemed as if she wanted to raise her voice against this, but it seems that my words did get through to her in the end.

As someone that trains in the blade, she must know what I meant. You get the upper hand in good condition.

“So, how about you go and drink tea with Alia over there, for the time being?”


Iris seemed shocked by what I said. 

She tried to hide her expression, but I noticed it just in time.

Alia was looking at us when Iris was training. She showed herself by coming out of the tree’s shadows.

“Alia! What are you doing in a pl-“

“I was worried since you were training all on your own. You didn’t even train with me in the morning anymore either…”


Alia seemed to be sulking a bit.

Even a bit lonely you could say.

Stopping the lesson was meant not only for Iris’ sake but also for Alia’s.

After all, they’re friends, and hanging out with friends is rather important.

“Ah, I am sorry. I started training the blade with Teach, in order to get stronger…”

“Yea, I know. He’s strong, so the fact that he’s training you makes sense to me.”

With her ever so tired face Alia looked over at me.

She too has quite a high power level – She is a good partner for Iris to train with.

That being said, having both of them train under me might actually bear fruit.

(But if she too gets into this training, I have to teach more people…)

“So I will join this training from next time onward.”

“You too?”


I was even more surprised than Iris was.

They both started looking at me. Iris looked quite troubled, while Alia looked at me with an indifferent expression as usual.

“That’s ok, right? Alta?”

I felt a bit of an overwhelming aura coming over me.

The distance between me and Alia suddenly felt so close.

(Iris was supposed to talk with Alia to finally get a break. Not to do something like this…)

I looked briefly at Iris.

It seems like she won’t tell Alia off on this, and I have to actually judge what’s right by myself.

If I compared Alia to Iris, she seems likely to take a break every so often.

“Ugh, fine. Alia seems to be at a level where she wouldn’t be a hindrance to my teachings.

But be sure not to spread info about this training, alright?”

“I won’t talk about it. This is between me and Iris.”

“Well, actually it’s between the thr- You know what, nevermind. Let’s call it a day for now. 

Iris, please go have some tea with Alia.”

“Well, if you say so…”

Iris understood what I had said, but she didn’t seem that willing to agree either.

“Not like you were going to agree with whatever I propose to you, though.. – she mumbled.

I left it for what it was. 

Mostly because I think that having Alia to join the training will make Iris grow more quickly.

“Aah, but before that…”

Alia said as if she remembered something.

She stood there, amid the forest, with leaves falling behind her, a single blade in her hand- 

She cut all the leaves behind her, out of her line of sight.

“A-Alia, you can do that?”

“Well, this much, yeah.”

Iris faced Alia.

“Aaa… haha. Really?”

As Iris said that her voice shook and her expression seemed griefing. 

… Please, just go and have a break, please. Just get Iris out of the sword training for a while.

As I thought that, it might actually stimulate Iris from this point on out.

Whatever the case, I started worrying more and more as well.

(I thought that between the two of them Iris had the most power, but..)

Alia is different from Iris in the sense that she already had a few real battles and some experience with that. 

However, it’s not just the experience that anyone can pick up easily. She might be worth looking into…

“Well, you too are done with the training, Teach. Why don’t you join us for tea?”

“No, I will probably go to sleep from now on.”

“The sun is still out, though.”

“I am actually pretty busy, you know…”

“You’re busy, but you’re going to sleep?”

That question was right to ask, but I actually have a job of protecting someone overnight – My escort job as a knight that is.

A week has passed since the assassins came for Iris – They will do something soon…

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