The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 24

Translator: Darling | Editor: Coming soon…

I’m… Makoto’s hope?

What does that even mean?

Someone like me can’t possibly be someone else’s hope.

“Uhm… Makoto, exactly what do you mean by that…?

“Is Makoto here?”

As I asked Makoto what she meant by those words, someone came in and my question was ultimately ignored.

“Yes. I am here.”

As soon as Makoto sees our sudden guest, she realizes that it is Lord Edward. She stands up from the sofa and courteously bows.

In the same manner, I bow as well.

“Sorry for interrupting in the middle of your conversation, but can you come in as soon as possible?

He asks in a serious tone.

Lord Edward looks at me for just a moment and then quickly looked away. He turned his attention to Makoto.

In his gaze, only Makoto was reflected in it.

There was no place for me in his sight.

“Understood. Has something happened regarding that then?

“Yeah. I can give you the details as we head towards the office. But about that matter… Rachel…”

Makoto and Lord Edward quickly left the room while talking to each other. Since Makoto was talking to Lord Edward, she didn’t excuse herself like she normally would, and just left with a slight bow before she left.

Still, it seemed like Lord Edward had said my name during that conversation. How come he didn’t ask me to come along too?

How come I’m being left out?

I couldn’t help but wonder about them. 

Perhaps it would be best for me to leave here after all.

Unlike me, Makoto can talk to Lord Edward like an equal.

Unlike me, Makoto is someone that’s needed by Lord Edward.

Lord Edward has never once called me to his office. He has never once involved me with anything related to his work.

I haven’t thought about this up until now, but ever since Makoto came from her dimension, she’s been called to the office to talk about important matters, meanwhile, I’m just…

Lord Edward needs Makoto, while I’m perhaps just a bother.

Those kinds of thoughts plagued my mind.

If only I could…

Perhaps if I could do something for him, all of this would have been unnecessary. With these thoughts on my mind, I kept staring at the door where they left.

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