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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 29

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Yuki embraces me as she scornfully stares at Lord Edward.

Lord Edward smiles melancholically.

“Right. I would like to let her go, but Rachel is pregnant, isn’t she? Do you think she can even leave in her condition?”

“Oh, if it’s just that, it’ll be fine. We have these two little cats after all.”

Lord Edward asks as if seeking confirmation from Yuki.

Yuki responds while enthusiastically nodding her head.

Upon hearing that, Lord Edward lets out a relieved expression.

“Rachel. I will cancel our engagement. It’s a shame that you had to go through so much with the stress of having a child and all, but I will have to proclaim it dead. Otherwise, I will need to have you killed after all.”

“What?! But why you like this suddenly?!”

“I was waiting for that, thank you, Edward! I’ll take Rachel with me then.”

Lord Edward plainly said without any change in his expression.

Even though I loved him.

Did he not love me at all?

Just why…?

“Well then, I have to let everyone know that the engagement has been canceled, so I have to go as well. Take care of yourself, Rachel.”

Lord Edward left the room without looking back once.

I was left alone with Yuki and unable to hold back my tears, I ended up clinging on her. For a while, I was unable to do anything but cry, Yuki and the two cats comforted me during that time. 

“Rachel, if we’re going to run away, it’s best we start as soon as possible.”

Yuki says as I stopped crying. Her eyes looked determined.

If Lord Edward canceled our engagement, then I have to run away no matter what.

But where will we go?

I don’t have a home to return to.

“Where are we going to go? I don’t have a place to return to anymore. My father was expecting me to become the crown princess. If he finds out that the engagement was canceled, I will be thrown out.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be going somewhere where we can spend our time leisurely.”

While I was overcome with sadness, Yuki brightly laughs and responds to my question.

She knew of a relaxed place with little stress.

Over there, I can give birth to my child and raise it.

If I stayed here, there’s a chance that my child will eventually be killed.

“Is it really ok for me to go there?”

“It’ll be fine! You two think so too, right?”


Kuro and Shiro happily cry out.

For some reason, I was entranced by the sight of those two cats.

“Try to be light on luggage all right? You don’t need any dresses or anything, those are just going to be a bother, so just leave those behind. You don’t have to worry about any change of clothes either, I’ll have them ready for you!”

“Oh, um, all right. Got it.”

I started my preparations to leave the royal palace, as Yuki said.

She told me to not bring any dresses, so I ended up packing all of my make-up, underwear, and my favorite teas.

Hm, what should I do with all of the stuff I got from Lord Edward?

Up until now, I have received too many gifts from Lord Edward, so I can’t exactly bring it all with me. He canceled our arrangement and all, but I’m still kind of attached to the things that I received from him. I can’t bring myself to part with it all. Well, I could leave the dress that Lord Edward gave me, but I can at least bring this bunny plushie and some of these ornaments.

“Are you ready, Rachel?”


Yuki’s expression clouded as I showed her my luggage.

“So much luggage… Ah well, whatever. Let’s go, you two.”


It seemed like Yuki was astonished by the amount of luggage I had.

Who can blame me?

I didn’t really want to let go of any of these things.

Kuro and Shiro ran up to our side and cried out as we set off. We open the doors to leave, and the sun was bright. Or rather, we were enveloped by a bright light.

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