Chapter 15

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The 3-hour bell was ringing.

There was a knock on the door to the room in which Takeo was sleeping.

“Good morning…….are you awake?”

With a small voice, she modestly entered.

It was Alice.

After the conversation between the 3…………after Alice’s questioning  was over, Grandpa Elvis told Alice, “Please wake Takeo up tomorrow.”

Takeo was lying on the bed in deep sleep.

“Um, Sir Takeo. Please wake up.”

She said while standing at the side of the bed, but there was no way Takeo would wake up from that.

…………….Alice was worried about how to wake him up. She decided to shake him a little to wake him up.

He wouldn’t wake up even after shaking him.

In order to shake him a little more, she leaned forward and just as she was about to shake him with more strength-

‘Grab’ !!

The sleeping Takeo suddenly hugged Alice.


Alice raised her arms up without thinking.

She was in a ‘Banzai’ pose and was embraced by Takeo who looked like he was diving in.

“Ah……fu………” as her face turned redder and redder she tried moving to detangle and get out of his grip but it was to no avail.

There was a knock on the door.

Alice became impatient.

She kept moving her body to get released from his grip. When she finally managed to get out of his embrace-

Fredrick entered the room.

“Excuse me.

Lady Alice, did you wake Sir Take….”

Fredrick was surprised.

Alice checked her position.

The sleeping Takeo seemed to be diving……….looking at it from the side it seemed as if she had her face buried in Takeo’s chest.

Alice’s face turned bright red and she immediately got away from Takeo.

“Ah…..that……..this is……..Sir Takeo……um…..”

“Lady Alice. …………if you wish to continue for a while for I’ll come again later.”

With that Fredrick left the room.

Eh? Alice was surprised. He isn’t angry?………..No no……….eh?……

She realized that Fredrick seemed to have misunderstood something so she left the room in order to chase him.

There was a knock on the door to the room where Takeo was sleeping.

“Excuse me,

Sir Takeo, Good morning”

Takeo woke up and sat up.

“Ah, good morning.”

He greeted.

“The preparations for the meal are complete so please come to the dining room.”


As he was getting out of bed, Takeo noticed.

There was a sweet smell coming from the mattress.

“Um, Did someone else come in earlier?”


“I see.”

Takeo dressed simply and went towards the dining room with Fredrick.

Arrival at the Dining Hall.

Grandpa Elvis, Alice, and Smith were already seated there.

“Takeo, you came. Come here.”

Takeo went to that seat.

“Mr. Elvis, Good morning. 

Sorry, I’m late.”

“No, that’s alright.”

“Lady Alice, young master Smith, good morning.”

“Yes. Good morning.”

Smith replied.

“…………Good morning.”

‘Eh?‘ Takeo thought. She seems to be in a slightly bad mood. And her face is slightly red, why?

“Takeo, you slept well?”

Alice was surprised to hear that.

“Yes,  thank you. I slept till someone came to wake me up.”

Alice glared at Takeo.

The food came in and the 4 quickly finished their meal.

“Then let’s go to the living room and chat.”

Grandpa Elvis said and everyone followed.

Fredrick brought in the after-meal tea and place it in front of everyone as he stepped back a little behind everyone.

“So, we couldn’t hear it yesterday so let’s hear about Takeo today.”

“That’s right……………should I say, is it alright for me to start with an introduction?”


“Then, what I am going to say now will be slightly confusing.

Please ask questions anytime but please don’t leave the room till I finish.”



Grandpa Elvis, Alice, and Smith responded.

Takeo turned towards Fredrick.

Slightly surprised, he responded with ‘certainly’.

“Then, once again, I’m Kitamizato Takeo. The last name is ‘Kitamizato’ and the first name is ‘Takeo’.


Everyone was surprised.

“Wai………wait a minute.”

“What is it? I haven’t anything other than my name yet?”

“No…that’s true but, you’ve been called by your first name by everyone present here?”

“That’s right………..but not by young master Smith yet.”


Smith said.

“………….Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

“I wasn’t really bothered.

‘So that’s how it is’ that’s all I thought.

“You called Goodwin by his last name yesterday and Alice, Smith, and Fredrick by their first name though.”

“Sorry but was that not right?”

“What ?”

“I asked Mr. Elvis, Mr. Goodwin and young master Smith about how to address them isn’t it?


He turned towards Fredrick.

“Since you didn’t give me your name I haven’t called you by your name even once.”


Said Fredrick.

“That was very rude of me.

I’m Fredrick Lam. Please call me Fredrick.”

“Mr. Fredrick, nice to meet you.

Please call me Takeo.”

Fredrick nodded.

“From the time I met Lady Alice, I’ve been addressing her as Lady Alice, I apologize for that.”

He lowered his head.

“Eh? No no!!”

“Me too. Without knowing anything I have been calling you by your first name. I’m also sorry.”

Alice apologized hastily.

“Then since we have been calling each other by first names since the beginning can we continue with it?”

“Yes. If Sir Takeo says so.”

“Then thank you, Lady Alice.

So what was it?”

He turned towards Grandpa Elvis.

“………How should I address you?”

“’Takeo’ is fine right? Even if you call me ‘Kitamizato’ now…………”

“Hmm, understood.”

“Then let’s continue.

I’ll be turning 35 this year.”

“Eh?” Alice and Smith were surprised.

“What happened?”

Takeo asked Alice.

“No, I just thought you looked younger.”

“Ahh. Where I’m from, we’re often told that.

And I’m not a person from this world. It seems that I came here from another world.


Everyone was shocked.

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