The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 30

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“We’re here, Rachel.”

The light was so bright that I firmly shut my eyes; before I knew it, we apparently reached our destination, and so Yuki cried out.

Nervously, I open my eyes.

The first thing that I saw was a wall that was pure white.

I looked around, although simple, it was a well-kept and clean room.

“Where am I…?”

“This is my home. I used to live here with Makoto. Now it’s just a place for me and the cats.”

Yuki responded as soon as I asked.

So, this is her house.

She said it was her house, but there’s no nothing cute or feminine. It’s a simple room with no unnecessary decorations.

“This is Makoto’s room. Go ahead and use it, Rachel.”

“Oh, so this was Makoto’s room?”

As I thought, there’s nothing in here.

Makoto is in the royal palace right now. There’s no reason for her to come back here. Surely Makoto took everything with her when she left.

But if this is Yuki and Makoto’s house… Is this their dimension?

She didn’t tell me I would be going to another dimension.

“Is this… Your original dimension?”

“Oh no, we’re in a village called Kyatina located in the Lecontini kingdom. One of the states of the great Hazrat empire.”

The Great Empire of Hazrat. 

That’s the name of the empire that Lord Edward was working under.

The Great Empire of Hazrat has 3 sections.

In the west, there’s the Kingdom of Lecontini. In the east lies the Kingdom of Azuntini, while in the south lies the Kingdom of Yakumo.

In the north lies the Kingdom of Dokuritsu. Under the command of the emperor, they’ve been trying to make it into a state of the empire.

With that being said, the one who was actually leading this order was probably Lord Edward.

As soon as the emperor made Lord Edward the crown prince, he has given him all of his work. The orders from the emperor were a bit vague, but Lord Edward worked diligently to carry them out.

“We sure are far, huh.”

“Kuro and Shiro’s powers are amazing, they can go anywhere they want. Besides that, cats here generally get treated with great respect, as long as you’re with them you’ll be safe.”

“It’s because of Lecontini’s founding empress, right? If you were to harm a cat in any way, you’ll be sent somewhere else or something like that right?”

In the kingdom of Lecontini, cats were protected by the powers of the first empress. Because of that, anyone who inflicts harm to cats cannot be here. As a result, those that are liked by cats are generally able to live their lives peacefully too.

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