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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 21

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

The school ground is a bit higher up than the ground surrounding it.

The fences around the school ground make sure that no ordinary person is able to get into it.

However, there are some people who are able to enter the place with ease.

There are some students that simply scaled the fences, but it is by no means an easy feat.

One can easily boil it down to see who would actually be able to do it.

There is the possibility that it would be the captain since he would not want to meet up at the front gate.

Of course, this would not be against any rules, especially when the situation we’re in required us to be serious.

But there’s another possibility.

(It’s already night, this is soo troublesome.)

As the moonlight shines onto my face I make my way to the school grounds.

Since it’s in the middle of the night, teachers and students alike shouldn’t be found walking around here right now.

You could say it was the right choice to end the lesson where it ended today.

I see the shadow of a person over yonder.

“So… you’re the kid that did Azuma in, huh?”

It was a young boy that said that to me, as he looked in my direction while smiling.

He had long, blond hair, and red pupils. Should be in his early twenties I think – Though he tries to sound foul, he has quite a demeanor in his expression, 

and his voice seems to have some form of elegance to it. He had been raised in quite a family it seems.

He kept staring at me as his hand was reaching for the sword on his hip.

“What’s up, kid.”

“If the Azuma you’re talking of is Azuma Kurai, then yes. It was me that did it.”

“Oooh.. really? Now, that’s interesting. I can’t believe a kid is actually a teacher. That must mean you got quite the power, right?”

“Before that, let me get this right. You’re one of the Swordsman Gang, yes?”

“Ooh… I just killed a few knights, and word is already spreading around like this? But yes, I am Folt Masenta – One of the Swordsman gang.”

He answered with a sniffling smile.

I let out a small sigh after hearing that.

“I expected you to come, you know. But not by breaking through the barrier like that, in the middle of the night.”

“Gotta say, I was thinking a lot about when I should do so. Get in during the afternoon, and play around with the students a bit? But then the knights would come too, ye? Not that it would make a difference.

But it would be a waste with them butting in after I found an opponent like you. That’s why I came in the middle of the night and tear down your little barrier, thinking that that would alert you to come. And well – Bingo – here you are.” 

The boy – Folt, came here to fight me from the start.

From what I inferred from Azuma, there are a lot of people like this in the Swordsman Gang.

A group of fighters that just loves a battle. Folt was nothing short of this description either.

After all, he tore through the barrier to call me over.

An assassin definitely would not do that. Folt just wanted to battle the one that killed Azuma.

If he slashed out right at this moment, I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Just in case, I pulled out my blade.

“Blue blade” might have died by this guy, so I can assume that he has quite a bit of power.

“The barrier will be repaired after this, but you are really making things difficult, huh.”

“Whatever. I was waiting this whole time you know. Is the “Swordmaster Princess” around here by the way? I am supposed to kill her too after I am done with you. I just need to know the place she’s at.”

“Sorry, but boys can’t get into the girl’s dormitory. The only exception is a teacher like myself.”

After hearing this joke, Folt put his hand on his face and laughed.

“Cocky, aren’t we? You can enter, but I can’t?”

“You’re an outsider in the first place. You’ve infiltrated the school – And what’s more, you are under the suspicion of killing the knights. If anything I will make sure to take you in, alive.”

“Hahahahaha! The one that came for me in the first place said the same shit. Is it you? The youngest knight of the kingdom? I’ve heard rumors about you but..”

“Who knows… Just to confirm this too, you killed the knight that came after you before?”

“Would you like to know? But enough of that. Let’s begin, shall we?”

Folt was getting ready.

From what our little talk inferred, I really have to deal with Folt right here, right now. 

I prepared my blade. I went over it with my left hand and then swung with my right hand.

“Invisible”. The wind blade, unseeable by the naked eye. It reached Folt’s shoulder.

But what I heard was the sound hitting something else.

(Did he blocked it….? This isn’t going to be easy after all.)

Folt drew his sword. 

No – To begin with, that’s not something that goes into a hilt, 

It was a serrated blade, where the silver blades overlapped one another.

Though it looks like a blade, I am not sure whether to call it one.

Still, he managed to block my attack with it.

“I saw that, kiddo.”

As he said that, Folt swung his blade.

Though there were a few meters between us, he still stood there swinging about.

I quickly took a step backward.

Right in front of my eyes, a silver blade flew by. It extends and follows me as I move backward.

Now I know, they are definitely overlapping blades.

It is held together by a strand of thread and is able to expand and collapse as it is thrust.

As he thrusts, the blades that are folded over the one line all expand out, transforming into a few dozen small blades.

If I were to explain it in words, it is almost like a centipede, where its feet would be blades, and as they expand out they are able to move on their own.

The blade would still follow me, even though I moved backward.

So I kicked the ground and made my way to the right.

If he is flinging his sword with his right hand, he shouldn’t be able to defend with his right, right?

I reduced our distance. Since he can block Invisible with a distance between us, I have no choice but to get closer.

If it’s just about sword speed, I am sure to hit him with this.

Our eyes met.

I prepared to swing the blade with my right hand – Folt saw it and laughed.

My attack was once again blocked by Folt’s blades.

“This is …!”

As I was flustered, I quickly made some distance to the right again.

It is as if Folt’s blade is alive, protecting and covering him from every side.

The way the blade extents is already not normal, but how its blades are moving as if he commands it like some living being makes him quite a considerable opponent.

“Hundred Legs” is not just a blade that extends, ye?” 

“Aah, so it’s a centipede after all?”

“That’s right. Now you – Pull out that sword and show me what you’re made of!”

Folt was swinging his blade with great vigor. The blade started moving as if it was a living being once more.

It protected Folt himself, while also able to chase after me. At first glance, it seems rather difficult to use, but it really good for both offense and defense.

The way Folt makes use of this blade really shows that he knows how to use it optimally. 

Is he channeling magic throughout the blade? – It is definitely alive though.

“Invisible” has quite a straightforward skill and power to it though.

There is only one thing that I can do now.


Kyu-n – The sound of two steel hitting together could be heard, echoing about.

It was my sword that bent Folt’s sword tip back at him.

As he saw this, Folt left out a laugh again.

“Aaah— So that’s your blade?”

“The Blue Shell Blade” – It’s been in the Schweiss family for quite a few generations.”

It’s a beautiful blue, but somewhat a short and thick blade.

It had been forged from a rare ore, found in a mine, called Helendite. It’s my beloved blade, and it’s very strong, making it near impossible to break.

I let my magic flow through it to truly make it shine in battle.

“After I’m done with you, there’s only two of the Sword Gang left, ye?”

“You’re funny. Let’s see how you try it!”

Folt’s blade was dancing in the air.

I prepared my blade and went in for my attack.

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