Chapter 17

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Grandpa Elvis was in trouble.

The man in front of him didn’t even know the basics as explained by him.

“………You don’t know what an Earl is……..”

“More accurately, I think it’s a privileged class like an aristocrat. However, in the first place,  there is no monarchy where I’m from so I don’t really understand the aristocratic society.”

“Hmm… that so? I’ll explain it to you somehow.” 

“Please start by telling me about the country.”

“Understood, then firstly”

“Excuse me but if possible can I request young master Smith to  take on the role to explain this to me?”

“Eh !? Me!? Why !?”

“Yes, if it’s possible.

How should I say this, this is a continuation for yesterday.”


Smith looked like he didn’t understand the reason.

“’Not only knowledge but experience is also necessary’ did you pass on that message?”

Takeo asked Fredrick. 

“Yes. I passed on your message and purpose.”

“Thank you.

Then, that’s how it is. The reason I want young master Smith to explain to me is because…

I want you to have an experience of ‘Explaining to another person’ .”

“Eh? So suddenly?”

“Yes. Things generally begin abruptly without distinction.

Whether it’s relationships or politics. Regardless of whether you’re an aristocrat or a poor person.”

Grandpa Elvis and Alice both nod to that.

“Moreover, young master Smith’s words are not difficult to understand.”

“What do you mean?”

Smith seemed like he was about to cry as he asked Takeo.

“You’re still young and you probably don’t have a lot of useless knowledge so I thought that it’s better to hear it from you.”

“I see. Then, Smith, you go ahead.”

“Even you, Grandfather. What do you think big sister?”

“As Sir Takeo said, I think it’s good to have this experience early.

Moreover, we’re all well acquainted here so even if you make a mistake we won’t get angry and you also won’t feel ashamed.

So try it out.”

“Young master Smith, everyone is saying so.

Plus, in case you make a mistake, Mr. Elvis or Mr. Fredrick can always help out by amending it right?”



As everything was set, Smith realized that he couldn’t escape anymore.

“Understood. First I’ll start with this country.

Fredrick, do we have a map?”

“Yes, it’s in the corner of the room, I’ll spread it out.”

He got the map.

Takeo took all of his things from the table and put them back in his bag to clean the table.

As he did that, Fredrick spread out the map for all the countries in the space cleared.

“This map is the map of the entire Azpearl Empire.”

…..Takeo was shocked. Is this simple illustration a map?

Spread out here and there all over the map are shapes like towns and next to that are words and towns that are connected with some routes.

It feels like it’s from a movie or a book. It’s appropriate to say that it looks like a treasure map.

By the way, I wanted to ask, do you have a more detailed map?”

“It might be available in the royal capital but this is the best we have.”

I see. The map looked like it was an item from some game, thought Takeo.

“Also Mr. Elvis, can you give me the spectacles you used yesterday?”

“Hn? I don’t mind.”

Grandpa Elvis handed over the glasses to Takeo.

As Takeo wore the glasses, Alice spurted out ‘Pff’

Well, I’ll think about the impression later, for now, I won’t bother.

…………As expected, I can read the letters…………..

“This is amazing. What kind of glasses are these?”

“No, they’re regular glasses though?”

“I couldn’t read the words from here but once I wore these I can read them.”

“Hoo, is that so.

Those glasses are reinforced for old people.

As you age and your eyesight deteriorates, you can wear those.

Although in case your eyesight is bad generally, your eyes can be healed by magic but you cannot heal the illness of old age with magic

That’s why I use these magic glasses.”

“Eh? Magic?”

Takeo was shocked. What do you mean magic ???

“Hn? Takeo, don’t you know about magic?”

“Yes, I come from a place where it doesn’t exist.”

“Hoo, that’s inconvenient. Magic can be used to heal illnesses and injuries and can even be used to attack. It’s very convenient.

But if you don’t have aptitude you can’t deal with it.”

“………Can anyone produce this?”

“No, you can only but it at shops that deal with magic items.”

“I understand. Can I borrow this during this explanation?”

“That’s alright.”

“Sorry, young master Smith, I paused your explanation midway.”

“No, that’s okay. Then I’ll continue.”

“Azpearl Empire is kind of shaped like a square.”

…………….It resembles Shikoku, thought Takeo.

“So at the center of the empire is the royal city where the 34th generation King Azpearl lives.”

……..34th generation?……..even if 1 person has a cycle of 30 years, it’s still close to 1000 years…………that’s a long history, thought Takeo.

“Surrounding the country, other than the sea to the southeast,  there is a mountain range to the north (Dwarf Kingdom). To the east is the Demon Kingdom, to the southwest is the Willif Allied country and to the west is the Katalanda Empire.

Other than the Dwarf Kingdom, there are some diplomatic relations with the rest of the countries, and wars are repeated once in several years.”

“Repeated? Then at that time, does the territory increase or decrease each time?”

“Earlier it used to be so but for the last 100 years there has been no fluctuation in the territories.”

Grandpa Elvis nodded.

“The Elvis territory is here. It’s the frontier city in the center to the northeast of the kingdom.

This city has a population of 50000 people.

The entire is territory is held together by 1000 soldiers.

Also, Earl Goodwin who came yesterday governs a city to the south of ours. 

Additionally, to the south is the territory of Earl Temple. These 3 frontier territories together are at the brunt of any war with the Demon Kingdom.”

“Next, let’s go through the hierarchy of the Azpearl Empire.”

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